Season 1 Episode 9

Little Girl Lost

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 04, 2009 on ABC

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  • Best episode yet – great story and jealousy makes the relationship between Castle and Beckett heat up.

    And the 'father of the year' award goes to… the guy who leaves his two year old daughter unattended while he paints in another room while listening to his I-Pod! You don't ever leave a young child unattended, she could have choked on her cereal, hurt herself, any number of possibilities, including the kidnapping. If I was his wife, I would have ripped his throat out.

    Sorensen doesn't know Castle so doesn't understand why Beckett lets him question the family. It's the same reason the captain called Castle in the first place, because he's creative and thinks outside the box. He often comes up with things no-one else thinks of or noticed. Beckett pushes him away for several reasons – because of her complicated history with Sorensen, not wanting to appear to be favoring Castle who is not a cop and those presence is difficult to understand by an outsider. By pushing him away, she also handicaps herself because Castle has shown since their first encounters that he stimulates her and that he makes a superb partner for her. He makes her a better cop. His whole Yin/Yang comparison was right on the money.

    Beckett finds herself caught between her ex and Castle, who naturally start tangling over her but Castle shows just how sweet he is by backing off when she asks it but also lets her know she can call him to talk. We've always known that under that wise-cracking exterior that Castle has a very warm, sensitive heart but we also know that his feelings for Beckett are far more than professional. This playboy has meet his ideal match. It goes beyond attraction, their rough edges fit perfectly together, it's why they make such a great team. Castle has calmly accepted this (have we seen him with another woman since he met her?) whereas Beckett is fighting it, no doubt protecting herself from a man she sees as a serial womanizer. Yet she sees his best qualities – loving son and father, smart, deep, funny and sweet. As if we had any doubt, she actually tried to explain the kiss to Castle! Let's face it, history or not, Sorensen doesn't stand a chance. She certainly scored a solid hit with Castle when she announced she had a date, he looked horrified! Always keep 'em guessing!

    The kidnappers are smart, the whole backpack thing was very good. Castle proves his worth yet again by slipping the kidnapper's cellphone into the back, allowing them to track the phone.

    Gotta admit, I thought it was the father. The truth was so much better and the actress was absolutely superb. Very strongly written and so compelling. If I was on the jury, I wouldn't convict her.

    - Castle doesn't know who his father is!
    - Beckett once stood in line for an hour to get Castle to sign one of his books and his books got her through her mother's death.

    The strongest episode yet – excellent story, great guest stars and best of all, serious character development between Castle and Beckett, as well as opening a whole can of worms about their relationship.