Season 3 Episode 11

Nikki Heat

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2011 on ABC

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  • A fun-ish one.

    I actually didn't like Natalie, I understand method acting and I understand everything she was doing but I just... didn't like her. And the whole not having read the book or even know who Castle is really? I'm sorry what stronnngg method actor would not even read the source? And I kind of think Castle had a point about asking him if it's alright, since it is his character. But I know Kate mainly said yes to annoy Castle + being a fan. I did feel a bit for Castle though, getting rejected so much, which happens most episodes really, Kate likes to make him suffer. Ah welll. Least he has thick skin. Also, if Natalie knew Nikki Heat was based on Beckett, surely she should know that "Jameson" was based on Castle and therefore he is also important? Very annoying person. Kate constantly putting Rick down ever get old to anyone else? I'm someone who believes there's a limit and what 2 years later she still puts him down.. I still love this show, always will and will still ship them until the end, just getting through the nonsense of them at the moment until season 5, but sometimes her rudeness goes beyond being 'funny'.

    BUT, I liked the slight karma of when Natalie practically became Kate and Castle was talking to her instead of Kate.

    Fun episode, Natalie aside. I enjoyed it, I didn't like her doing the talk down at the end but ah well. I liked the Kevin 'drama', it was a bit cute, him and Jenny are great together. I would've thought they met on set, not married for 3 years before filming even started with this show!

    But all in all, good ending with the marriage proposal, I loved Javi standing right behind Kevin and moving away mouthing "yeh" and Castle and Kate pretending not to be listening.

    It's actually almost funny, she's being proposed to by husband of what 4-5years again!
  • Castle said "No"!

    That alone rates a 9! And then Becket gets "method acted" all to death, in a manner that would make James Lipton proud. It was fun to see her go from being all excited about taunting Castle, to being totally creeped out by the process of character development. I look very much forward to the episode where the movie actually comes out! I have got to see if on-screen Nikki gets to "do" on-screen Castle (or whatever the book character's name is) and then precisely what Beckett's reaction to that will be!

    And last but not least our little Ryan gets himself engaged. Thankfully, he went with the moment and bended knee to pop the question, and not with the helicopter. Nope. Writers have too much imagination sometimes. I'm glad it was"intimate" as Beckett said. I bet all 40 station house on-lookers thought so too!
  • 1/3

    New year, new Castle and this was definitely an enjoyable episode of the ABC series. When I saw that Laura Prepon was going to be guest starring I was disappointed as her stints on That 70's Show and October Road were terrible, to put it nicely, but she actually did a decent enough job here in shadowing Beckett as an over indulgent method actress. Beckett's reactions to this were quite amusing and had me laughing along the way as I tried to solve the murder with the detectives.

    Great episode here if you need a good drama to watch and one that will provide some harmless laughs along the way. Not the most original storyline, but they did a good job with it tonight anyway.
  • Great episode..

    Laura Prepon was just awesome here. Her playing Beckett was dead on and hilarious.

    At first, I thought she was just gonna be annoying and make Castle feel ignored but as the episode flowed, her impersonation just upstaged the Kate and even the case for that matter.

    Don't forget the exchange between Kate and Natalie: "Is Castle gay haha.. funny and really laughable moment. Natalie was very cunning with her comments to a point where Kate didn't know what to say.

    Anyways, the case was secondary here. Laura Prepon as Natalie, the actress totally stole the spotlight and we hope Castle delivers more episodes like this one.

  • Castle poposes

    This was a great episode. Castle annoyed by the seemingly empty headed actress playing his favorite character was a nice twist to the story. Laura Prepon was great at going from empty headed to great impersonation to creepy imitation. It was funny to watch Castle being annoyed by her, then thinking she's absolutely awesome finally being really crept of by her.

    This was a very important milestone in the Castle/Beckett relationship since it made them both realize what they mean to each other. When Beckett was jealous of him being smitten by the "imitation" finally when she learned that he said "no". But the most important moment was when Castle demonstrated how to propose, and showed the ring to Beckett. After he said "Will you marry me" it rather looked like they both considered it for a couple of seconds. Which reminds me when they were reading the letters the prisoner wrote to his girlfriend, Castle reads "I love you", and it looked real. Well, it was real.

    The case itself how ever interesting with clever twists only played second fiddle to the character development story fro both Castle and Beckett, and it seems they seem finally to form those thoughts about each other, that were obvious for us, the viewers, for a long time now.
  • You're not me!

    Just let me say right now: what a great comeback! castle is at its finest and taking a road that some writers think it is too dangerous to travel: they are taking the major character's relationship to a level we've all been waiting for. Great case, great acting, great dialogs, great episode! And believe or not, ladies and gentlemen, Castle said NO! YES! I don't think I was this happy with something Castle did to another woman before! Kudos for him!
    Though I think Nathan Fillion is always a constant good actor on this show, with really timing for comedy, on this episode I've got to give it to Stana. She was amazing and was the one that made me laugh for the majority of the episode. Ryan proposing was another of the many highlights of the episode, that had all the aspects we need: comedy, drama, suspense and a very tender touch at the end.
    Keep at it, Castle people!
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