Season 3 Episode 12

Poof! You're Dead

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2011 on ABC

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  • A good story.

    I loved the start, you kind of wonder is it Kate or Castle and it's Lanie and Javi. And I loved her little speech and his standing there taking a photo with such a straight face and then a smirk. Ah I love those two together. And I loved when Castle was talking about not sleeping with people you work with and Javi freaking out!

    I actually really like the idea of this episode. It had interesting plots.

    I strongly agree with Lenz though, the confession they got out of him was completely inadmissible in court! I bloody study forensics and criminology and crime sciences, all different fields, and all drill it into our heads what you can and can't say in court and what is and isn't admissible! And that most definitely is not. She may not be brought up on any form of charges, but that was not allowed. And I'm glad they don't employ those tactics EVERY episode, but other shows do and it's just horribly annoying, watching these people be brutal and how they act is not allowed. These people would just say "I felt scared and forced into giving a confession" and it'd be justified!

    Rant over sorry guys.
  • Admissible in court?

    The pretty decent premise was squandered with comical and outlandish inconsistency with real life.

    Random street magician with access to a crap load of military grade high explosives?

    A small business jet being "rigged for remote control" without anyone knowing by a businessman, magician and a mechanical tinkerer?

    Use of psychological torture to extract a confession by a law enforcement officer? -yep, that is totally acceptable and would totally not have gotten Beckett fired and possible charged with assault or abuse of authority.

    Also it seems like the solution to having hack-y episodes is to reintroduce the good ol' "Castle pathetically pinning away for an unavailable Beckett" ploy. . .yay.
  • Really!?

    Ok, could this episode have been more scooby doo!? The footprints leading into a dead end. If you wanted it to be secret, like it was made to be, why would you leave such ovious footprints? Also my grandma was in a wheelchair for 50 years, and they don't leave tracks unless you are booking it, like a skidmark when a car is stoped and then it goes again really fast.

    I love Castle, but come one you can do better then this! This is saturday morning cartoon style, not prime time crime show! Come on Castle, pick up your game!
  • 312

    Castle has become one of my favorite shows recently as it just seems so fresh every week whereas a lot of my other shows feel like they're not even trying anymore.

    That being said, this episode was pretty mediocre in my eyes. Another original premise that I think the show could have done a lot with, but the execution was poor and the fact that we didn't even really get a good conclusion is not something that's going to sit well with me.

    The previews for next week's episode look good, but I was disappointed with this show, especially when I heard such good buzz around it.
  • Great!!

    I LOVE Castle. It is what I think of as "murder lite", with mystery, romance and humor thrown in on most of the episodes. Every once in a while you get a real twist, like Javier and Lanie, and Kate actually showing Castle a little caring. I agree it's great that he broke up with Gina--too many angles--but I liked that Kate didn't rub it in and actually made a quiet exit when she heard him breaking up.
    The flowers at the end were a nice touch, too--something sweet and unexpected, as was her invite to the fast food wagon (or whatever they call it). It's funny, for all their bickering and bantering they DO have these moments of compassion, even tenderness--Castle not only saving Beckett in "Boom!" but showing her a quiet respect for her privacy,even though it was hardly the time: Beckett holding Castle's hand when he realizes that the triple x murderer has let him go just so that Castle can see him kill again and again and torment him: Castle gently pulling Beckett back from her frenzied attempts on lifesaving to find the person who put out a contract on her mother.
    This series is fun BECAUSE it has these diverse emotions and viewpoints.
  • So so murder mystery, but two surprising twists and a magic theme made this episode not only great, but a great intermediary to the next set of episodes.

    As far as the murder mystery part of the episode goes, I have to say that this episode was a tad bit sub par. The three reasons I'm giving this episode a high score are one: Castle and Gina break up, once again returning the show towards the Beckett/Castle romantic chemistry. The two having separate relationships really took away from the show, and although it may have been a necessary break, I'm just glad things are once again progressing towards their romance. The second reason the introduction of Lanie and Esposito as a romance, which gave the show a twist and will add another layer of depth to future episodes. And thirdly the magic, I really liked seeing the entire cast get in on the whole magic theme, seeing Alexis and Beckett perform those tricks made the episode that much more fun.
  • loved it

    damn, i wish they would have given us some little hints about Javier and Lanie in other episodes (I would have been content with the type of clues only some people see... or did they have those and I completely missed them???). It kind of came out of the blue but it was fun as hell. given the fact that they all already knew about them, I'm starting to think that most of the comments in the beginning were made on purpose trying to make fun of Javier's reactions. If only we had known they knew back then...

    the story was interesting with an unusual twist (fake death... not seen too often is murder investigation series) and they had a twin thrown in the mix (loved how Castle's imagination went wild over that) and some magic tricks (the part when the magician got stabbed on stage had me fooled for a second) and some great compassionate moments from Kate... the ending when she subtly cheers him up was sweet. all in all a great episode, great entertainment... hope it never gets old
  • Open it, Sesame!

    After last week's stunning episode, we got a very light, comedy and romance full one this week.
    The plot was incredible! I was almost buying into Castle's first theory about the twins and everything, but was very astonished at the outcome in the end.
    Another thing about this week was the relationship that we had revealed to us that was Esposito and Lanie. Also very good and something that should be explored in upcoming episodes for sure, because of the lightness it brings to the plot and it is also something else for us to focus on instead of obsessing over Castle and Beckett. Though I'm sensing that we won't be obsessing much after the next episode. Just saying!
    Castle has already been picked up for another season and I have to say that I'm more and more looking forward to it. It is a great example that when writers tend to do something that we fans are dying to see, that it maybe works out for the really best.
  • Well, shut my mouth!

    Javier and Lainie?? Colleagues with benefits?! Talk about left field...well, apparently except for those in the regular character category.

    And Castle finally does the deed that needed doing. Beckett finally asks him to come out and play after school. I mean, I think viewers knew it was coming; just not right this very minute. Not that I'm complaining or anything...

    Now, to the case: that SEC can drive a billionaire to the brink, can't they? Too bad they couldn't REALLY put the fear of all that's moral in these yahoos who absconded with my retirement, but I digress...

    The usual round of persons of interest finally lands on the "victim" himself. Too bad there would be nothing of his virtual money left for the wife who did unto others as was done unto her...