Season 4 Episode 8

Heartbreak Hotel

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on ABC

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  • Oh another 'fill in' ep that was a waste of time


    Why have fill in episodes if they are going to be this bad??? Last weeks episode was so good then they follow with this rubbish. Whoever wrote this (Elizabeth Davis) should be out on hold from writing another one for punishment. Firstly, don't take away the banter we love about the show, its fine to split up the two leads for an episode but at least still give us something when they return or even just a phone call would have sufficed. But nothing??? Would never happen if they are so fond of each other like we know they are. The Elvis costumes were great and that was the only laugh worthwhile mentioning, but once they walked through the casino the moment was gone. I was expecting Nathan to have to step into the performance or something but it didn't go anywhere.

    Really agree with the previous post that this fell really flat. In fact the best scenes were still with Beckett back at the precinct cause I like her chemistry with the new captain. Then when Beckett finally got to the boys she just looked at them dressed as Elvis and said nothing, no funny remarks?That's so not Beckett, again the writer lacked so much in this episode as every scene fell short, whether it be expectations of laughter that never came or possibilities that never occurred, the other writers were obviously noton hand. Maybe they all had a week off and let this writer go free with it, well please don't do it again as I would have preferred a rerun to this drab.

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