Season 6 Episode 4

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Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2013 on ABC

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  • Number One

    This show has had a number of hostage crisis episodes, and while this was not the most original hour of TV in that sense, it was entertaining nevertheless.
  • Average episode

    Average episode, hoping for a really good one, but it's not arrived yet!
  • Castle the Negotiator

    After three episode that I thought weren't up to speed the show is back on track, I'm glad Kate is back in New York City and in the position she best at. Let's face it that whole Washington thing was cramping her style, she wasn't really happy and seemed a little bored (so was I watch those episodes), let alone personally I felt both Castle and her seemed really out of place as if they were in a different TV show. Thankfully they both back where they belong and this episode I personally think really got things going.

    I really liked seeing Castle take on the negotiator role, the way he conducted himself he could of been a real police negotiator. How he was trying to get control of the situation to minimal risk level but mainly try to help Emma whom I'll admit you actually felt a sense of sympathy for as she is a desperate woman that is making a desperate attempt at having her innocence proven. But I say a little because at times you not sure if she is completely innocent or not, which kinda kept you guessing and made the situation seem more intense. Even liked seeing some of that team dynamic again which I've been sorely missing the past three episode, seeing that again felt so right.

    And of course in the situation there was the fly in the ointment where there was some crap for brains hostage that was making things worse by thinking he going to play hero when at one moment he proposes some plan at disarming Emma, and this plan is practically boneheaded because those are all the common cleches in the movies. Let alone the guy was practically annoying, aggravating Emma by spouting out some shit which as you guessed made things even worse. I just wanted to say to this guy "wake up and smell reality", personally if I was ever in a hostage situation I wouldn't try to do anything because I'm not trained in how to disarm the situation correctly, let alone if I make a move I might not just get hurt but I could get other people hurt, which is exactly what happens with this guy which I'll get too latter.

    But as the case goes on, slowly but surely you actually do believe Emma is innocent. We also get a little depth on her which made you feel all the more sympathic. She tells why she doesn't trust cops and that was because as a teenage she was unlawfully arrested when she acted in self defense as one of her two foster brothers were abusing her bad and almost were about to kill her. But unfortunately she was convicted because her word didn't mean anything against the other forster brother was connected with the upper class. I'll admit things like that really tee me off because that's not right, I don't care which class of society a person is in, wrong is wrong and if their guilty they need to pay for it all the same.

    Then of course there was that moment when that crap for brain hostage makes a move despite the fact Castle was just at that moment completely disarming the situation and Emma was about to give herself up. Castle of course tries to take control of the situation again but then of course it results in an accidental discharge from the gun. I'll admit seeing Castle getting shot and going down was for a moment shocking, I though OMG, though he would be alright from the body armor but still it was shocking all the same and it was funny when he mutter the cheeseburger line.

    Though everything does come together in the end, Emma is proven innocent and she has the one thing she's been missing and wanting all her life which is family. And best of all Kate is back on the force

    or should I say both Castle and Kate are back.
  • WTF!!

    This episode just made no sense. So Beckett just go back to NYPD like this? And Washington and FBI is just a joke?? Oh, I just hope they will explain or get the story linked back to Washington later; otherwise the last 2 episodes of last season and the first 3 episodes of this season would become totally nonsense.
  • number 1 fan

    better that the first three episodes
  • Crossing the T and Dotting the I *Beware of Spoilers*

    I'm very glad that Beckett is back in NY and has gotten her job back at the 12th precinct. The way it happened goes to show that it's not always about what you know but who you know. But, I am very happy that part of business is done and things can go back to normal. The team dynamic is not the same unless all of the core characters are working together.

    I was also pleased to see that Lanie made an appearance in this episode. I wonder if the writers have switched things off so Lanie and Perlmutter appear in every other episode, similar to what was seen in earlier seasons.

    The case this week was intriguing. I could not be sure if it was actually going to be Emma that murdered her boyfriend or not. It kept me guessing which was good. Of course, I knew Castle would be alright after being shot but you still feel for him when he is in pain afterwards. And the "cheeseburgers" thing was funny as was the Richard Castle trivia.

    Castle and Beckett are doing well at this point which is good to see. However, I noticed what may be a foreshadowing of conflict to come. When Ryan mentioned how not long after the wedding there would questions about when the couple would have children, Kate's face suggested she was not thrilled at that idea. I remember Castle saying in a previous episode that he liked the possibility of more children. I wonder when the subject may come up between Caskett and if it will or won't affect things for them in the future.

    Also, at this point, I'm really over Pi. I was open to the character at first but I just can't support that anymore. He serves no real purpose to the overall story of the show and I'm hoping the writers decide to get rid of him soon.

    It was also cool to hear the Old Haunt mentioned at the end of the episode. I wonder if that place will ever be shown again in any future episodes.