Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 25, 2013 on ABC

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  • The Guardian

    They say the best way to win is to take matters into your own hands. This is a follow up that to me didn't disapoint. The show was giving the espionage arena another shot and this time they actually hit (at least I thought so). Not a whole lot I can say, I really like the fact that Castle was taking matters into his own hands just doing what any good father should do save their kid, yeah I'd do the same if my girlfriend in some sort of trouble.

    But anyway like the use of the Paris locale, there was a good use of darkness giving the episode an almost noir feel. The pacing is good, we see Castle just racing the clock one thing just leading to another.

    And the suspense was great, I liked that little ransom drop sittuation which had one twist that came out of left field. We discover that they guy helping Castle in the first half of the episode sold out, and at this point Castle was surrounded by guys with guns so you know Castle's in deep crap, and I remember wondering how the heck Castle was going to get out of this or if he even had a plan to counterattack this. Then of course we hear gun shots and see all of the scumbags are dead, but the biggest supprise is who saved him which is his father whom is a spy.

    Castle's father has been a mystery for some time but now it's been solved and I'll admit the character doesn't disapoint. James Brolin I thought did a great job as Castle father, I thought he was both cool and sympathtic. I like the back and forth going on between both Castle and him, I like that Castle is a little mixed on his feelings but is forgiving. You really do feel for James Brolin's character (forgot the name sorry) it was strangely touching when we see in a way he's always been with his family

    as we see the photos of Alexis and some of Castle at different ages, some facts about their past he knows, but also he tells of this one moment in Castle's childhood when Castle was ten and was in the library looking for the book "Casino Royale", he was the one that helped him find the book. Castle's father really wanted to be involved with his family more but couldn't because in his occupation he has many enimies which ment he had to stay to protect both his country and his family from the scum of the world. I also like how there are certain cominalities between the two, like dry wit but also both are very smart and think outside the box.

    I defenantly like the final act which almost reminded me of "Mission Impossible" as we see Castle and his dad take action. We see Castle getting captured in the tunnels and it looks like trouble for both of them and Alexis, but if you ever saw the TV show I mentioned one thing I've learned from that show is to always have a plan within a plan. I liked the fact they actually had gagets to use, one Castle's dad uses is a walkie tackie explosive but my favorate was what Castle uses which is the watch that is some sort of mini cutting touch time bomb, I think I don't know but cool all the same.

    The end was sweet relief, Castle and his dad suceed in getting Alexis out and come back to the country but most importantly Alexis also knows about her grandfather. Kate was glad Castle made it back alive I thought that little scene with both of them was touching. But the best thing about the ending to me was the package Castle gets from his father which was the "Casino Royale" book, just seeing that I get the feeling it won't be the last time we'll see Castle's father. Even though they can't see him, he'll always be there.