Season 4 Episode 17

Once Upon A Crime

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • One Of The Best Castle Episodes!

    The whole episode was great! From Beckett and Castle making each other laugh by Castle's childish personality and jokes to the end where Beckett held Castle's hand ;) Well done! 10/10
  • Once Upon a Crime

    Perhaps a bit of a tribute to ABC's other drama, Once Upon a Time, but I found the episode a bit boring, and I was doing my best Sleepy impression during it. Like that they figured it out due to the bowtie, but that doesn't make up for a lackluster murder mystery altogether and some nonsense at home with the one woman show.
  • Just lovely

    Ok, so I really really enjoyed this episode of Castle! It brewed with cute Castle/Beckett moments and I totally did not expect the murder case twist in the end.

    I always recall the original show description given to Castle.. A novel mystery writer following an NYC detective (who always seems to be thrown all the odd & outrageous homicide cases) for research. This episode had the suspenseful - though perfectly balanced with lightheartedness - feel (I agree with Det. Ryan, those dolls were creepy!) in the episode, which is what personifies Castle and wonderfully fit its show description.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those fans that enjoys all Castle episodes. I am by no means a critic, just a fan. I just really loved this episode. This 'Once Upon a Crime' stayed true to its pun as we reminisce in delight when we all first fell in love with Castle, 'Once Upon a Time' :)
  • Once Upon a Crime (spoiler alert for states to the west)

    Another fun episode...

    I love how Castle gets totally into the weirdness of NYC murders.

    Kate's invited to Mom's reading ... Not enough Scotch in the bottle ... Quite possibly not enough Scotch in NYC. Hee.

    Ryan: Ever since Chuckie I haven't been able to look at a doll. >> HA! <<

    Hmmm... Sleeping Beauty still alive ... how interesting.

    Castle: You look cute when you're angry. >> Hee. <<

    I was disappointed that Alexis wasn't working the scene with Lanie.

    Castle to Kate: You'd use a gun on my mother? I'm touched. (Yes, Castle, you are.)

    The killer is betrayed by a vertical bow.

    Awww.. Mom's greatest role was as a mother. And then she shoots Rick down.