Season 1 Episode 9

Little Girl Lost

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • Predictable and sad

    Not bad, but not great. Predictable romantic triangle. Predictable plot. Sad. So unkind. I did like seeing Bailey Chase, the deputy from Longmire (great show). I always love Martha. Her coaching Martha-isms work for me! White rabbit scenes were good, too. I really dig a strong father-daughter relationship, as with Castle and Alexis.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Entertaining triangular but predictable investigation, some cultural references and inspiring life coach, unexploited character, rushed ending and disjointed episodes

    There was nothing original about the investigation, a kidnapped little girl, but I thought the collision between Castle and Beckett's ex-boyfriend could be interesting. Their rotating triangle was entertaining to watch but I think the relationship between our two favorite detectives wasn't developed enough to make us care about what could happen between Beckett and her ex. Their story wasn't even surprising even if I'm sure some people should be able to relate to them. Moreover the awkward situations and dialogs weren't as funny as before and I can't even remember laughing. Only Martha got my heart again and I also liked Alexis explicit reference to Lewis Carroll's work and The Matrix. However Castle's deductions are easily predictable considering they mostly happen when he's with his mother or daughter. I think the writers should found more creative ways for these sparkling moments. About Martha what she said about mistakes and wisdom was inspiring, that they are its building blocks. So between two jokes we also learned a few things about becoming our own life coach.

    But even if the story itself was nearly stereotyped, like the Nanny McDead episode one for example, I admit that the ambiance was intense at times. However I think the writers should have focused more on the father because his profile had potential, a failed painter. Also like in Home is Where the Heart Stops, the 7th episode, the end was rushed and I almost thought I blacked out for a few minutes. I also would have much appreciated an unexpected ending for once because the very first minutes I knew how it would end. An other disappointing element was that the characters never mention past events. It's like the episodes weren't link so it prevents the viewers from really caring for Castle and Beckett. It's apparently specific to the show because other procedural productions like CSI: NY better handle such an episodic format. The references to Castle's career as a successful novelist are also far too anecdotic. One at the beginning, an other at the end. What about mixing his fiction to his real investigations with Beckett ? She could be his character Nikki Heat in his mind at times for example. He could fantasize about her and that would lead to some surreal and hilarious moments.
  • little girl goes missing, FBI turn up,

    This is my firt post so bear with me.
    Good episode with the characters interacting well. some decent adult humour and fine ending. Castle solving the crime with a little help from the Lee Child Book 'The Hard Way'. As a crime writer I suppose he would keep up with the other writers of the genre (be good if Lee guest starred in the poker game). I think a pure Martha Episode ould be great, she lights up the screen when on and the interaction between her a castle is a gem. We are only on series 1 over in England and looking forward to the next series. I make a real effort no to look at the future reviews.
  • Best Script and Episode Yet!!!! SAVE CASTLE!!!!!

    I liked the emotional aspects of this episode. Castle is becoming deeper involved with Kate and how she ticks. Kate meets up with an ex-boyfriend who remembers everything about how she ticks. The memories of a former case haunt Kate and parental fears of a missing child shake Castle. The plot gave you enough possibilities to make you wonder and the discovery of the missing bunny would be something only a parent would recognize. The twist of a mother hating so much that she was willing to kidnap her own child was interesting. Again we see the wonderful glimpses of Castle's connection to Alexa but not enough Martha.
  • Best episode yet – great story and jealousy makes the relationship between Castle and Beckett heat up.

    And the 'father of the year' award goes to… the guy who leaves his two year old daughter unattended while he paints in another room while listening to his I-Pod! You don't ever leave a young child unattended, she could have choked on her cereal, hurt herself, any number of possibilities, including the kidnapping. If I was his wife, I would have ripped his throat out.

    Sorensen doesn't know Castle so doesn't understand why Beckett lets him question the family. It's the same reason the captain called Castle in the first place, because he's creative and thinks outside the box. He often comes up with things no-one else thinks of or noticed. Beckett pushes him away for several reasons – because of her complicated history with Sorensen, not wanting to appear to be favoring Castle who is not a cop and those presence is difficult to understand by an outsider. By pushing him away, she also handicaps herself because Castle has shown since their first encounters that he stimulates her and that he makes a superb partner for her. He makes her a better cop. His whole Yin/Yang comparison was right on the money.

    Beckett finds herself caught between her ex and Castle, who naturally start tangling over her but Castle shows just how sweet he is by backing off when she asks it but also lets her know she can call him to talk. We've always known that under that wise-cracking exterior that Castle has a very warm, sensitive heart but we also know that his feelings for Beckett are far more than professional. This playboy has meet his ideal match. It goes beyond attraction, their rough edges fit perfectly together, it's why they make such a great team. Castle has calmly accepted this (have we seen him with another woman since he met her?) whereas Beckett is fighting it, no doubt protecting herself from a man she sees as a serial womanizer. Yet she sees his best qualities – loving son and father, smart, deep, funny and sweet. As if we had any doubt, she actually tried to explain the kiss to Castle! Let's face it, history or not, Sorensen doesn't stand a chance. She certainly scored a solid hit with Castle when she announced she had a date, he looked horrified! Always keep 'em guessing!

    The kidnappers are smart, the whole backpack thing was very good. Castle proves his worth yet again by slipping the kidnapper's cellphone into the back, allowing them to track the phone.

    Gotta admit, I thought it was the father. The truth was so much better and the actress was absolutely superb. Very strongly written and so compelling. If I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict her.

    - Castle doesn't know who his father is!
    - Beckett once stood in line for an hour to get Castle to sign one of his books and his books got her through her mother's death.

    The strongest episode yet – excellent story, great guest stars and best of all, serious character development between Castle and Beckett, as well as opening a whole can of worms about their relationship.
  • Another hugely entertaining episode from Castle, which in my opinion is proving its worth with each new installment.

    Another hugely entertaining episode from Castle, which in my opinion is proving its worth with each new installment. I really do hope the network realizes that and doesn't cancel it.

    The case is about a little girl who has been suddenly abducted from her home. Her father is a painter and he proves to be a negligent parent, since he is working while listening to his i-pod, leaving his daughter in another room to watch TV. He only notices she went missing after a while. Since the case isn't technically a homicide it is outside Beckett's jurisdiction, but she gets called in for the case by the FBI agent in charge, who (not so coincidentally) happens to be her ex-boyfriend. So as expected there is competition between him and Castle. Castle is clearly interested in Kate and I think that if in the previous episodes he was only flirting with her and we kind of got the impression he hadn't really made up his mind, his behaviour in this episode confirms he is seriously interested. Ellers (the FBI agent) also tries to win Kate back, but it seems like a done deal for her. The whole interaction between the two men is very entertaining, as they're both smart interesting people, and they come up with great lines to throw at eachother. But I was glad Kate didn't get back with Ellers, she and Castle are great together.

    The case is solved when Castle notices what initially seems like an insignificant detail, and it is revealed that the painter's wife had arranged the "kidnapping" with her sister, in order to pay the ransom money to herself and then sue her husband for negligence and get a divorce in her favour. It seems cruel and ruthless at first but then she has her say and you get to see her side of the story. She was extremely tired for having to work long hours to support the family, and didn't want to pay alimony to her husband and lose custody of her child, as she didn't think the husband was fit to take care of her. "How can you hate me so much?" he says to her and she replies "You made it easy". So in the end it's just two very different people finding themselves on completely opposite sides, and it's hard to judge any of them. The husband did what he thought was his calling, but in the process his wife felt she was taken advantage of.
  • An episode with a love triangle. (Spoilers)

    Yet another superb episode of Castle, continuing the humor and mystery of this great show. Nathan Fillion continues to impress as Richard Castle, while Stana Katic also does a fantastic job as Detective Beckett. I like how these two actors communicate on screen. They're really good at showing how these two characters get along, and that they continue to show a hint of romance with every episode. Beckett's ex-boyfriend was a pretty good character, but I would definitely prefer it if Beckett got together with Castle instead of him. Overall though, I give this episode, Little Girl Lost, a 9 out of 10.
  • This episode takes a little different direction when a young girl is abducted and Beckett is called in to assist on the case by the ranking FBI Agent. She dated him for six months in the past and he left her and now is trying to get back in her life.

    Firstly I would say there was very little to no chemistry between Agent Ellers and Beckett. I think Castle was quite good at showing that he was bothered by the situation and Ellers was obviously bothered by her infatuation with Castle. It was interesting to find out that she had stood in line for over a hour to get Castle's autograph on one of her books and Castle's books actually help her get through her mothers death. This kidnapping situation made for some interesting development for the characters especially Beckett.

    Castle has written 24 books! That is a huge number for a fiction writer and you would have to say he would be a pretty major talent. I believe this makes his insights all the more dependable. Usually when you have to think about things from a writing standpoint you have to look at many different scenarios and how the characters would react.

    This time his mother had some deep insight which trigger some ideas about the case they were working on. I suspected the sister the first time they met with her, but the fact that the wife was involved was a nice twist. After all those years you do have to wonder how she could hate her husband so much and never have shown it to him. Both parents did act a little weird during the whole case and you had to suspect something was wrong.

    Great lines. Beckett, "She's naked!" (Her book character alter ego on the cover of Castle's next book.) Castle, "She's holding a gun strategically,"

    This was a very good episode of a great show. I really do hope that we will have another season of this show. Thanks for reading...