Season 3 Episode 14

Lucky Stiff

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on ABC

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  • I thought Beckett was going to hand castle his head there..

    8.0 the end. For just a moment, and then in true Beckett form, she smiled an accepted her own personal lottery winnings, in the form of Castle himself! As for Castle: our little boy IS growing up! And nicely too, don't you think?!

    I'm glad the butler didn't do it. That would have been just way too cliche, even for Castle. But didn't "junior", the real bad guy, go from harmless loser-stoner to serious sociopath-stoner by episode's end? **shudder**

    And it was also heart-warming to see Martha go not-too-altruistic on us with her own lottery Nice to see her do something useful with the dough, but nice that a good portion of the diva remained!

    And so, what would I do if I won $117 million dollars? To start, I'd hire someone to type these blurbs on for me...
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