Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 13, 2012 on ABC

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  • Cloak and Dagger

    Castle and Kate are once again in a high stakes game they both better win because if they lose, it's the end of the world. I always love it when this show throws them in these kind of sittuations because I feel it not just mixs them in a new arena, puts their skills to the test and pushes them to the ultimate limit but it also puts them at their emotional best.

    There isn't many laughs in this one, though I really like that one moment when Kate and Castle can't disclose any information to Gates due to swearing to secrecy by the C.I.A./U.S. Goverment, and we see Gates get frustrated. I thought yes, serves her right, I really hate Gates. Or even seeing Esposito getting frustrated at one point which is kinda funny since he use to work for the Goverment himself, that guy just needs to get out more.

    The plot is pritty good it does have a slight degree of intrigue and suspense when we see how serious the sittuation is. But what I really like is the tension going on when Kate, Gage (played by Jennifer Beals whom is hot as usual), and Castle are mixed and as we see it's not exactly a good mix, it's pritty much the classic motiff of having two males and one female in the same room together, though here it's the opposite.

    There is a bit of a parallel contrast between both Gage and Kate. Gage is similar in a way to Kate, though she is steps above in combat as well as intelegence (she is C.I.A. after all) but also kinda dark both in profession and persona. She also knows Castle pritty well and you can tell both Castle and Gage for their time have a certain chemestry. You can also say that the conflict between both Kate and Gage is also kinda a past and future conflict.

    It's a bit amusing seeing Kate's ego threatened as she is having trouble adjusting to working in a field outside of the element she has the most control over. Though this we see her learning the hard way that she needs to swallow her pride and know this is a whole new game with new rules, and she better learn them if she wants to survive and win. But also just seeing her exersise jellously was also amusing, it's obvious she really wants to be Castle's girl, though she really has nothing to be jelious about because even though Castle and Gage had a thing it was in that past Gage wasn't the one, Kate's the future so that ought to be telling her something.

    But I feel learning about Castle's past relationship with Gage and his current one with Kate really tells you something about his character. That he respects and has deep admiration and relationships with strong women. The ladies man image he puts on sometimes is just that an image, a mask just to hide his true feelings and persona. On a final note like it when Castle and Kate were once again in an entrapment sittuation along with the sexual overtone, fate just doesn't stop throwing hints.

    I don't give this a high rating because this episode I just feel is one that is just setting the standard for what's to come which is most of the time what part one of a two parter does sometimes. Hopefully part two will blow us away. Also there was one moment I didn't like which I thought was out of character for Kate when she stupidly underestimates the rogue agent, points her gun without crating enough distance and then the rogue agent disarms her (which I'll admit was cool and something I can do also, not kidding). It's just when a guy like that has no weapon and comes up to you, you have to know he's up to something, but also when encountering a suspect you always maintain distance. I know the purpose of this was to get them trapped in the trunk but it could of been done better like seeing Kate and Castle physically struggle with the rogue agent and lose, that I thought would have worked better than getting foiled by Kate's incompitance.

    We see in the end Castle and Kate are in a "Macgyver" like sittuation, how will they get out, and can they save the world on time? Well, we'll just have to wait till the next episode.
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