Season 6 Episode 17

In the Belly of the Beast

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 03, 2014 on ABC
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When Beckett helps out on an undercover Narcotics investigation, the mission turns deadly. To survive, Beckett is forced to use her wits with some of New York's dangerous underworld and a powerful enemy from her past.

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  • Kate goes undercover

    Kate goes undercover in a drugs case but is rumbled by the boss!
  • In The Belly

    A very good Beckett-focused episode here that saw edge of your seat action, but more importantly a character development that will surely make its presence felt later in the season.

    Strong show, one of the week's best episodes of TV.
  • Bravery

    Stana Katic deserves an emmy for her performance Belly of the Beast. She was sensational.
  • Gold star for Beckett!

    I've always enjoyed Stana's acting and she blew me away in this episode! Although the episode was dark (At times, it was literally so dark I could barely see what she was doing. What was with that mansion in the middle of nowhere?) it was exciting and powerful nonetheless. And her calling Castle "babe" was an extra bonus. They are seriously my favorite on-screen couple.

    Can't believe I have to wait two weeks for the next episode!moreless
  • Katniss is a Caskett fan

    WOW - a long overdue Beckett-centric story that shows why she would probably win the Hunger Games.

    as soon as they offered her $50,000 a week, she figured out that she was not 'delivering packages' and went all bad-ass - loved the way she changed her walk, just that showed the change in the character she's playing. and of course we all knew Kate didn't kill the honky; but it was really well-staged,

    and when we find out it's Jack Coleman behind it all. Kate calmly starts making plans - no rage, no 'he killed my mommy' moments, just 'let's take this Dick down'

    and BTW - I loved that the political Super PAC was funded by the drug ring. All of this agita is anonymous and legal because of crappy Super PAC laws.

    Supreme Court really screwed that pooch - and now they have Caskett to deal with. Dah Dah Dahnnnnmoreless
Carlos Gomez

Carlos Gomez

Captain Fowler

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Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Vulcan Simmons

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Al Sapienza

Al Sapienza

Mr. Jones

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Jack Coleman

Jack Coleman

Senator William H. Bracken

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Maya Stojan

Maya Stojan

Tory Ellis

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    • Castle: See what happens when I leave you alone?
      Beckett: Babe, I wasn't alone. When they were interrogating me, the only thing that kept me going was thinking about you, about our future, the wedding. You were with me the whole time.

    • Beckett: (her letter to Castle) Dear Rick, I don't know how much time I have, even to write this letter. What I do know now is that I'm in this, and the only way I'm gonna make it out alive is to see this through. I'm sure everyone is looking for me, and if they figure out I was here, CSU's gonna search this house. They're gonna look for blood, and they will find it, which will lead them to this letter. Babe, it's your letter, and I hope you never have to read this... that I can tell you all of these things in person, but if something happens and I don't make it, I need you to know that our partnership, our relationship is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You're an amazing man, and I love you with all of my heart. Always.

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