Season 2 Episode 10

One Man's Treasure

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 23, 2009 on ABC

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  • A man is found dead in the garbage shoot at an apartment building. As things start coming together it is discovered he had a wife, a fiancee, and two different identities as well as affiliations with more than one company.

    This episode was definitely driven and carried by the actors. The story itself was trying to be extremely clever, but just seemed to outfox itself with the little intricacies of the plot.

    One of the best attributes that Castle himself has is his juvenile nature. All men have it and his thrives. You had to love the helicopter opening which is typical and then the comment about police tactical training. We all have our excuses for acting or playing out. In a way we see this in the other men that Castle works with as well. It almost seems at times like Beckett is the watchful mother trying to make sure no one gets into trouble. Generally just turning a blind eye to the antics of the men including Captain Montgomery. I especially liked the point in the episode in which she chastised both Castle and Montgomery for their comments. Beckett sort of keeps them in line.

    As far as the plot of the story goes, the story got a little convoluted. I believe you have to see it for yourself to understand what happened and all of the supposed twists and turns. In the end it was sort of nice that Beckett and Castle could tell the wife what really had been going on. One had to wonder why she didn't at least know some of what was going on. Also, what about the twenty grand he got from his brother-in-law? That sort of went nowhere! What was that all about or was it just a red herring to throw us off?

    All in all a character driven episode with a lot of Beckett, Castle, Alexis, and the boys in the station doing their thing. I wouldn't want to see too many episodes like this. Also it would be nice to get back into some chemistry driven episodes with Beckett/Castle situations. Of course I understand we'll see something of the sort when Alyssa Milano shows up. It should be fun. Thanks for reading...
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