Season 4 Episode 8

Heartbreak Hotel

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 07, 2011 on ABC

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  • Fill-in episode and a not strong one.


    This season of Castle started off with one of the best season premieres of this fall season and the following episodes didn't levae us hanging. This one, on one hand was funny and lighthearted, but lacked the whole Castle-Beckett interaction that makes us watch every week and be on the edge of wherever we're sitting just to see a glimpse of that will they-won't they whole thing.

    Beckett was left alone in NYC to investigate the murder of the week on that side and the boys were sent to Las Vegas to see how much they could find out about the victim and his habits. The case was not a strong one, but we had some good moment with the trio in Las Vegas and with the new captain and Beckett on the NYC end.

    We find out that the captain certainly knows that something is up between her detective and the writer, as she subtly points out at the end of the episode. The episode gets better towards the end, where Beckett meets up with everyone and sees them on their Elvis Presley costumes. Extremely funny bit, I might add.

    Kind of tired of the Alex that's being presented to us this season. Since she found out that she didn't got into Stanford, she's bein quite a pain in the butt lately. Let's hope that she gets better towards the end of the season. :)

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