Season 3 Episode 24


Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 16, 2011 on ABC

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  • Pretty good. Spoilers Ahead.

    It was GOOD...there was one thing I hate it...but the rest it was GOOD.

    I knew Montgomery was going to bite the dust!. Or at least leave the show...he was getting more screentime in the last few was fairly obvious he was going to left the show.

    From the beggining of the episode I knew Montgomery was the third cop...there was a shot done by the director, when everybody was talking in front of the blackboard, the director leave the entire team in the background and did a closeup of Montgomery...Never the show did It has to mean something, and they were talking about the third cop, and you could see right into Montgomery eyes...he WAS the third cop.
    So, the revelation later on the episode didn't surprise me, but the teams reaction were awesome. And he shooting everybody was awesome too. RIP Montgomery.

    The one thing I just hated it...was the Cliffhanger. I mean, come on!. Getting the main star get shot or almost blown up ( tick tick tick and the second part ) it's not a cliffhanger at all. Yes, you are thinking "How will she survive?" at least in tick tick tick...but in here getting shot as a cliffhanger was awful...BUT, it WAS NECESSARY for the show. Castle finally open his hearth to only took a bullet in the chest, but confesed his love for her. And we know Becketts feelings for Castle...and her relationship with Motorcicle Doctor is not going well, and she'll break up with him for sure, so I guess they will get together next season. I hope the writters can write the relationship in a way they don't ruin Castle and Beckett's dinamyc. If they change the way C & B work together the show might die and that would be bad =(.

    Writting this I realized that the cliffhanger wasn't Beckett getting shot, It was Castle and Beckett love for eachother and how will it develop...if they're going out in the future or what...or if she even heard him. THat was the cliffhanger. But it would have been nice if somebody else was shot too...I mean Beckett won't die, but Ryan or Esposito might...or someone close to Castle.

    OK...if Alexis leaves the show or isn't as much as before I will be pissed.

    With Montgomery out ( RIP ), who will be the next Captain?. Nobody of the regulars...the only one that can be Captain is Beckett, but that isn't fun. All I know, whoever the next Captain is I don't think it will be as good to Castle as Montgomery there could be trouble in the future.

    I don't know what the hell im saying was a good finale.
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