Season 4 Episode 2

Heroes and Villains

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on ABC

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  • Uncommon Hero


    This was a fun episode because I'm a comic book fan, I've collected comics ever since I was a kid and still do now. Watched the live action movie adaptaions like my favorates "Scott Pilgrim","The Dark Knight", and the recent "Captain America: The First Avenger". And much more so you pritty much get my fandom. There are many reasons why I'm drawn to them, the rich mythos that is constructed, how relatable the characters are, simply that they do what is right no matter what and help their fellow man when needed, kinda like what both Castle and Kate do.

    It was just funny just seeing Castle exersising his comic book apreciation as he was working the case, but I like how he applied some comic book logic and phlosophy to the case and he was supprisingly on the mark, but ironically some of that applied to this show. Like for example Castle states most superheroes are motivated by a deep loss from their past; "Batman" lost his parients, "The Punisher" lost his wife and two children and of course we know Kate lost her mom.

    But I really love the fact that not just Castle is a comic book fan but Kate is as well, I like how we suttlely discover it like when she is supprised Castle has the authentic "Avengers no. 1" comic but most of all when we hear Kate has an order of comics at the same comic shop Castle shops at, I'd like to know what those comics are. Another thing I like was when both Kate and Castle stated who is their favorate super hero, Kate says "Electra" and Castle says "Batman" and I thought that was great because "Batman" is my favorate superhero too but also those picks do fit them because some of the characteristics or features of both superheroes reflect both of them in a way.

    However the best moment for me was when they found the superhero which turned out to be a female (whom I think is fraking hot with persona to boot), which makes sense because most comic books tend to have that kinda twist sometimes. I really did like the design of her costume it really kinda looked like a combo of "Daredevil" and "Dead Pool". But it's interesting we see sort of a ironic parallel with Kate and Hastings along with Kyle and Castle. For one thing just like Kate she lost her dad whom was also a cop, gunned down by robbers she never found. Both are duo dynamics where one helps the other and their pursuit is to bring justice to the guilty. However the only difference is Hastings took it one step further by resorting to vigilatism because she feels the law she works for isn't working efficently enough. On a side note I thought it was really sweet when we hear why Kyle lied in his confession and he says because he loves Hastings, it just shows how far he really would go for her much as Castle would go for Kate and visa versa. Really like the interation between the two almost felt as thought they could be sisters.

    And in the end of course Hastings does learn her lesson and goes back to stoping crime the old fashioned way, it's true it may not be as fast or always efficent but it's the best defense and offense against the guilty but also it's what devides us from them; as a saying goes sometimes the old fashioned way is the way to go. I like how in the end we see both the reporter and Hastings kiss which is obviously a forshadowing of what's going to happen with Kate and Castle's relationship, don't worry you two it's going to be your turn soon.

    In a way the episode is a bit of a love letter not so much to comics but heroes in the real world; police, firemen, doctors, soilders or even just the every day person without them we wouldn't have heroes/superheroes in the comic book world.

    True heroes are always made of flesh and blood.