Season 3 Episode 2

He's Dead, She's Dead

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 27, 2010 on ABC

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  • An alright one.

    More of a reason for why Martha is stupid... "Love is not work, love is Love is only work! It's passion at the start, the passion comes from the lust for your partner, the love comes from the respect and the trust that you WORK at.

    Personally i'm not a fan of psychic episodes. They can be quite fun sometimes, but episodes that genuinely want us to believe they're real and always have that one person that strongly believes in it, is annoying. They did it in Criminal Minds, and the psychic ended up being right in the end and it's just stupid. Stop making it ambiguous and like there's magic in the world. You're a fantasy show or you're not.

    BUT it all aside, it was still an enjoyable enough episode.

    Thought Chet's death would've been sadder if we got to meet him at all, not have Martha keep toying with him by never actually being there for meals or anything etc, but I liked her guilt over the idea she was planning on leaving etc.
  • eh. . .

    The ep was okay but I would have actually enjoyed it if I didn't know that billions of people actually believe in this type of psychic/spiritual crap and that the mainstream media's overly ambiguous depictions and false characterizations of said crap is a main reason why otherwise intelligent people are so susceptible to these charlatans.
  • Failed

    Though the map was indeed smart, it has been twice that they brought an old unknown cop aquaintance, which, if not irrelevant to the story, was also the bad guy. It had become too predictable and should not be done again. the second wife was also non-existent bringing the question, if she is still with Castle or if she will be brought up only until necessary.
  • Funny Castle theme episode

    Castle's third season began stronger than ever and this episode is no exception. Nathan Fillion is funny as hell and so is Stana Katic (and so beautiful). The story revolves around the murder of a famous medium who might have predicted her own murder before she was killed. Also, Martha is faced with some bad news which devastate her. The jokes center on Castle's belief in the supernatural once again and Beckett's disbelief in anything out of this world. Once again we get to see the grounded character of Kate believing in things that she can see and touch in contrast with Castle's character who has a wild imagination. Also, Martha's story is really emotional and Nathan shows off his acting skills once again. Regardless of who the murderer is, which was a little bit surprising here are some fun and continuity facts:

    - Victim: Vivian Marchand a famous psychic who helped, as she claimed, the police in solving murders. She has a daughter who was the one who found her. She was killed with an ice pick. She was stuffed in a sofa while she was still alive. She died from blood loss and asphyxiation.

    - The intro is still being shown and it will last until episode 10 of this season

    -We discover Castle's given name which Richard Alexander Rogers as opposed to his professional name Richard Edgar Castle

    - According to Penny's dream Castle is going to save Beckett in the future

    -First mention of Castle's official website:

    -8 years prior to this episode Castle paid a visit to Vivien Marchand and told him his mother would be moving in with him.

    - Beckett does not believe in the supernatural (psychics, fairies, rainbows even Santa Claus which she stopped believing at the age of 3). Esposito also does not believe in psychics while Ryan's belief is not clear (he did believe in things like the power of equanox). Castle is a believer.
  • Fates and Psychics and Santa Clause!

    I normaly would never rate an episode of Castle lower then an 8.5, but this wasn't as good as it could be.

    First of all, a dead psychic who's killed for Knowing to much about someones death has been done on every crime show since The begining of Primetime, and she predicted her own murder, (or not we never found that out) has also been a key player in most crime shows.

    Secondly, I felt this show had to many elements, there was a producer, an unrightfully charge criminal, a man in black, a jelous husband, the prediction of her own murder, her suddenly psychic daughter, the dead womens clents, and so on. All of this didn't add up to the kind of mystery were come to know and look forward to every week, but it still was watchable
  • Castle's belief in psychic ability runs counter to Beckett's grounding in reality as reflected in this week's multiple murders. As important is the Castle family dynamics when Martha has to decide whether to accept Chet's proposal of marriage.

    In my humble opinion, this episode allows us a closer look into what makes the unique Castle Family tick, which is more important than discovering the murderer of the week, no matter how fun the set-up (this time, could a psychic have predicted her own death?). While we expect a dead body - or two, watching the interaction between the over-the-top Martha, the beautifully maturing Alexis, and the perennial-toddler Rick Castle concerning Martha's possible engagement (as she test drives the ring) is the highlight of this episode. For a contrast, Martha is deep in thought, Alexis is the hopeful romantic, and Rick is the supportive force for all concerned. (Could an actual psychic have predicted this? I must agree with Beckett: I think not.) While I will never tire of the hint-of-romantic and superb interaction between Beckett/Castle (although the parade of outside love interests is starting to take its toll on me, not to mention the spoilers that more of the same are on the horizon), seeing the love and mutual admiration between the family members is a delightful contrast to the parade of bloodied corpses on display each and every week. In addition to the always delightful comedic turns by Esposito/Ryan, the reveal of the given name of Richard Edgar Castle gives Beckett yet another grin-behind-his-back moment, thanks to yet another message from beyond, as this one looks like a message Kate will continue to think about. This particular episode left me wanting more of The Castle Family, not to mention what I like to refer to as "The Precinct Family", without the blood, without the usually-inaccurate GSW statistics, and without all of the excess trimmings. For me, the simple action of Rick hugging his mother in the living room of the loft set a new level for this series to continue to aspire to: And, I trust that they can do so, and will do so, week after week.
  • I didn't figure the culprit this time.

    And for a Castle episode, that is unusual for me. Its generally pretty obvious. And after all is said and done, I personally have difficulty getting my head around someone killing because their partner was messing around. Can't commit? There's the exit. See ya! Period.

    Perhaps I was too taken in by the in-shop debate over the relative value of psychics. The too-esoteric concept for the detectives versus the open-mindedness of the writer? was all nonsense, but it was fun watching them have the debate AND deal with that ever so curious, what-if glitch at the end.

    More likely, I was taken in by the Martha storyline that I have been waiting to see. Not what I expected but that probably made it more effective. It was nice to see Susan Sullivan's character get some air time. But poor Chet. Not to seem indelicate, but perhaps he stroked when he go the bill for that ring!

    Castle is not rocket science. Instead, its the science of entertainment; of effective R & R for the masses. Like a good massage...
  • Emotional maturity, childish glee, and a murder - another keeper episode! :D

    Another keeper from the cast of Castle. :D
    Good bits:
    Castle's childlike glee whenever there was a "psychic"-moment, biting his hand and practically bouncing in his seat - as cute as a puppy. Martha discussing the ins and outs of love, and showing us why we love this flaky, crazy, insecure, selfconfident, mature, childish, humble diva. Extra bonus for the final scene, where she tells Richard he's a good man - GREAT mother-and-son scene, made me all soft and gooey on the inside.
  • A psychic is murdered, and Castle and Beckett investigate her murder through vague predictions and misleads. Meanwhile, Martha get proposed to, but her boyfriend died before she could give him her answer.

    As always, no one really watches this show for the murder mystery. I figured that the woman killed the psychic, although I really didn't know why. But, you don't watch this show for that. You watch it for the characters and the relationships between them. Castle was so sweet with his mother when she revealed that Chet had died. And, the ouija board at the end was nice. And, of course, I figured that Castle would completely believe in psychic powers while Beckett would not.

    It was great to hear Castle's real name. I figured that his middle name would be Alexander at the reveal of Penny that "Alexander" would save Beckett's life. And, now I'm very intrigued. When will he save her life? Good, fun episode. Really enjoyable.
  • Not as good as last week but still enjoyable.

    Personally I'm not a fan of any show/episodes done on psychic predictions (Yes, I'm a non believer), but this wasn't too over the top so I still liked it. Sadly when I heard they were going to kill someone in the second episode I figured it would be Chet, I mean we've never even seen him so he's expendable I guess. I felt bad for Martha but we got some good mother/son moments.

    Again Gina is mentioned when the Castle clan is discussing true love (before Chet's demise). Alexis seemed sad about Martha and Castle's tendency to just give up on a relationship when the "spark" was gone. I got the impression that she wanted to believe that love could last forever, if the work was put in, but the adults in her life haven't shown her that it's possible.

    Of course we have Beckett as the skeptic and Castle the believer. Overall the evidence pointed to her being a fraud but there were a few tidbits that they were unable to clear up. The victims daughter cornered Beckett and told her that a man named Alexander would enter her life and be very important to her and he would possibly save her life in the future. Later we find out that Castle's real name is Richard Alexander Rodgers (Little disappointed with this, was hoping for something more embarrassing). As far as him saving her life I mean he's already done it countless times already so if they are foreshadowing a future episode it's not that dramatic. Sweet non-the-less though and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, was so afraid it would turn out to be her new boyfriend.

    On a side note is anyone else hoping that they have scenes with Beckett's Dad and Martha later down the road, maybe forming a friendship. It would give the boys endless jokes about Kate and Castle becoming brother and sister.