Season 3 Episode 14

Lucky Stiff

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on ABC

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  • Murder mystery Castle grade awesome. Character development...heartwarming sweetness.

    Yet another classic Castle episode, so for this reason I won't dedicate this review to the murder mystery aspect of the episode. I will instead focus on the question that Castle badgered Beckett with until it culminated in that heartwarming and squeal worthy last scene.

    The entire episode Castle asked of Beckett what she would do if she won the lottery, and for the entire episode she dodged the question with a coy smile. Yet at the very end Castle gets it, which showed how much he's come to know her. And after a tense answer after the scholarship proposal, we see her open up to him.

    Now I don't know about the rest of the audience but in the past, their relationship's glacial progress was almost painful. Yet with every serious episode they jumped in levels of comfort and intimacy, and with the most recent serious episode it seems that the writer are really pushing towards the two of them finally...going somewhere with their feelings.

    can't wait for the next episode.
  • I thought Beckett was going to hand castle his head there..

    8.0 the end. For just a moment, and then in true Beckett form, she smiled an accepted her own personal lottery winnings, in the form of Castle himself! As for Castle: our little boy IS growing up! And nicely too, don't you think?!

    I'm glad the butler didn't do it. That would have been just way too cliche, even for Castle. But didn't "junior", the real bad guy, go from harmless loser-stoner to serious sociopath-stoner by episode's end? **shudder**

    And it was also heart-warming to see Martha go not-too-altruistic on us with her own lottery Nice to see her do something useful with the dough, but nice that a good portion of the diva remained!

    And so, what would I do if I won $117 million dollars? To start, I'd hire someone to type these blurbs on for me...
  • 2/7

    I started watching Castle earlier in the season after being hesitant toward picking it up, but some of the episodes are just average in my eyes, and this was one of them. A very loosely-thrown together plot here (a rich guy shows up dead, various suspects emerge) and the butler jokes got tiring after awhile. I felt as if Castle was trying to be too Tony DiNozzo in this episode, for those that get that reference. I did not like Beckett going under cover at the club either. Way, way too cliched in my mind to pull that.

    Still, the ending did catch me a bit off guard here tonight, and overall it wasn't bad. Just not one of the better episodes of the season.
  • Another great episode.

    After 'Knockdown' I thought that the writers would have to pull something right out of their a***s. This was a great and very consistent episode, it was full of most of the things that we love about this show. Castle and Beckett's chemistry is getting better than it already was at the beginning of the show, Esposito thinking that nobody knew about his fling with Lana. It also had one of the things that I like the most about Castle: his relationship with his mother and daughter, this week particularly with his mother. The case in it of itself was very good, although we've seen better on the show. And how sweet was the ending with Castle going to Beckett's apartment telling her what he would do to honor her mother's name. Again, it was a very good episode indeed.
  • Somehow they even surprised me with the twist at the end!

    Normally I would be able to predict the ending which though it doesn't make the show any less in my opinion, it can get a little boring now and again. So being surprised was a twist in of itself. That Castle would set up the fund clearly shows his feelings for Beckett, though for a moment I was worried she would have a go at him for interfering – again! A good use for the profits from the Nikki Heat novels, and a nice way to pay back Beckett for having to deal with Castle every day.
    And the show did explore the various aspects of what others might do with a big win, it does make one wonder, and it also shows the downsides. The guilt and changes it makes to a person's personality.
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