Season 2 Episode 8

Kill the Messenger

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2009 on ABC

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  • Not a very original episode but good.

    Take about a screwup – they kicked the old lady's door in because of a spelling error! That was really funny, especially after they try to put the door back!

    Given that this is the captain's mistake, it's only right he cleans it up but it is nice to see him actually working a case, and I have to agree with Castle – he's pretty cool.

    I like the way Caspar reacted to the news that Olivia was his daughter and his brother and mother not only hid it but even lied to Olivia about it. Caspar seemed genuinely distressed. Their mother's a crazy old bat, seriously.

    This episode was a bit cliché but it was fairly good.
  • Good episode with some solid police work and more introspect into the characters.

    We get to see more of the Captain in this episode, which is definitely a good thing because more or less, he was the only character belonging to the team who hadn't been given more depth. In this episode we get to see him stand up to a rich and powerful senator (the part where the senator threatens to give his commissioner a call and the Captain replies "tell him I could use a raise" was great!), and to really care about the human element in one of his old cases. He is all for investigating the case until a proper conclusion is reached, even though it's painful for him, as it means he made a mistake in solving the case the first time, and he needs to confront the family again and come clean about it. He does all that, escaping from the usual cliches of the genre, where the chief of the department is all about politics and career moves. It's refreshing and I like him much more now.

    Castle's mom delves deep into the secrets of online communities, which is actually very funny to watch. She meets her old highschool sweetheart and arranges a date with him. Wonder if he'll turn up in the next episodes! Also, there was another hint in this episode about the case with Beckett's mom. It's obvious by now she has come around and wishes to have that case solved. Castle understands that, but after pissing her off in the previous season to the point where she almost never talked to him again, he's not going to make the first move. I think the time is ripe now, for Beckett to reopen her mom's case and Castle to help her solve it.
  • Directed by "Number One" himself...

    Jonathan Frakes did a wonderful job with this episode, much as he did directing probably the best of the Star Trek movies (First Contact). He got a great story, the best out of each of the characters, and some really fast paced fun from his spot on the big foldy chair.

    This was actually one of the stronger stories from the entire series I thought, and once again, the evolution of all of the characters is just strengthened into one big irreplaceable family. Nice to see "Capt. Montgomery" with some substance to his role in this offering...

    But it was still classic "Castle" fun, and my favourite moment was the interview in the aunt's apartment when they all sat scrunched together on the couch, and having tea cups alternating with cats perched on their laps!

    They have found the magic on ABC!
  • Second best episode of the season.

    Probably the best written episode of the season, with enough twists to keep you guessing. This show just keeps getting better and better.

    One of the things I really like about this show, is how they approach telling loved ones of murder. They have a tenderness to it, I haven't seen in procedurals. Funny that this offbeat, humorous, character driven show, does that better than a lot of serious procedurals.

    I honestly don't get how this show is losing to other shows in the same genre. People need to watch this and find out, they are missing out on a real gem of a show.
  • When a bike messenger is killed for a package and then a convict who was having the package sent to Captain Montgomery is murdered in prison we are pointed toward a murder ten years before and a whole set of very wealthy suspects.

    Solid episode of Castle which really does an excellent job of bring Captain Montgomery played by Ruben Santiago-Hudson to the fore of this investigation.

    It seems a murder he solved ten years before when he was a detective was not so solved. The confession and the man in prison were a setup so that the prisoners son could be looked after.

    So Beckett, Castle, Montgomery, and crew must figure out what happened ten years before that caused the two men to get killed today.

    Some fascinating stuff comes out of this case as we get a body exhumed, follow a trail to a family, and the detectives are able to piece together what had occurred from records dated from a decade earlier.

    On a side note, Susan Sullivan who plays Martha Rodgers, Castle's mother is very good in some revealing scenes about her and some of her former life. The spotlight was not on Castle and Beckett as much in this episode but it was a nice change as some of the other actors got some good screen time. I have to admit I like the female ME played by Tamala Jones better than the one played by Arye Gross but he is a nice change of pace as well. Sort of super quirky!

    A very entertaining episode with a strained plot. Unfortunately you could guess a lot of what had happened before it was revealed. It was pretty well written though and the production was excellent as always. Thanks for reading...
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