Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on ABC

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  • Sharp and tense

    I truly loved who they picked to play Castle's Father! He's still so good looking after all these years.. but I digress.. the characteristics, the banter all played well. Excellent episode!
  • Castle's Father!

    Castle really stepped up his game this episode. He refrained from being the silly Castle because his daughter's life was on the line and even Beckett understood what he was going through. All people in this episode wanted to help Castle by working their hardest including Gates.

    In this episode, we get to meet Castle's father who works for the CIA. I'm sure that he'll reappear and play a semi-major role later on. I still can't imagine how smart Castle's father is. He predicted what the kidnapper would try to do and counteracted it. Overall, very good episode and I'm not sugercoating it just because I love Castle. This episode was very good and deserved a 10.
  • Hunt - Castle

    The second part of the two parter was solid yet again, but I think there is so much more they could have done. I noted the Taken similarities (or near identical premise) but it is still an entertaining episode.

    Dramatic and fun at the same time.
  • Ma vue est le contraire...

    Unlike a lot of people, I absolutely loved this episode. Normally I see things coming, and though the whole spy thing is a little unbelievable (in terms of a one-night thing inspiring a well trained spy to keep close tabs on the woman and his the childhood photos of Alexis on the wall weren't logical given that that place wouldn't have been his long term living arrangements, and all that was necessary was the picture of her with proof of life, and maybe the kidnappers surveillance photos) we should remember that this IS fiction, and hey, spies do exist, and who says they can't have hearts? If we suspend disbelief there, it was an enjoyable episode. I got really into it, and am really pleased. I think it'll be a while, though, before they bring this heritage up again. It would make for some interesting story lines, as long as they are reeeeally careful with it. Hopefully they go back to the normal writer/cop story lines for a good long while after this before attempting to resurrect the father thing. Summary: I loved this, and will gladly watch it again.
  • Cliche episode

    mnementh01 has already told what was strange in this episode, as an american point of view. I will had some cliche that sound strange from a french point of view:

    - Castle is so poor that he can travel to France? Green screen is awful, and alway to show that we are in Paris we have the tour Eiffel. Funny as you can not see the tour Eiffel so nicely everywhere in Paris.

    - the French old Gaston is trying to pick the waitress up... and all american people are traveling with their guns?

    - the american embassy is in fact the French Stock Exchange. It may be more easy to enter in this big building than in the real american embassy that is quite smaller (but more nice)...

    - at the beginning, the 2-3 days to have help from France. In such case, I don't think France is so backward that the cooperation can't be more fast. That's even in contradiction with the moment when Ryan comes back with information from french police.

    - one little things funny for me : the french people are played by an american (Paul Rogan as La Taupe), an Canadian english (Christopher Heyerdahl as Jacque Henri (do they know that normal speling is Jacques)) and the best for the end an english man (Christopher Curry as Gaston)... when you know the big love between french and english, that's sound very funny ! They don't have a french guy or their accent was so awful?

    Except those incongruity, this was a nice episode but not the best. No humour, only action, no pleasure.
  • intriquing

    Its wasnt suppose to be a full plot your looking for that stick to why its a TV series, it was a great dialogue to open up new plots and stories in future episodes. Its always done like that in TV series and is either explained in future episodes or gradually from season to season.
  • Who knew??

    You know to those naysayers who thought this was a lame episode, why don't you stick with reality tv its entertainment, the show is entertainment, since when does any of this series make sense in what universe?? Its great entertainment. Go watch nova if you are looking for reality,, check out pbs. I love this show its hokey unpredictable and fun. Great midseason episode.
  • 1.0
    Who sold off the script writers? And who's idea was it to use interns to write? These two episodes seems like a death knell to the series. I sincerely hope the quality goes up. (That's the only way

    (And please, the blind hacker with supernatural hearing was stretched in Sneakers, and that was in '92).

  • Wow!!

    Who knew that James Brolin could be such an amazing badass? Loved this episode, would like to see Castle's father back in the picture for bit parts.
  • Most stupid episode ever

    That was the most ridiculous, most unbelievable, most illogical, most fault-fraught episode ever. The whole thing was cartoon category. Daddy "super-spy" who has all the information on everything at all times (really??) plus all the equipment one would ever need, and who's magically on the spot in the woods without transport and shoots all the baddies in two seconds even though they were far apart, ex-KGB super-bad oligarch (threatening someone with a gun when the person you're on the phone with can't see - really??), a quick clean escape from an unknown building full of armed mercs, the "embassy" just round the corner, embassy steps which painfully obviously weren't, armed guards prowling in the open which French intelligence would never allow, not to mention very poor green screen shots (also, did you notice how the position of the Eiffel Tower shifted between shots) - I could go on and on. Lousy, cheap, ignorant - worst episode ever.
  • Fantastic!!!!!!!!

    The best castle episode ever!!!
  • Going all "Casino Royal:" on them.

    Part 2. I watched, "Target" just before this one to have the story fresh. Agent Harris tried in the first part. Like him(actor) on "Unforgettable" on CBS. But they were a step ahead. I to thought Sara was only part of deal and Alexis was either the real target or at least just as important. But the bad guys got paid off for her. Maybe FBI has to work on separating the sounds like the British did, lol

    I thought at one time maybe Anwar El-Masri, Sara's dad was behind it. Since Sara was recovered so easily compared to Alexis.

    It did seem like 2 different stories with the switch from US to Paris and Castle on his own. Quite a surprise, being thought of at a farm house and end up in a bld. in Paris. And to have cams in the farm house seemed like over kill.

    Beckett questioning Henson's gf Ms. DeGarmo. Her all tough, until Beckett kicked the chair out. Surprised me as well. "I'm not a cop today , honey!"

    Did Gaston know that Jacques Henri wasn't reliable and might turn? I at first thought Henri was the one that tortured Roger Henson. He to had facial hair like Jackson Hunt. It was cute after they met in clearing, Castle says, "Tell me your name". His dad says, "Jackson Hunt". Castle replies, "Sounds made Dad replies, "It And after he talks to Beckett and Jackson shoots his phone. Jackson tell him not to forget the 3 million dollars. Then after Castles clone phone gets a call from Gregory Volkov at the safe house. Dad tells how he slipped up. "They found out she's my "Richard I'm your He left at night when Richard was small. He met Richard in library when he was 10 and gave him the book, "Casino Royal". That made Richard want to become a writer. But he can't write about his dad, now. He kept tabs on the family. But Volkov was a former KGB agent and Jackson had killed his daughter Anna. So he was after Jackson. So Jackson telling Richard when he made plans to get Alexis back, he said, "You've been playing cop for years, ready to play spy?" OFCOURSE!

    Castle being captured in rescue attempt, I was duped. But the Walkie- Talkie blowing up was cool. And Castle using the watch to cut Alexis free. Nice to we got to see what else they talked about in the planning. Run to the US Embassy. You could see they were waiting. Wonder if castle kept the watch? Castle not wanting his dad to disappear. But he said they will meet again. He has always been proud. That was good. One thing we didn't have as in some stories that goes over seas is the bumbling local cops getting in the way. As the main character finds the bad guys.

    They get home and big hugs all around, and family is it hear about dad. Would have been fun to see Martha's face. "Mom, there's something I want to tell you!" And castle getting the copy of "Casino Royal" in the mail. Nice Episode, but could have been stretched to a 3rd to not rush ending. Also could have had more action in the states.

  • It's pretty much unanimous. Best episode ever!

    Eleven out of ten.... AMAMAZING!!!!!!

    What a brilliant piece of scripting to bring in "the mystery man" :)
  • Best episode yet!!!!!!!!!!

    A truly amazing episode. Castle just keeps getting better and better.
  • Outstanding!

    Best episode ever! When's the next episode???
  • castlefan

    this is the best episode ever!!! OMG if there's only 1 episode you have to watch this is it!!!
  • we alredy know it

    when he went to Paris alone we know he would somehow try to contact his dad because we already know that his father has friends at the CIA which was mentioned by agent Sophia Conrad in linchpin but this was a great episode very emotional full of suspense and nice climax

    This is probably going to go down as my favorite episode of Castle ever. Aside from the really bad green screen when they show Castle in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background, this had everything I loved about the show. I would have loved more with Beckett, Ryan and Espo but ultimately, having Castle go off on his own and really take charge in trying to find Alexis was wonderful. And then throwing in James Brolin as the senior Castle and the real reason why Alexis was taken? Didn't see that coming!! Loved that!! Finally, seems the show is back on track!
  • Superb! Mindblowing! Awesome!

    I don't think I've ever respected a Castle episode so much. This episode was clearly a breath of relief from the kind of writing we have got this season. For the first time, I wish I could give a rating of 15/10. Maybe even more. So much stuff happened in this episode. We got to see Castle going all hero-dad, we saw some brilliantly choreographed scenes, we got to see Castle Senior. The actor who played castle's dad was superb! His acting was really a treat to watch. So was Nathan Fillion's. Thus episode was WAY better than last week's ep. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! And the ending, OMG. I got tears in my eyes. I've never got tears in my eyes in any show's episode as far as I can remember. It was just Perfect. A standing ovation to the Castle cast and crew. Very well done!