Season 4 Episode 2

Heroes and Villains

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2011 on ABC

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  • An alright one.

    I thought it was a bit of a twisted plot, but Hasting's was cool, to have a cop semi-behind it. But to me, she knew this guy would take a girl to that alley and possibly rape her.. and said nothing herself.

    Fun episode though. Alexis telling Castle off because him being a father and telling her not to just take all of Ashley's classes was a bit annoying. She's supposedly 17, perhaps closer to 18.. she acts really stupid for that age, especially being so smart. An episode ago she broke up with him so he'd chase his dreams, and now she's chasing his dreams too and telling Castle off for knowing it.. Sometimes she needs to just shut up. Castle lets her walk all over him.
  • 402


    The second episode of Castle has a clever premise with the possibility of a killer super hero, but then 15 minutes in it turned into a generic procedural. I like the show going back to basics after last week's drama-heavy episode, but this turned out to be one of the most boring cases on the show in awhile. I did not even care when the actual murderer was revealed, and that's never a good sign. Sorry Castle fans, but I didn't like this one.

  • Perfect Castle & Beckett Chemistry!


    I did not think it possible for Nathan Fillion to become any cuter, then I viewed this episode. Perfectly adorable (sigh).

    This episode continues to build on the chemistry between Castle and Beckett, and with the theme that they share so much in common but Beckett persists with the slow reveal. The scene in which her pre-order of the Derek Storm comic was revealed was classic Beckett. Her closet interest and knowledge of comic books paired with Castle's usual exuberance kept the action moving fluidly with their signature cheeky banter.

  • superb!


    one of the best castle episodes this season so far. it was funny, and interesting. plus being a comic book fan it appealed to me lot more. castle was his usual quippy self and his one liners were quite the laugh out loud moments. At the same time the story line was interesting enough to keep you hooked. a big thumbs up for the episode.

  • Some Comic Relief


    So after the seriousness of last weeks premiere it was refreshing to have some comic relief in this episode (pun intended).

    The whole episode had a feel good vibe to it and it makes you smile when you watch it. There wasn't any hint of what Castle is continuing to do without Beckett knowing which was nice. At the end it gets a bit more serious between Beckett and Hastings having similar pasts but to find out that the other cop was in love with her writer just makes you wanna 'awwww'.

    Castle trying to deal with Alexis as well throughout and its great to watch as he always gets Becketts advice. It will be interesting to watch if Alexis does go off to college in this season. The interregation of the mild mannered Lone Vengence was so funny. Also GAtes might grow on me the far far future.

    All in all a great episode.