Season 3 Episode 19

Law & Murder

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 28, 2011 on ABC

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  • A fun one.

    Sooo while I thought Castle was a bit overreacting because Alexis lied, but when he asked about Brooklyn she starts going off at him like he's extremely guilty and I get invasion of privacy but he's still her dad! And I guess that's the problem of raising a kid where you want to be the cool dad, a friend. I'd rather have my parents track my gps on my phone, and know that I was somewhere else when I lied, in case something happened to me.. opposed to them just ignore everything I was doing, especially if I lied.

    And her lying is pathetic. She tells her dad off for not trusting her, when she couldn't even tell him the truth. BUT I suppose I would lose it myself if I actually knew I was being tracked. So it's kind of hard to take a side, but I don't think Castle deserves to feel bad for what he did. And, BUT, I was glad she came around, and I wouldn't have deleted the app, but I would promise only to use it in certain situations because when something really happens I'd want to track the phone! I thought Alexis going back to pay was good of her though, she has crap friends though! Peer pressuring, bullying, stealing... seriously. You're a good enough person to know better. And it IS that simple, I've done high school and Uni now, it is that simple I'm sorry.

    Fun episode though, I liked the twists and who did what. Sure maybe it's obvious to some people, but it's how you get there!

    While I understood where the DA was coming from, I'm glad this show didn't do anything drama-y and let it slide, justice is justice. But I was kinda glad, he was a dick. You threaten cops etc when you KNOW what's going on. Why draw attention to yourself.

    Seriously, being a bartender at a place and the place having a silent partner... hardly means they knew each other! I mean it's a strong link, but still.. I don't know every owner of a company, I worked in a shop that rented the place, I wouldn't even know who those owners are after 3 years..

    Go Roy for not folding! I liked him going up against a DA and turning down commissioner.

    I loved Castle at the end getting excited about Kate knowing what Forbidden Planet is and pretending not to know
  • Captain Roy Montgomery

    So FINALLY we get to see the Captain !!!!

    Normally I am not really interested in the case, more in the Castle-Beckett scenes and Castle-Martha-Alexis scenes but this one really caught my attention :) Even if it was kind of twisted I found out who the killer was the second I saw Layla's brother, however it still was an excellent episode we some Casckett-y goodness at the end, I can't believe Beckett is a Sci-Fi lover :D
    I also love to see daddy Castle even if his reaction ( tracking Alexis' phone) was definetely excessive ! Still the last scene between the father and the daughter was awesomely cute and I hope we will get some more Molly Quinn in the next episodes.

    Great episode!!!
  • 3/25

    "Law and Murder" the latest episode of Castle features a pretty dull storyline, if I had to be honest. The episode was quirky, it was fun and engaging, but the storyline itself was admittedly pretty dull. And what made it worse was how political the show got, with the DA trying to suggest that putting a man away for a crime he did not commit because he committed others was fair and just. I am not saying that notion is entirely untrue or that it does not actually happen, but Castle should not let their opinion on that issue cover the broadcast.

    I did like Wick from Seinfeld popping up as said villain though. Okay episode, but nothing to write home about.
  • He Fought the Law, and the Law Won

    I'm kind of surprised that this episode is only rated a 8.4 I thought that this episode was one of Castle's best! It had everything, good acting, great writting, twist, and unexpected turns, and the conflict between good and evil all shoved into 43 minutes and 9 seconds.

    I only saw the ending coming, because I really really didn't like Lila's brother. I don't know why he just seemed like a jerk, and probably a brat.

    I thought the episode was a fairly clever idea for a crime show (and I've seen amost every crime show episode since 2000) A great episode, and will definetly one day be a Castle Classic.