Season 2 Episode 3

Inventing the Girl

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2009 on ABC

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  • Fashion extravaganza (Attention: spoilers in review)

    Another entertaining episode from Castle, this time revolving around New York's world renowned fashion scene. It was fun to watch Castle interact with all the models, and Beckett play it cool while she was slightly annoyed. It's obvious she's jealous and just doesn't care to admit it.

    The case was also interesting, a young model was murdered and while at first the team is going for the usual approach, that of a single killer with a specific motive, during the course of their investigation they find out a little more about the cutthroat nature of the fashion industry. The model's allegedly best friend had used her boyfriend to stalk her, so that she was scared away from a good contract, leaving the spot empty for her. The photographer of the designer she was working for was blackmailing her into having sex with him, otherwise he would ruin her photo shoots, while the designer himself couldn't care less about her death. Her husband who was supposed to protect and support her turned out to be the killer. While Jenna (the murdered model) was faithful to him he believed she was cheating, and in his rage murdered her. Nice twist that had us guessing who among everyone that seemed to have motive was the killer after all.

    Castle turned out to be "a big softie" like his mother said, since he started out trying to seduce a model and when he found out she was his daughter's ex-babysitter, ended up arranging a get-together between her and Alexis. However much he tries to present himself as the legendary playboy, in the end he's a nice guy, and that's why Beckett likes him - and so do we!
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