Season 5 Episode 4

Murder He Wrote

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2012 on ABC
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    Castle "Murder, He Wrote" Review: Murder in the Hamptons

    What made this episode such a delight was the way Castle and Beckett went about investigating the mystery while mostly on the sidelines.

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    Escaping to the Hampton's for a romantic weekend, Castle and Beckett end up in the middle of a murder investigation when a dying man falls into Castle's pool.

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    • Murder He Wrote

      A bit early in the relationship, or at least the season, for this kind of effort, isn't it? I liked the idea of the clueless Hampton cops, but the murder was not really one we could follow along with as they did not make the true killer apparent and introduce him until the very end.

      Solid outing, but not crazy about Caskett being shoved down our throats.
    • 5x4 Superb

      Best episode so far
    • You forgot your suit?

      Certainly the best episode this series, so far.

      Some good attention to detail with Martha & Alexis telling Castle to plan ahead.

      Loved the panic on Beckett's face after she dropped her robe and then saw the victim stagger onto the scene.

      The case was good, with Espo and Ryan used well to get information for the duo.

      However I DO, as usual, have issues with the writers treating their viewers as idiots !

      There is no way that the Hampton's Police Chief wouldn't know exactly who Richard Castle was, if he's been there for years, as he stated and much, much worse is the Lanie situation.

      Is there ANYONE out there who would believe a woman's BFF would not be trying with every fibre of her being to find out who said BFF was dating and having hot sweaty sex with?


      I'd have expected Lanie to have Beckett in an interview room with the rubber cosh and the lights in the eyes to get the details out of her.

      I see trouble ahead for Ryan, given that he now knows the "secret" and he's just got his "bromance" with Espo re-started but has opted not to tell him.

      Oh Dear!!!

      Looking forward to next weeks episode to find out who finds out next.moreless
    • 5x04 - Hamptons Heat

      This was a great episode. Not only was it an interesting mystery in a homage to weekend murder mysteries but it also was full of hilarity. Watching Castle and Beckett (Casket!) run around trying to do everything possible to keep their secret relationship from getting back to NYC cracked me up so much. And so did Esposito's and Ryan's curiosity about it.
    • Great Episode!

      This was such a great episode on so many levels. There was classic direction from Rob Bowman and tremendous lighting effects from Bill Roe. It was so great to get out of the city and see something so bright and beautiful. The ocean views and general outdoor shots on location at the Hamptons were very well chosen. I also loved the contrasting scene where Esposito and Ryan explore the warehouse in the dark with their flashlights- so reminiscent of Mulder and Scully in the dark shadows. They always loved to play with low light in that series and they used it here to great effect. The episode has comedy, suspense, sexual tension and a very heartfelt ending which I won't spoil for anyone who has not seen it yet. By far and away the most well crafted and enjoyable episode this season. I guess this is what happens when you go on location and you get the pros in to direct:) I hope this level of work continues.moreless
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    David Burke

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      • Ryan: Hey, Castle.
        Esposito: What you doing here, bro?
        Castle: I was just on my way to the Hamptons to write for the weekend, when I thought I'd drop by, see if we caught a murder.
        Beckett: Wow. Anything to avoid writing, huh?
        Castle: Exactly.
        Esposito: Hey, did you hear about Beckett's weekend?
        Castle: No. Big plans?
        Ryan: She's going away with her boyfriend.
        Castle: A boyfriend? Beckett! Really? Who is the lucky guy?
        Esposito: For some reason, she's not telling.
        Beckett: Okay, seriously, guys?
        Castle: Actually, I for one am offended that you're not sharing with us.
        Ryan: Mm-hmm. After all we've been through.
        Esposito: Yeah, I think we deserve better.

      • Beckett: (referring to Ryan and Esposito's investigation about her secret boyfriend) Why are you even helping them?
        Castle: Well, come on. The good news is, they're completely fooled about us.
        Beckett: Yeah, well, I don't understand why they even care.
        Castle: Ah, why do people care about Brangelina?
        Beckett: Oh, so we're Brangelina now?
        Castle: No. No, no. We're... Rickate. No, we're... Kateick.
        Beckett: (grimacing) Mm.
        Castle: Caskett? Ooh, that's good 'cause of the whole murder thing, casket.
        Beckett: (nods) Mm-hmm.

      • Ryan: Hey, Castle. Yeah, I'm gonna put you on speakerphone so you can weigh in on this.
        Castle: Weigh in on what? (Beckett is also with him and listening)
        Ryan: Well, we're in the morgue with Lanie trying to figure out who Beckett's boyfriend is.
        Lanie: I have nothing to do with this nonsense.
        Castle: Yeah, until you're bagging their mangled bodies when Beckett finds out.
        Esposito: Pfft. Like we're afraid of Beckett.
        Ryan: Besides, how's she gonna find out?(Beckett is pissed off and tries to take the phone from Castle)

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