Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on ABC

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  • Going all "Casino Royal:" on them.

    Part 2. I watched, "Target" just before this one to have the story fresh. Agent Harris tried in the first part. Like him(actor) on "Unforgettable" on CBS. But they were a step ahead. I to thought Sara was only part of deal and Alexis was either the real target or at least just as important. But the bad guys got paid off for her. Maybe FBI has to work on separating the sounds like the British did, lol

    I thought at one time maybe Anwar El-Masri, Sara's dad was behind it. Since Sara was recovered so easily compared to Alexis.

    It did seem like 2 different stories with the switch from US to Paris and Castle on his own. Quite a surprise, being thought of at a farm house and end up in a bld. in Paris. And to have cams in the farm house seemed like over kill.

    Beckett questioning Henson's gf Ms. DeGarmo. Her all tough, until Beckett kicked the chair out. Surprised me as well. "I'm not a cop today , honey!"

    Did Gaston know that Jacques Henri wasn't reliable and might turn? I at first thought Henri was the one that tortured Roger Henson. He to had facial hair like Jackson Hunt. It was cute after they met in clearing, Castle says, "Tell me your name". His dad says, "Jackson Hunt". Castle replies, "Sounds made Dad replies, "It And after he talks to Beckett and Jackson shoots his phone. Jackson tell him not to forget the 3 million dollars. Then after Castles clone phone gets a call from Gregory Volkov at the safe house. Dad tells how he slipped up. "They found out she's my "Richard I'm your He left at night when Richard was small. He met Richard in library when he was 10 and gave him the book, "Casino Royal". That made Richard want to become a writer. But he can't write about his dad, now. He kept tabs on the family. But Volkov was a former KGB agent and Jackson had killed his daughter Anna. So he was after Jackson. So Jackson telling Richard when he made plans to get Alexis back, he said, "You've been playing cop for years, ready to play spy?" OFCOURSE!

    Castle being captured in rescue attempt, I was duped. But the Walkie- Talkie blowing up was cool. And Castle using the watch to cut Alexis free. Nice to we got to see what else they talked about in the planning. Run to the US Embassy. You could see they were waiting. Wonder if castle kept the watch? Castle not wanting his dad to disappear. But he said they will meet again. He has always been proud. That was good. One thing we didn't have as in some stories that goes over seas is the bumbling local cops getting in the way. As the main character finds the bad guys.

    They get home and big hugs all around, and family is it hear about dad. Would have been fun to see Martha's face. "Mom, there's something I want to tell you!" And castle getting the copy of "Casino Royal" in the mail. Nice Episode, but could have been stretched to a 3rd to not rush ending. Also could have had more action in the states.