Season 3 Episode 12

Poof! You're Dead

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jan 10, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

The scene opens with a woman walking into a magic shop and finds a man in the water tank. Esposito wakes up next Lanii and she tells that she has to go and Esposito tells that he does too. He takes a picture of her as he leaves. Castle is talking to Gina on the phone and tells that he is working when Esposito walks up. Castle tells him never to sleep with someone he works with. They arrive at Drake's Magic Shop where the crime took place and Castle tells that a magic shop is where every young boy likes to hang out. Beckett tells that she hung around them too because of her grandfather. The proprietor of the magic shop, Zelman Drake, was the man at the beginning. Eliza Winter, Drake's assistant found him. Lani tells that Zalman died from drowning, but won't know for sure yet. Esposito finds a suicide note that tells that he killed himself because he was losing the shop, but Eliza tells that Zalman would never kill himself. Eliza tells that a guy came in the shop earlier that week and attacked Zalman telling that he was going to sue him. At the station, Ryan and Esposito walk up and Ryan tells that a white van pulled up around midnight to the shop and Beckett tells them to look into and asks about any relatives and he tells that he has someone in Poughkeepsie. Castle pulls out some X-Ray glasses that he got from the magic shop and tells that he can see Beckett naked and she asks how he likes her naval ring. Castle has a look of surprise. Ryan is sitting next to Esposito and tells that everyone has secrets. Thinking that Ryan knows about Lanii and him, he asks what he means. Ryan shows him the paper with Castle and Gina on it. He tells that they are on the rocks and wonders why he didn't tell them about it. Esposito is relieved to know that Castel doesn't know about him and Lanii either. Beckett tells that a Jerome Asponoff was the man that got into the fight and is perusing Zalman in court. They have him come into the station and he tells that he was at an event and Zalman read his mind. He was thinking of Rita and last Saturday night and his wife was there and her name is not Rita. Jerome lost his wife and mistress, but tells that he didn't kill him. He was at a bar all night. Castle tells that Zalman must have found a receipt that gave away the information. They get out of the interrogation room and ask Ryan if there are any updates. Ryan tells that Jerome's alibi checks out and that there were no fingerprints on the tank. Esposito comes in and tells that there were fingerprints all over the suicide note that were not Zalman's. They belong to Charles Chuck Russell. Zalman had Charles kicked out of a Magicians Guild for using explosives. They find Charles at a park doing tricks. Beckett flashes her badge and Charles tries to use a puff of smoke to disappear. Beckett knows the trick and opens the box which Charles was standing on and finds Charles. They take him to the station and they tell that Zalman is dead. They tell that his prints are all over the suicide note. He gave a note that was written in invisible ink. Charles tells that Zalman wanted C4. He tells that he doesn't know what it was for and tells that Zalman wasn't just a magician; he was a creator of illusions as well. Charles tells that he was probably making tricks for the best in town, Tobias Strange. Castle tells that he is the best and Esposito tells that Tobias is in town. He slips out "we went to see it" and then covers his tracks and says that he took his friend "Ray" with him. Beckett wants to know why the trick required so much C4. They go to the rehearsal of Tobias and Beckett distracts one of the girls holding a rope. She lets go of the rope and knives with bloody tips come out through the front. They panic, but Tobias is not there. He shows up behind Beckett and Castle and demands to know who let them in. Castle and Beckett talk to Tobias and he tells that he thought Zalman was working for someone else and he confronted him about it. He tells that Zalman was poached. Beckett asks if he uses explosives in his act like C4 and Tobias tells that C4 kills and would never want to use it. He asks if they have searched Zalman's workshop and tells that he can't tell because he doesn't know where it is. Beckett and Castle get a call from Lanii and she tells that Zalman was murdered before he was in the water by someone putting their hand over his mouth. Castle gets home and Martha and Alexis want to know what Gina and him were fighting about. He tells that they were arguing about arguing too much. He tells that he doesn't want to talk about it and tries to wow Alexis with a coin behind the ear trick. She tells that she is not 6 anymore and tells that he should have made it $20 and then turns the coin into $20. Castle is impressed! The next day, Castle gets into the station and Beckett tells that she found the workshop. They go to an abandoned warehouse and Beckett finds a secret passage. They enter and Beckett tells that her grandfather would have loved the place. They find wheelchair tracks and they are fresh. Suddenly the Iron Maiden opens and out comes what looks like Zalman. However, it is his twin brother, Edmund. They tell him that his brother has been murdered. At the station, Beckett and Castle talk to Edmund and Castle thinks that it is really Zalman trying to play his "twin" brother. He tells that Zalman told that he got $500,000 for a magic trick and Castle still doesn't believe that Edmund is who he says he is. However, Lanii confirms that the dead guy in the magic shop is Zalman. She found some rabbit fur in Zalman's teeth and throat. Organophosphates were found and were exposed recently. Esposito enters and almost gives away them seeing each other. He tells Beckett that Thadius Magnus is the man in the wheelchair. They go to his house and they tell that his wheelchair marks were found in his workshop. Thadius tells that he designed props for him to be able to do the tricks and one in particular with the C4 to help him get away with murder. He made a mechanical arm for him and thought that he was joking. At the station, they figure out that something has to happen to make him want to use the magic to get away with murder. At his house, Martha talks to Castle and asks what is going on between Gina and him and he tells that he doesn't want ordinary and is not in love. He sees an article of Billionaire Christian Dahl and runs to the station. When he gets there, Beckett already knows. However, it is all speculation. They watch the video of the flight and Zalman pulls up dressed as a caterer. He delivers something and realizes that he delivered explosives. Beckett figures that Christian's prenuptial agreement only Naomi Weldon Dahl would have nothing. After she was caught cheating, she has motive. They meet with her and she tells that Christian is broke because his accounts are frozen. Beckett gets off the phone with the SEC and turns that the whole millions were a scheme. They watch the video again and realize that Zalman had a dummy that looked like Christian was still on the plane. Zalman was killed by Christian. They need to find him and Castle and Beckett know where he is going to be because of his egotistic attitude. They go to Christian's funeral service and find Christian there in disguise. They take him to the station and they tell that he committed murder. Christian laughs and tells that it is not true. Christian tells that he is not afraid of them and tells that they are not going to find him once he posts bail. Suddenly Christian starts to see Zalman in and tells that he is dead because he killed him. He confesses and Beckett says "Alakazam Jackass". They arrest him and Tobias and Edmund come out and it was Edmund who tricked Christian into confessing. Gina calls again and Castle tells that it is over. Beckett overhears the conversation. She gets her things and Castle asks if she is meeting "motorcycle man" and she tells that she is not. She asks Castle to join her for dinner and he tells that he will. He thanks Beckett for not mentioning the article or asking what was going on with him and Gina. She pulls out some flowers out of thin are and tells that it is not a problem.

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