Season 3 Episode 8

Murder Most Fowl

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2010 on ABC

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  • An alright one.

    So a season ago Kate is going crazy about the missing child. But in this episode, you find a man, you don't find the child with him and you don't believe him. You keep accusing him, instead of believing there's a missing kid first and guilty father second.

    I know she has a job to do but to me, you put the child at risk but ignoring the father. They should've stayed there at the hotel with him. Question him there or whatever. "talking to cops will kill him" ok then let's bring him to the police station? I don't know, I thought Kate was acting sloppy. Especially since we constantly hear how she's the best detective ever.

    Interesting episode, I liked how it linked to this kidnapping.

    I liked Ashley's reaction to the rat being lost, it was sweet. I liked Martha's scream at the end with Castle's "found him"
  • Excellent

    They reinforced the fact that Castle is a good and living father and it was nice. The first case showed promise but was a waste of time. Luckily, the second case was pleasant to watch. The third case though, was genius.
  • And The Rollercoaster still Won't End!

    Seriously, Castle Just keeps going up and down. First of all the losing a rat thing is a TOTALL Sitcom move, and last time I checked this was a crime show.

    Now, I love Castle, it's number 1 in my top 5 (2. The Mentalist 3. Bones 4. CSI: NY 5. NCIS: LA) I thought this episode was clever, and had very good planning, but really Bird watching, kiddnapping, and a subway station. This episode seemed like it was trying to hard, like they really wanted a lesser case to be as good as the rest. Overall this episode seemed forced.

    I still love you though Castle, you can try to win back my affections next time! :)
  • 11/8

    If the goal of this episode of Castle was to get me nervous about going on the subway, then they succeeded. I am really starting to enjoy the show. While it may seem cartoonish at times, it does often get very gritty and it does give the viewer some adrenaline bursts such as during the final gun scene on the elevator here. There was not a lot of laughs in this episode, something usually not the case with this show, but it was not necessary as this was a good episode from a dramatic standpoint and gets a solid score from me.
  • A bird (feather) in the pocket...

    ...can help to solve a case. Even if not in the overly imaginative way that Castle's writer's mind might take him.

    What starts out to be a pretty standard, run of the mill murder investigation with the usual suspects in the victim's life, takes on a whole new tone when a child is involved, and the victim actually becomes part of the investigation of his own murder. Albeit, posthumously.

    Life and work in the precinct gets all serious as the team unexpectedly also takes on the safe return of a kidnapped boy, all because some poor schmuck was in the wrong place at the right time.

    And I don't know what Castle would do without Alexis and Martha. Who else could unwittingly feed him the salient clues in the case du jour?

    Dunno about the rat in the condo though. That was as creepy as the murder! Yuck...