Season 1 Episode 7

Home Is Where the Heart Stops

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on ABC

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Exciting story and intense writing but rushed case solving ; irresistible protagonists and excellent guest stars ; interesting but snail character development ; great teamwork and some hilarious moments

    I zapped from the 4th episode, Hell Hath No Fury, to this one because its summary intrigued me. Beckett in an evening gown and a corrupted charity ball sounded irresistible and fascinating. As expected Stana Katic looked stunning but the story was far much more interesting than the previous ones. In fact it was captivating and the show desperately needed it considering how boring the others were. Indeed the protagonists chemistry is good and the acting convincing so with a proper story an episode could only be a hit. It's exactly what this 7th installment was.

    First the dialog at the beginning between Castle and his daughter Alexis was well staged and it was a very dynamic and original way to learn more about what happens in her life. It was refreshing and a fancy way to probably introduce a new arc. Second the guest stars were excellent. Patrick Bauchau (The Pretender, Carnivàle) portrayed Caine Powell a thief connected to Castle. His performance was mesmerizing and he brought a vibe of mystery and I even found some of his scenes quite spooky. I can't imagine how great it would be if he became a recurring character ! As for the other guest it was quite a charming one. Caterina Scorsone played Joanne Delgado a young woman, daughter of the victim. I appreciated her connection with Beckett and it allowed us to better understand her past even if the development was far too light for my taste.

    As for the crime itself it was disturbing and even if the investigation was exciting I was very disappointed by how quickly they wrapped the whole thing up in the end. But Will Beall's writing was excellent because he profiled his characters with multiple layers and even brought tensions to some scenes. In fact an other new character was a suspect and I liked how he put Beckett out of her comfort zone. So Castle had to help her and their team really made sense. They have different skills so they are the perfect matches for each other. At times there was even something "Bondish" about Castle even if he never had to introduce himself as Castle, Richard Castle. As for their snail developing relationship I have to admit that it's easy to get caught by it because they're both charming characters. The funny jokes were also quite numerous and you really have to see Castle shot at a target with Beckett as a teacher. His mother also had her moments and I liked how the episode ended. Happy or sad ? It's Castle, you should know what to expect.

    Last but not least I would like to point out again how the show episodic format is lame. I can imagine how great it would be if the writers decided to develop the arc introduced in Flowers for Your Grave, the pilot. It had so much potential and following Beckett and Castle investigating a serial killer the whole season would have been great entertainment. Instead you can skip two episodes and don't see a difference. For me it's like if the previous episodes, A Chill Goes Through Her Veins and Always Buy Retail, never existed. In fact I think you could even directly jump from the pilot to this one. Why didn't they follow the lead of masterpieces like Dexter ? One killer, one season. The dream format.
  • An escalating home invasion team results in Castle and Beckett on an unofficial date.

    Don't know why Beckett was so shocked that Castle can shoot – he's rich and he writes murder books. It's a logical step to assume that he would have gone for lessons, though the fact that he's a better shot than Beckett implies far more practice. Then again, could be as simple as shooting as an extracurricular at school.

    Beckett cleans up nice! The dress was exquisite and Martha's necklace perfectly complimented it. Loved the section at the event, including Martha auctioning off her own son! Isn't that slavery, which is illegal?

    The story is a good one – using a charity to take photos of donor's jewels then using the records to get their names and addresses. Except the guy has an ugly taste for violence – beats a man to death and after shooting a woman, breaks enough bones to stuff her in the safe. Very nasty.

    Very good episode, not spectacular but same strong writing and consistent quality as the other episodes.
  • Castle and Beckett straighten out their differences over a long game of poker, while at the same time solving a series of jewellery heists and murders involving rich people. Thumbs up once more!

    This epi takes the Castle/Beckett relationship to a whole new level, as it includes a number of scenes with them playing poker and challenging eachother. It seems they both enjoy that very much, and we certainly enjoy watching it. Also, Kate is becoming friends with Castle's mom and with Alexis, which bonds the characters and helps them get closer to one another. Kate is demystified and taken out of the strict police environment, and we see how she behaves in more relaxed, private situations. Also, the scene where she appears in the gala with the dress Castle sent her is amazing! She certainly took the breath out of him for a few seconds there!

    The case is more serious this time, involving a series of sadistic murders with rich, famous people as targets, who are being robbed and then killed. It turns out the perpetrators have access to the member list of a prestigious charity foundation, and that's how they target their victims. Interesting and fast-paced.

    Finally (I just have to say this), the scene with Castle in the car playing cop with the radio, and then the killer practically falling on the car, my stomach hurt from laughing!
  • This was a fantastic character development episode. (Spoilers)

    This episode was fantastic, and had a lot of character development; especially for Castle and Beckett's relationship. It's good to see that they're apparently going to be getting romantically involved sooner or later. I loved the gun range scene where it shows that Castle knows how to shoot. Maybe he'll be able to help Beckett out in gunfights in future cases. It was also good to see Castle get in a fight with the suspect at the end of this episode. Finally he's getting more involved with the action, instead of just investigating. Overall, I give this episode, Home Is Where The Heart Stops, a 9.5 out of 10.
  • Hearth and Home -

    Alleged home invaders' jumping to murder gives Beckett a challenge and Castle some great new material. I loved Castle facing an old foe in a jewelry thief Powell that he forced into retirement after giving up all his secrets. I loved Powell as a character, a jewel thief with ethics. I thought Castle playing fairy godmother was sweet. I loved Martha's revenge for not being invited along to the charity ball. I thought the angle of the victims being targeted from someone within the charity pretty predictable. Castle was too funny playing cop but it was even funnier was the bad guy lands right in front of him. I loved Beckett with Joanne Delgado. I like seeing the softer side of the character.
  • Castle and Beckett go undercover to find a violent home invasion team.

    Awesome episode! I found the case interesting, with one of the victims stuffed into her own safe. All of the victims are wealthy, with their most expensive pieces of jewelry taken from them by force. They find a link between the victims but in order to figure out exactly who is killing these people Beckett must delve into Castle's privileged world.
    My favorite scenes were the ones where Kate is stressing out over what to wear and she gets a little help from Castle, Castle and Alexis fencing, Castle V Powell and Powell's revenge at the charity event, and Kate finding out about Castle's nickname. This is a great show and it's getting better. The cases are getting better, Beckett is showing more of a softer side and Castle is still awesome.
  • Castle and Beckett must deal with a number of jewelry heists that now have escalated to the murder of the last victim. This one hits close to home as Castle seems to know a lot of the people involved in the case making him a little nervous.

    A reminder that six and seven were switched originally so this is now episode seven with the jewel heists.

    I just stated this in my review of Bones in tonight's episode. "This episode is what clearly separates Bones from other procedurals on TV. Clever, funny, quirky, and sexy all while dealing with death and murder." I am repeating this as this show has the same charm with a little different flavor than Bones does. I have not figured out yet why this show has not found the same audience. Could it be the time its shown? Very clever episode with some interesting developments to the relationships. For example Beckett and Castle are with the Mayor at the benefit near the end the Mayor says to Beckett, "So this is the detective you talk about all the time?". Turns out Beckett plays poker with the Mayor and now she knows talks about her constantly.

    Beckett has to find something to wear to the black tie benefit and of course why would she have something like that to wear in her line of work. The door bell rings and there is a package with a dress that fits Beckett pretty well if I say so myself. A gift from Castle.

    Finally at the end of the episode Beckett comes by Castle's in the morning and the Mom and daughter make her come in and tell them about the benefit and have breakfast. It is obvious they really like her a lot.

    Some of the funny/off color remarks made tonight:
    Esposito makes a crack about Beckett in her dress and she comes back with, "I'd let you borrow it Esposito, but you'd stretched it out!".
    Castle walks into the murder scene and says "In this neighborhood you'd think she'd be safe, no pun intended". The victim is shoved into a safe.

    Like Booth and Bones, Castle and Beckett show some of the same like able chemistry. I find this show charming and fun to watch. Sort of a different look at the standard procedural.

    As I also said in my Bones review tonight: "Strange coincidence? Both Bones in this new episode and Castle in the their new episode tonight were called pulp fiction writers by someone." I am hoping that with just a few episodes left ABC will get smart and at least order another thirteen episode run of this show for next year. The way they are going none of their Freshmen shows this year will survive at this point.

    Thanks for reading...
  • it was an ok ep btw what jewel heists i don't remember anything about those oh and the pic doesn't fit the ep either. this ep was about passports hidden in knockoff designer purses

    it was an ok ep her calling him kitten was annoying i liked that he got a bullet proof vest. the cook was very nice and his ex wife ex not so much. i'm glad they explained it was his first ex wife cuz i was completly lost thinking it was his boss/publisher
    so alexis mother is a complete fruit cake lovely hope she doesn't come around again her character is annoying. pretty smart team work against the gunman using the relflective surface of his cell to try to see where he was and then taking a picture was really good then the diversion was pretty cool to but i think castle should of been shot when he came out.