Season 3 Episode 24


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 16, 2011 on ABC
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A manhunt is launched for professional hitman, Hal Lockwood, after he escapes during a court hearing. Lockwood possesses information about the murder of Beckett's mother. As the hunt proceeds, Castle and the team find there's someone with connections to law enforcement who's linked both to the death of Johanna Beckett and to Lockwood's escape. The season finale leads to a highly emotional and deadly conclusion with the search for Lockwood and his co-conspirator.


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  • Knockout

    Max Martini did another great job as Lockwood here tonight and I would say that it even borders on Emmy-worthy, although I doubt the Academy will give this show any recognition ever.

    The episode was good, definitely one of the season's best, but I still think this show struggles to deliver that blowaway episode. There really has never been a Castle that has shocked me and really had me go "wow." Killing off the annoying Captain did not do it for me, although that was a welcome event.

    The show is coming back and while I expect Castle and Beckett to get closer next season, I don't expect them to start a relationship now, or possibly ever. Nice little moment with them after the shot I guess though.moreless
  • "Castle" sure knows how to leave you on a cliffhanger.

    One thing is sure about the season three finale of "Castle" … they sure know how to leave you hanging on the edge of your seat all summer with a fantastic cliffhanger.

    A lot of TV watchers don't like cliffhangers, in fact some absolute hate them … not me. Cliffhangers make for amazing endings and they do what they're intended to do, bring you back in the fall.

    As any fan of "Castle" knows the ABC drama has been following the storyline of New York detective Kate Beckett (played by Stana Katic) trying to figure out who murdered her mother when she was a kid. This episode goes a long way in telling us the viewer how this happened. Prior to this episode we knew that there were three cops involved in a murder that eventually led to the murder of Beckett's mom. We knew who two of the three cops were, but there was a mystery cop. This is where one of the big shockers from the finale comes into play. The third cop was … wait for it … Captain Montgomery (played by Ruben Santiago-Hudson), Beckett's boss and friend. In the end, Capt. Montgomery has two choices he can either lead Beckett into a trap to be killed by hitman, because she's getting too close to finding out the truth, or he can sacrifice himself to save her life. In the end, he sacrifices his life. Beckett tries to stop him, but Montgomery makes sure that writer (and show's namesake) Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion) is there to whisk her away from the danger.

    If the loss of one of the show's main characters wasn't enough for the finale, there was another shocker in store at the finale's end when while giving the eulogy at Capt. Montgomery's funeral, Beckett is shot by a sniper and lies bleeding (dying?) in Castle's arms … as he finally tells her that he loves her.

    Well, fans, we know that the show isn't killing Beckett off … hell, at times this season it almost seemed like the show should be named "Beckett," or at least "Castle & Beckett," instead of "Castle" because it almost starred Katic so much. It'll be interesting in season four to see how the continuing relationship between Castle and Beckett matures and to see where the storyline goes with the murder of Beckett's mom.moreless
  • An outstanding finale that ups the level of story telling for cop dramas.

    By the very first second the finale of Castle pulls you along a dramatic scenario that keeps on making terrific turns. The case of Beckett's mother is strong and complicated enough to keep your attention but simple and suffice enough to complete within an hour. The portrayal of the bad guy is done fantastic and as the episode progresses you fear for Beckett's life. A fear that turns out to be just.

    The shocking, integral twists make the story far better. The relationship of the two leads plays well on the background and compliments the bigger story instead of distracting from it. All-in all the episode is very well set up, told and executed. An hour of great drama, sensation and intrigue that captivates you and surprises you.

    Very well done.moreless
  • Pretty good. Spoilers Ahead.

    It was GOOD...there was one thing I hate it...but the rest it was GOOD.

    I knew Montgomery was going to bite the dust!. Or at least leave the show...he was getting more screentime in the last few was fairly obvious he was going to left the show.

    From the beggining of the episode I knew Montgomery was the third cop...there was a shot done by the director, when everybody was talking in front of the blackboard, the director leave the entire team in the background and did a closeup of Montgomery...Never the show did It has to mean something, and they were talking about the third cop, and you could see right into Montgomery eyes...he WAS the third cop.

    So, the revelation later on the episode didn't surprise me, but the teams reaction were awesome. And he shooting everybody was awesome too. RIP Montgomery.

    The one thing I just hated it...was the Cliffhanger. I mean, come on!. Getting the main star get shot or almost blown up ( tick tick tick and the second part ) it's not a cliffhanger at all. Yes, you are thinking "How will she survive?" at least in tick tick tick...but in here getting shot as a cliffhanger was awful...BUT, it WAS NECESSARY for the show. Castle finally open his hearth to only took a bullet in the chest, but confesed his love for her. And we know Becketts feelings for Castle...and her relationship with Motorcicle Doctor is not going well, and she'll break up with him for sure, so I guess they will get together next season. I hope the writters can write the relationship in a way they don't ruin Castle and Beckett's dinamyc. If they change the way C & B work together the show might die and that would be bad =(.

    Writting this I realized that the cliffhanger wasn't Beckett getting shot, It was Castle and Beckett love for eachother and how will it develop...if they're going out in the future or what...or if she even heard him. THat was the cliffhanger. But it would have been nice if somebody else was shot too...I mean Beckett won't die, but Ryan or Esposito might...or someone close to Castle.

    OK...if Alexis leaves the show or isn't as much as before I will be pissed.

    With Montgomery out ( RIP ), who will be the next Captain?. Nobody of the regulars...the only one that can be Captain is Beckett, but that isn't fun. All I know, whoever the next Captain is I don't think it will be as good to Castle as Montgomery there could be trouble in the future.

    I don't know what the hell im saying was a good finale.moreless
  • WHAT!?! Holy Bat Masters, Batman! Epic Episode.

    What an episode! Everything goes down. I've been impressed. For so long Castle has stayed inside the box (Murder, Red Herring, Red Herring, Killer, solved) Granted, it was always so funny and enjoyable how they got from the beginning of an episode to the end, that it was worth the trip. But when they go outside the box, they DO NOT fool around! And those episodes are fantastic. I hope they learn from this that it's very O.K. to go outside the box more often.

    The worst thing is now I've got to wait till next season for this to resolve. FOUL! That is completely unfair. I'm calling my congressman.moreless
Max Martini

Max Martini

Hal Lockwood

Guest Star

Brian Goodman

Brian Goodman

Gary McCallister

Guest Star

Matt McTighe

Matt McTighe

Chuck Ryker

Guest Star

Scott Paulin

Scott Paulin

Jim Beckett

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are all wearing patrolman shields during the funeral scene. They should be wearing their gold detective shields.

    • Goof: The U.S. flag draped over Captain Montgomery's casket is placed incorrectly. When the flag is used to cover a casket, it should be placed so that the union (blue field of stars) is at the head and over the left shoulder of the deceased.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Glass shatters)
      Martha: Oh, my God. What the hell's going on here?
      Castle: Nothing. I'm sorry. Go back to bed.
      Martha: There's only one person on the planet that can get you this pissed off.
      Castle: (sighs) She's going to get herself killed.
      Martha: She's a grown woman. She's a homicide detective, for God's sakes. It's her job. It's her life.
      Castle: If anything happens to her… it.
      Martha: Go on.
      Castle: (struggles to find the words) I uh…
      Martha: Oh, Richard, Richard. For a man who makes his living with words, you sure have a hell of a time finding them when it counts. (Holds his hands) Darling… Let me give you a word of advice, all right, from someone who's better than halfway through the movie. Don't waste another minute of it!

    • Beckett: Yeah, well, last time I checked, it was my life, not your personal jungle gym. And for the past three years, I've been running around with the school's funniest kid and it's not enough.

    • Castle: (After gunshot) Kate! No Kate... Ssh. Kate please. Stay with me Kate. Don't leave me, please. Stay with me okay? Kate... I love you. I love you, Kate.

    • Capt. Montgomery: I could've kicked Castle to the curb years ago... anytime I wanted to. Only reason I kept him around this long was because I saw how good he was for you. Kate, you're the best that I've ever trained, maybe the best I've ever seen. But you weren't having any fun before he came along. We speak for the dead. That's the job. We are all they've got once the wicked rob them of their voices. We owe them that. But we don't owe 'em our lives.

    • Castle: You know what? This isn't about your mother's case anymore. This is about you needing a place to hide, because you've been chasing this thing so long, you're afraid to find out who you are without it.
      Beckett: You don't know me, Castle. You think you do, but you don't.
      Castle: I know you crawled inside your mother's murder and didn't come out. I know you hide there the same way you hide in these nowhere relationships with men you don't love. You could be happy, Kate. You deserve to be happy. But you're afraid.
      Beckett: You know what we are, Castle? We are over.

    • Capt. Montgomery: It was there in her eyes, man, and I thought... with this kid's tenacity and some training, I mean, she'd make a hell of a homicide.
      Castle: That tenacity is gonna get her killed.
      Capt. Montgomery: I cannot... make Beckett stand down, Castle. I never could, and the way I figure, the only one who can... is you.

    • Alexis: (about Beckett) I can't imagine what it must be like for her...solving murders and bringing closure to all those families, but never to herself.
      Castle: It's easier in my books. The just are rewarded, the wicked are punished. Unfortunately, real life isn't that easy.

    • Beckett: What about you, Rick?
      Castle: Of course I don't want anything to happen to you. I am your partner, your friend...
      Beckett: Is that what we are?
      Castle: Alright, I don't know what we are. We kiss, and then we never talk about it. We nearly die, frozen in each other's arms but we never talk about it. So I got no clue of what we are. I know I don't want to see you throw your life away.

    • Jim Beckett: She cares about you, Rick. And unless you're a lot dumber than you look, I know you care about her.

    • Beckett: (eulogy for Capt.Montgomery) Roy Montgomery taught me what it meant to be a cop. He taught me that we are bound by our choices. But we are more than our mistakes. Captain Montgomery once said to me for us there are no victory; there are only battles. And in the end the best you can hope for is to find a place to make your stand. And if you're very lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Featured Music:
      "Fire On The Rooftop" by Uncle Lucius

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 16, 2011 on CTV
      United Kingdom: August 10, 2011 on Alibi
      Australia: September 4, 2011 on Channel 7
      Germany: November 18, 2011 on Kabel 1
      Czech Republic: June 27, 2012 on Prima family
      Slovakia: February 27, 2013 on JOJ