Season 4 Episode 9

Kill Shot

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • Awesome!!!


    The episode will go down as one of the favorites in the entire series. The way the writers handled the PTSD is so accurate that many people who suffered the same relate to what Det. Beckett is going through. We saw how Beckett's layers melted away bit by bit until she broke down in that intense scene in the employees room. Stana Katic is one amazing actress that she made the viewers felt the pains and vulnerability of her character. Hands down to her brilliant performance.

    Esposito is the man in this episode. He walk us through everything we need to know about the snipers, weapons, shooting. I almost cry when he handed the riffle to Beckett in that amazing scene in the evidence room and I fell in love with him when I saw that it was him who save Beckett this time.

    Overall, fantastic episode. It will rank up their with the Knockdon and knockout.

    Who's with me that Stana deserves an EMMY for her portrayal here???