Season 4 Episode 9

Kill Shot

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2011 on ABC

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  • At Close Range


    Sometimes the worst kind of disease isn't external but psychological. Psychological diseases are always the worst because they are something that you carry with you weather you know it or not, they can truely take an affect on you personal life from how you treat people around you to what you do and desire out of life. These are things that are uneasy to cure because there are no drugs for it but really it's a matter of dealing with it the right way.

    This is another really dark episode where there are no laughs. The episode is almost a bit of an Elmare Lenard story (hense the title of the episode is the title of one of his books), like in most of his stories his protagonists are always people that are crippled psychologically they not just have to deal with the external sittuation they got themselves into but their inner demons that have plagued them.

    Kate is really at her best in this episode, you just feel heavy pathos for her as we just see taking it's toll on her, the fact she has a case against a sniper triggers her post trama, truth be told cases like that always make me uncomfortable because with Snipers you never know where or when they'll hit.

    We just seeing her break down little by little, despite how much she hides it. That to me has been one of her weaknesses, not opening up about certain things but keeping them inside, and we see this mentality is finally doing real damage. It was just sad just seeing this happen to her, like one moment when she was in her pad she then divulges into drinking liquor heavily as a coping mechanism, to her arm being cut showing she coming toward self mutilation; along with a bit of self lothing. Just seeing that made me want to hug her and say, "Don't hate yourself you just being human, theres nothing wrong with being afraid."It's bad and her friends can easily see it, I really liked seeing the emotion in their faces especially Castle whom was like any good friend/boyfrend concerned for her well being and wants her to get the right kind of help.

    Though I feel some of the credit should be handed to Esposito, whom just as much drove the episode. I love that moment when Esposito confronts Kate and talks with her how the sniper rifle is just a tool and that person that shoots it is as human as anyone like any human can be hurt or destroyed. But I love what he says about post tramatic stress that it's not a weakness it just means your human, just because your scared doesn't mean your not tough when it comes to a near brush with death being tough doesn't matter. And that she should think of her weakness as a strength intead to remind her that she's still alive and she has another chance at life. It makes sense he would be talking to Kate about this since he's an ex Marine and he's been on enough tours to not just be behind a sniper scope but also carry the looming threat of crosshairs being pointed at him.

    On a sidenote in a way this episode makes me glad I can feel a sense of fear. I think that the mentality that feeling fear makes you a coward is bullcrap. To me it's when you don't do the right thing when you should or putting people down who do things differently or that you don't do truely makes one a coward.By feeling fear I was able to make a lot of right choices, avoid perils and do things I didn't think I could do but I did because my fear I felt was a sign at times that I wanted more out of life not less. At least that what I believe.

    Kate in the end shoots straight by actually opening up and deciding she finally wants change in her life, to actually be happy. I hope she finds it because she deserves it.