Season 6 Episode 21

Law & Boarder

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2014 on ABC



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    • Castle: Any extreme sports in your history I've yet to hear about?
      Beckett: Well, I mean, I think catching killers is pretty extreme. And then there's marrying you.
      Castle: Ah, yes. I admit I am extreme. Extremely handsome.
      Beckett: Yep... with a high degree of difficulty.

    • Alexis: (to Beckett) Oh, my gosh. Did you really beat dad at scrabble?
      Castle: I concede nothing, except that I need more coffee.
      Martha: That is quite an accomplishment, young lady. Nobody beats him... ever.
      Beckett: Oh, yeah. He's mentioned that... repeatedly.
      Martha: Ahh, how the mighty have fallen.
      Castle: "Richard Castle. One word short." I cannot allow this to be my epitaph.

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