Season 2 Episode 3

Inventing the Girl

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • A young women is found stabbed with a strange object in a fountain downtown. It turns out she is a young model who was about to become the signature face of a famous clothing line. Beckett and Castle must brave Fashion Week to find the killer.

    I actually enjoyed this episode a great deal. It had some nice family scenes, some twisty turns, and some devious moments. My only problem with it was it was terribly predictable.

    ***** Spoilers *****

    As we meet the many people surrounding this young model we see what may be their motive for killing her. Her model friend Sierra, jealousy, the fashion photographer Wyatt, rejection, Sierra's boyfriend who took the pictures, a crazed stalker, but with her husband they didn't show any motive for him to have killed her at all. "I was home asleep by 11:00 and awoke at 3:00 and filed a missing persons report." They just took that explanation without even blinking.

    Now that aside I liked the way they came back to get him. Find the stalker. Link the stalker to the not so much BFF. Get BFF's story about the famous sleazy photographer. Then finally figure out the other cell phone existed from sleazo and track it down. Get recording and catch the killer.

    Nice twists and turns if you were expecting anything else. I wish they would get something a little more concrete on the killers instead of having to make them confess in this case. Of course they don't do that every time, but once is enough.

    Enjoyable episode with all the little pretty people. Castle's family is cute. Isn't amazing how different that girl looked without all the makeup etc.? Thanks for reading...