Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on ABC

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  • Cliche episode

    mnementh01 has already told what was strange in this episode, as an american point of view. I will had some cliche that sound strange from a french point of view:

    - Castle is so poor that he can travel to France? Green screen is awful, and alway to show that we are in Paris we have the tour Eiffel. Funny as you can not see the tour Eiffel so nicely everywhere in Paris.

    - the French old Gaston is trying to pick the waitress up... and all american people are traveling with their guns?

    - the american embassy is in fact the French Stock Exchange. It may be more easy to enter in this big building than in the real american embassy that is quite smaller (but more nice)...

    - at the beginning, the 2-3 days to have help from France. In such case, I don't think France is so backward that the cooperation can't be more fast. That's even in contradiction with the moment when Ryan comes back with information from french police.

    - one little things funny for me : the french people are played by an american (Paul Rogan as La Taupe), an Canadian english (Christopher Heyerdahl as Jacque Henri (do they know that normal speling is Jacques)) and the best for the end an english man (Christopher Curry as Gaston)... when you know the big love between french and english, that's sound very funny ! They don't have a french guy or their accent was so awful?

    Except those incongruity, this was a nice episode but not the best. No humour, only action, no pleasure.
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