Season 4 Episode 2

Heroes and Villains

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on ABC

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  • Some Comic Relief


    So after the seriousness of last weeks premiere it was refreshing to have some comic relief in this episode (pun intended).

    The whole episode had a feel good vibe to it and it makes you smile when you watch it. There wasn't any hint of what Castle is continuing to do without Beckett knowing which was nice. At the end it gets a bit more serious between Beckett and Hastings having similar pasts but to find out that the other cop was in love with her writer just makes you wanna 'awwww'.

    Castle trying to deal with Alexis as well throughout and its great to watch as he always gets Becketts advice. It will be interesting to watch if Alexis does go off to college in this season. The interregation of the mild mannered Lone Vengence was so funny. Also GAtes might grow on me the far far future.

    All in all a great episode.