Season 4 Episode 9

Kill Shot

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • Castle cannot do serious, please stop trying.


    Second "serious" episode in the season after the season opener and it was almost as bad (I gave that one a 2).

    This series is supposed to be a bit more tongue in cheek and the episodes with these properties are always a joy to watch.

    Unfortunately for some inexplicable reason they need to have episodes where one of the characters has a serious dilemma and needs to be helped to overcome it. In all these episodes the character of Castle takes a back seat and is sorely missed. Most viewers seem to see these very bad dramatic episode as very good (mostly citing "good character development" as excuse), but this is not the case here. Come on admit it, these are sleep evoking at best.

    Dear producers of this show: you are not capable of making any dramatic episodes so please stick to what you are good at: episodes with some funny elements and where Castle takes centre stage.

    I am already looking forward to the many "disagree" I will get, proving my point really.