Season 4 Episode 4

Kick the Ballistics

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 10, 2011 on ABC

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  • 3XK


    So we hear of the 3XK again and so not how i thought it would go. This ep was all about Ryan though which I kinda liked as it helps to give a better understandsing of all characters.

    I can't wait for the ep when they do finally catch up to the real killer, think that will be a great one. Good build up though and the connection between Ryan and Esposito was great to watch. The Library stunt was funny as hell.

    Gates still annoys the hell outta me! Overall not a bad ep but not the best.

  • Not the best nor worst episode. I don't usually care about realism in my escapism but just wondered how


    Not the best nor worst episode. I don't usually care about realism in my escapism but just wondered how the younger brother, (Clifford?) went from being shot in the chest to going into witness protection, up on his feet back at the precinct in what appeared to be two to three hours? The wrapup was a bit too predictable, the emotional payoff was weak. That said, its Castle and its generally good entertainment. I am starting to weary, tho, of the lack of development in Castle's at home scenes. Bland.

  • 10/10


    Terrible. Really bad episode tonight.

    Castle has done these really serious episodes in the past, and at times they have done them very well, but I absolutely loathed this episode. You took a supporting character that no one cared about and made him the focus, you took a really odd Asian gang plot that I didn't care about.

    Sometimes you strike out with a storyline, Castle did that tonight.

  • Great episode. Start of the season was a bit slow. This episode was an emotionally charged Ryan centric episode.The story itself was ok, not the best I'll admit but was a good setting for Ryan's character development.


    What I really liked about this episode was the range of emotions and frustration experienced by the characters. It was also refreshing that Castle wasn't the centre of the universe for once. Beautifully shot and and unexpected turn of events at the end. Might have just been me but I did not see that coming!