Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 24, 2011 on ABC

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  • Best of Season

    The best episode of the season so far. The relationship between Castle & Beckett continues to grow plus I love the interactions between Ryan and Esponsito
  • Another good episode following the arc of Beckett's mother's case, evolving the motivation behind her character.

    Really good episode. The relationship between Castle and Beckett was developed more in this episode and showed the deep friendship as well and the flirting normally shown. Another good episode following the arc of Beckett's mother's case, evolving the motivation behind her character.
    On a tangent, I recently watched the last season of Buffy and instead of being creeped out by Caleb I was like 'There's Castle, what is he doing there?' It reminded me when I first started watching Castle it took a while for me to get used to him as the good guy! But over the series I completely forgot about the previous role.
  • Another great episode.

    After the Nikki Heat episode, the bar was set high from that point of the season on and the writers really did their jobs right.
    This episode had that dramatic feeling to it that comes with every time that Beckett's mom murder is mentioned. Castle, as usual, was always by her side helping her with whatever she needed from him. Stana and Nathan's chemistry is very good and it really showed here.
    The very expected kiss scene had that very tense point where Castle is the one that kisses Beckett first and then it had that very hilarious moment where Castle makes a comment about it. Ryan and Espedito's kidnapping showed us just how much they're ready to risk to protect their partnership and their loyalty to Beckett. High point of the episode for me, God only knows why, was the scene at the very beginning of the episode where Beckett goes to Castle's apartment and says to him that hey need to talk. Another great one is where Castle's mom and him talk about all that his putting at risk working with NYPD and he basically spills all of that we want to hear him say to Beckett. From the promo, on the next week's episode we will only get one little mention about this week's kiss. Let's see where this goes.
  • Definitley the best episode of the season so far. So many great moments, Castle just keeps getting better :)

    I started watching Castle because I thought it was a copy of Bones, but I was quickly set straight after watching the pilot, it's ridiculous how obsessed I've become with this show! Every episode I watch is somehow better than the last and this episode just takes the show to a new level of amazing. There is so much to love about this episode: Martha's concern for her son, Esposito and Ryan's bravery "It's too late the cops already know about last night with your mom." had me laughing hard then a second later on the edge of panic and almost crying when that guy said "Take out his knee cap." (see? Obsessed!) and who could forget that kiss? Booth and Brennan's (on Bones) kiss happened in season three too, but the chemistry and sexual tension between Beckett and Castle on ANY episode completely overpowers Bones. I don't even mind that it took three seasons for them (Beckett and Castle) to get to that one kiss, because to me that didn't seem like a long time. Honestly I couldn't care less about Bones anymore, Castle has already moved to number 1 as my favourite show. 
  • 313

    I had been hearing for weeks about how great this episode of Castle was going to be. It finally arrived and I have to say that it was just....okay.

    The opening was quite good. The shooting was shocking and seeing Kate Beckett smash the guy into the two-way mirror was a site to be seen, but it eventually turned into your usual episode of Castle, minus the laughs. You had Castle and Beckett doing research (not sure what it is so "epic" about that) and you had a disappointing conclusion in my book.

    One of the best Castle episodes for sure, but I have to say I was a little disappointed with the end result.
  • Always wanted to watch this show but its day/timeslot always conflicted with some other show. Caught the episode, Knockdown, and was pleasantly surprised.

    The story made reference to an arc aired on previous episodes. It involved the murder of Detective Beckett's mother, a case that was never solved. The retired detective who was the lead on the case, is killed, before Beckett and Castle can pick his brain for clues which would enable them to re-open it. This leaves Beckett with two murders to investigate.
    Apparently, the relationship between Beckett and Castle has evolved, so that the two are more than just "partners in crime." Before the end of the episode, the two have reason to share a rather passionate kiss, and I'm guessing this will have repurcussions in later episodes. I will continue to tune in, when possible, to see what develops.
  • This show never fails to make me happy with thecharacter development and chemistry between the characters.

    I keep watching this show and after the first season I was hooked in second season most of them I had watched and each time I thought it was getting better and better and I don't know I was getting to the point where I am still surprised and happy to find it is still getting better. In this eppisode we see the detective who was in charrge of Becket's mother's murder who is dying of cancer who is letting her into a secrete of what happened only to be killed by a sniper.

    In this eppisode you follow Becket, Castle, Ryan and Esposido in chasing down the killer of the investigating officer and find how this is tied to Becket's Mother's Death.
  • "Holy Cow, Batman!"

    This show is stellar. And its very cool how the writers and performers lull the viewer into this cozy little dramedy they have going and then, BAM, they hit you with Emmy-worthy!

    What a fabulous story line. The whole thing becomes deeper and uglier and closer to home than anyone could have imagined. And Beckett has put the fear of god into the man who put the fear of god into all the pawns in her mother's case. And you know what? She'll win too!

    And then Castle pulls out his chocolate badge and beats the bejeezuz out of this self-same bad guy, and, you know...methinks old Josh is histoire. Yesterday's news. Old hat. Ancient history. He can stay in Africa saving the world because, while it may take a bit of time to to pull the proverbial trigger, Beckett knows where and with whom she belongs.

    ...But don't let that sideline detract from the really amazing script with the same impact and drama of "Tick, Tick" and "Boom" of last season. Every character and its corresponding actor brought their A-game to this one.

    And if the Emmy panel does not start to appreciate the flexibility and adaptability and depth of this writing team and this cast, well...then...damn: We may just have to go all Castle on them!
  • WOW!

    This, I can't find words describe it, it was fabulous, definetely the best I have seen in weeks ( and not only from Castle). It was absolutely breathtaking. I thought it was qquite good to see that face of Beckett, she was so broke in one part of the episode ! The acting was Emmy-worthy !!! Nathan Fillion was particularly good in this episode, especially when he talks with Beckett in her appartment. Then there was the kiss. Sorry I mean THE KISS !!! It was so cute and it really felt real at the end. Oh I was sooo happy that "Doctor Motorcycle boy" wasn't here, he definetely can stay in Africa. Only one small negative point, I missed Lanie, she wasn't even there when Esposito was rescued.

    That's all folks! Now I'm going to re-watch the episode !
  • Kate Beckett Is Made of Awesome.

    I do believe I've mentioned it before, at least to pretty much everyone I know.
    But it bears repeating: Kate Beckett Is Made of Awesome.
    Now, the character manages the balancing act between asexual, married-to-work weirdo and super-sexy semi-slut that so many women in such roles end up as better than anyone I can think of at the moment.
    She's smart, sexy, charming, fun, brave, strong, and fiercely protective of "her" people.
    And yet she'll suddenly show us her vulnerable, lonely and tender side while making it all one cohesive whole, rather than a parade of traits.

    Tonights episode was a great Beckett-centric piece: We got more of the backstory on her mother's murder, more Kate-and-Rick goodness, and more "top dog" Beckett all at the same time.

    The clear grief, pain and anger when she's dealing with her mother's case, coupled with the hard-earned knowledge that she can't get TOO emotionally involved, was superbly done.
    Castle's steady brooding by her side was nicely done too - no funny quips, no forging ahead; just being the good sidekick she needs.

    And then the great moments just kept coming.
    Castle's talk with his mother, Castle and Beckett at her place, Ryan and Espocito being brave and standing up to the bad guys, Castle saving Kate's life, Beckett acknowledging Castle as her partner, not just a sidekick, and the final, Crowning Moment of Awesome:
    Beckett's little chat with the bad guy in prison. It just gave me chills - remind me never to get on her bad side!

    And that's not even mentioning The Kiss.
    Which was a Very Nice Kiss. And long. And maybe it ought to count as more than one kiss. Maybe we should just call it kissing.
    Good kissing. :D

    Now I'm just crossing my fingers they'll move ON with the romantic side of the storyline and not do a "this never happened" to it - because that would be Bad. >:(

    I adored Knockdown, really amazing show, every second is worth rewatching which I'm sure it will be over and over. Gotta be the best episode to date and Stana Katic has to start getting some decent recognition, its rediculous how talented that gal is.

    On a side note, I will not be returning to this site as I see there are idiots (perhaps playing politics) playing with the scoring. I am a fair person and can accept everyone has an opinion. But for Knockdown to be their best ep to date and be on 9.4 last I looked with over 100 votes and now has dropped to 8, shows that there is some sort of crap going on that I think is obvious child play. So thanks for the infor but I will find this info elsewhere from now on. As fans of a show like to look at the scoring and it helps judge whether watchers of the show enjoyed it before they watch, but how is the last 5 scores for this show resemble that, when you look at their past season.

    Bye everyone, come join if you want non political fan following and ratings.
  • The best plan for a needed kiss.

    Nothing better working the scenario to get a long awaited kiss out of Beckett. A great method to dispel some of the sexual tension between the two lead characters. One of the reasons this is one of the more enjoyable hours of TV viewing is reading the body language amongst all the characters.Just enough comic relief with Esposito and Ryan in a tenuous moment. This show beats six to eight hours of reality tv shows hands down. An other few steps to solving the reason why and who is responsible for Beckett's Mom. Great show as always. I wish they would post the music credits from the episode in the ending credits - is that asking for too much?
  • Incredible, fantastic, outstanding, wonderful I could go on and on...

    And I'm not just talking about the kiss, which I felt was a brilliant tactical play to knock out that guard and seriously made my morning, I'm talking about the episode as a whole. Throughout the whole series Beckett's mothers murder has always been a key center-point, and every episode based around it has been excellent, this one might have been the best. We got great emotion from Beckett as we always do, from losing her cool in the beginning against that drug lord (the actor who played him was brilliant by the way) to how calm she acted at the end of the episode talking to "Hal Lockwood" it really showed development of her character. Next of course we discovered Castle's real motives behind why he continues to help Beckett, and we see how their partnership has grown, including Beckett seeing him as her partner rather than a "plucky sidekick." Ryan and Esposito were excellent as well, showing their wit during the interrogation with Hal, (even though they needed to get bailed out by Castle and Beckett). Overall this was by far the best episode of the season and I'm looking forward to finding out what happens next, as I always am.
  • Beckett gets a new lead on her mother's murder, but when a would-be informant is killed, the team ends up working two cases at once.

    Best Castle episode EVER!! Castle gets a taste of what means to be a real cop: getting shot at, getting in a fight with a bad guy, and even getting one step closer to actually getting somewhere with Beckett. This episode was movie quality all the way. With the storyline being connected to Beckett's mother's murder mystery, the writer, derector and actors went all out and it showed! Captain Montgomery kicks Beckett off a case, Ryan and Esposito get to take the lead in the case, which leaves Castle and Ryan free to continue investigating the dead informant's info about her mother's death. This is one episode of Castle that no one should miss! The only thing I saw missing was that Castle's daughter Alexis had no scenes in this episode. However, fans of the tv show Bones first season will be happy to see Jonathan Adams guest appearance as Vulcan Simmons. I was sure that Castle would make a Star Trek joke because the character's name but it never happened. Overall, this episode is definitely "must-see tv."
  • Another great episode of Castle!

    My anticipations for this episode were high, but they were met in almost every way. I especially loved Kate Beckett in this episode, her raw emotion when she threw Vulcan Simmons in a window, her soft "Okay" when Castle wouldn't be cast from her side and her overall interactions with Castle. I find myself a fan of her character yet again.

    One of my favorite scenes of this episode was strangely enough the one where Pulgatti tells Beckett she looks so much like her mother and that Johanna Beckett didn't care he was a thug, all she cared about was the truth. It reminded me of another great scene between Jim Beckett and Kate in season two, where he told her the truth was still her weapon to wield. This scene tells us that Johanna Beckett wasn't just a lawyer, she was a good person and like Kate she worked for the truth. Kate might not be a lawyer like her mom, but she followed in her mother's footsteps nonetheless.

    When I saw the kiss I was not disappointed. There was just too much emotion there, for either of them to be faking it. I think that especially the second kiss was real. But I can't help to wonder why writers seem to think it is important to drag out the main couple's romance as long as possible. It didn't work with Bones. They took so long I simply don't care anymore if Booth and Brennan become a couple, Booth can stay with his Hannah for all I care. They made it so it would even be illogical if they ever did get together. It did work for Smallville, the episodes where Lois and Clark are together are some of the most popular ones in the series, of course this is the last season of Smallville (maybe this wasn't the best argument). Would it really be so bad if the main couple gets more romance? There could still be sexual tension, only they would act more upon it, there could still be interesting murder cases, funny one-liners and good interaction between the characters. In their own books of Nikki Heat they develop the romance much further between Nikki and Rook and it works. So, excellent writers of Castle, I hope you will consider this and dare to take at least one major step forward in their relationship and see what happens. It would be something else and I, for one, would be very interested to see it.
  • Better, and better, and better.

    This show this season has jumped from somewhere in my top 10 shows to my second most favorite. This episode is the reason why. Castle continues to get better and better and the reason is because of the character development. When the character development is strong, the episode itself can and will take care of itself. Flash Forward is a prime example. A good plot, but no character development and when the writers finally got around to figuring out the characters, well, it was too late. The relationship between Kate and Castle never gets old. You can feel the sexual tension between them, but (thank you writers) something happens and we the audience is kept hanging, (thanks again writers). Then there's the supporting cast: mom, Alexis, Esposito, Ryan, and the captain, and all their little quirks, well they are what makes this show awesome. I usually record every show on tape so I can rewatch it, but I missed it this week and instead it was recorded on TiVo. I guess it's not going to leave my TiVo recordings anytime soon, like maybe when I purchase this season on DVD next season. I would have given it a 10 but I've never given a show a 10, but the show Castle is a 10. The kiss tonight was incredible, a lot more was said by that kiss then anything else that has happened in this show. It's about time the kiss happened. I cannot wait till next week.