Season 5 Episode 5

Probable Cause

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2012 on ABC

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  • Didn't anyone notice the gigantic hole in the plot???

    We are to believe that Tyson planned the whole thing so he could escape forever. But the action required Castle to escape custody and Tyson didn't plan that, and he couldn't have. Duh!

  • stupid detectives

    I can't believe they gave up on Castle so easily. Shame on Beckett. HELLO! computers can be hacked!!
  • Probable Cause

    Every cop show has to do this, the episode where the star gets framed for something he did not do, but despite Castle succumbing to a bit of cliches in this show tonight, they did manage to keep it entertaining so all in all I have to give the episode a solid score.
  • Great Stuff!

    Best episode of the season so far! Castle and Beckett have great chemistry and the ending was perfect! As soon as he didn't floot to the top I knew he was alive. We will be seeing him again!
  • Improbable Cause....

    It's always writers desperation when they resort to the clich framing of a lead character for a murder they didn't commit. If the shows producers want Castle to continue past the current season, they really need to get some writing talent on board for future episodes. Seriously guys, if Richard Castle wrote this sort of stuff he wouldn't be the successful writer that he is. The show and the cast deserve better. And why is it, that in every cop show that's ever been shown on TV, the bad guys can shoot the victims in the head but the cops can only shoot bad guys in the upper body, they NEVER get a head shot...
  • In the Crosshairs

    It's always one of those things that we hope never happen but can happen to anybody, when the finger is pointed at you for a crime you didn't commit. The worst part isn't the threat of getting arrested but that no one will believe your telling the truth.

    Despite a good premise the episode misses the mark in a couple of places. One problem I had was Castle wasn't in the episode long enough, I also wished that they could've done more with Castle in the fugitive role. It would of been a lot of fun just seeing what Castle has to do to prove his innocence on the run from the cops, the fact this wasn't utilized was a lost opportunity. But my real problem is the 3XK killer himself, his character is made too powerful, I know that he's suspose to be really smart but the kind of smarts he's exibiting don't exist, cmon being able to hack into survailance cameras in a police precinct, sorry can't swallow that.

    This was a very good follow up to the 3XK villian. I knew that the whole thing was a set up because the way it was set up was just way too perfect, like finding a duffel bag with the murder instriments out in the open without being hidden. But what I like was seeing the motions both Kate and Castle were going though. We see Castle just struggling to keep cool as he is trying to make sense of what's happening to him and telling the truth all the way. I love the fact that Kate including his friends and family stand by Castle, they don't buy into the bullcrap and their all right.

    The 3XK killer is a good unlikable villian, he's both psychotic and a egotist. But I feel what makes him really menicing is he thinks like a Chess player, he's practically one or three moves ahead. That scene with both Castle and 3XK talking for the first time in a long time was suspenseful, what 3XK says about watching Castle at certain points of his life I'll admit made my skin crawl. However the worst part wasn't just hearing what he's going to do to Castle afterward but that he'll kill Kate, his daughter and everyone else in his life after he's dead, knowing 3XK I don't doubt he'll do it.

    And of course there is a decent final conflict with Castle, Kate and 3XK, it was cool seeing Castle save Kate's life by shooting a whole clip into the psycho. But of course predictably it's not the end of 3XK, he will be back. If he does come back again, I'd want it to be the last time just one final conflict, I don't like villians that reacure in TV shows too much, it makes them loose their flavor after a while. As for the sittuation 3XK puts Castle in, it could possibly be holding Alexis hostage while making Castle and Kate play some sort of game. I don't know this is just a theory, we'll have to wait and see, hopefully it won't disapoint. This was the end of round 2, round 3 is just around the corner.
  • Just gets better!

    I thought the second half of last season was not very good. I was afraid the show was slipping. I didn't like the whole Becketts mum murder dragging on. I thought both Stanas and Nathans acting was not all that great either. And when the season ending with them getting together I was really worried the show I loved was over. But I am glad to say I was wrong. The first 5 episodes have been a lot of fun! Them being a couple has actually worked out nicely. The writers let them trust each other and not having them fight all the time.

    This weeks case was great. I had completly forgotter 3XK so I was surprised. Looks like season 5 can be really fun. I just hope Caskett won't take too much fokus away from the cases.
  • Episode for greatness

    i absolutely loved this episode it had a great story line and left you guessing until the end, cant wait to see how they conclude the 3XK role.
  • Loved it so much...

    This episode was so great. After Castle was framed I kept trying to think who it might be that framed him. I was thinking the other day about 3XK, I even googled spoilers for the season, so I was so happy and surprised when he started talking from the shadows of lock up. I love the episodes when the main characters are in danger, I know they wont die, part some huge emotional or physical trauma could be great for a story.

    Loved Kate being so torn up, I would have really liked to see Alexis or martha after Castle escaped but no biggie, still loved it.

    This is the first time I didnt absolutely hate Gates so good for her.

    I like that the writers decided to keep 3XK in their back pocket, whether he comes back or not I dont kno how he would up his game from what he did this time.

    Amazing episode. I loved it so much. xoxoxo
  • Better than I expected

    This episode surprised me positively, I wasn't exactly waiting much of this one. Okay I'm not a huge fan of these "super villains" either, who never dies, and always come back to annoy main characters. But I don't think that we will see this 3XK killer any time soon again, because I have the feeling that writers just left themselves kind of a back door, so they have the possibility to bring that up again sometime in future.

    So apart from that, overall I liked the episode. It floated forward pretty smoothly, of course it wasn't very fun and light like previous episode E04, because we had to watch Castle in serious trouble. But it was done well enough that it doesn't left you feeling annoyed after watching. And best of all, I was delighted, that they handled it without too much tension between characters. Like Castle pointed out to Beckett in the car at the bridge, she could have stop believing him when they found the e-mails from his computer.

    One thing was also playing big part in this episode. Now Castle & Beckett closest people knows about them, so I'm interested to see how that plays out in future episodes, when they don't have to hide anymore. I also wondered, does Capt. Gates know too? It was little unclear, there was some hints that she might know, but maybe we find out about this later.

    Like I said, positive surprise, expected lot worse, 8/10.
  • 5x05 - Probably cause

    I really enjoyed this episode. Not because I honestly believed that Castle would end up framed for murderer or killed but because of the reactions of Beckett and everyone as they tried to do their jobs while each and every single one of them couldn't believe that Castle was a killer. Beckett tearing up brought tears to my eyes.

    Another thing that I loved? That Castle becoming a fugitive wasn't completely handwaved away as being without consequences although they did figure he'd get time served. Yay for some -very little- level of realism there.
  • stupid premise

    I'm sick of shows that out the stars at risk - we know that there is going to be a next episode and that the star survives so what is the point? Its just an excuse for sloppy poor quality writing, something that is getting more and more common. Totally agree with "almost made me ditch the show" this ruins a good show
  • Great epp, however, omnipotent foes are annoying

    Probably Cause is a great episode, good story, good 'conclusion,' yet ultra-evil, omnipotent foes in recurring roles are so exhausting and disappointing. It has been overdone in many series, such as Nate Haskell in CSI Las Vegas, Phillip Stroh in The Closer, to name a couple. Tyson's abilities in Castle are unbelievable. Omnipotent foes (like supernatural explanations) are rip-offs to mystery plots, whether on film or between the pages of a mystery novel. Wave a magic wand and anything is possible. I know Tyson is a cool villain but he spoils the delicious logic of a well-crafted mystery series like Castle. IMHO. Just had to get that off my chest!
  • Almost made me ditch the show.

    This episode sucked. It was the worst they have ever done. Why?

    1) We knew from the previews that Castle would be accused of murder, and five minutes in, during the guest star list, what actor's name do I see but Michael Mosley so know we know 3XK is the main baddie.

    2) Despite the fact we know this, the episode spent the first of the show on the idea that Castle is looking guiltier and guiltier. That part should have been over by the mark, certainly by the halfway mark. I watch to see them solving cases over the hour, not to see them failing to do so.

    3) So the baddie is revealed within the show (bet they wished THEY could have seen the credits 45 minutes ago), and what happens? Do we get the final showdown we deserved after making it through this grueling episode? No. Oh sure, Castle shoots at the guy, and he goes into the river, but guess what? Yup, no body. After putting up with the crapfest, we don't even get the baddie.

    4) And to rub salt in the wound, Castle figures out that this WHOLE thing was just so that the world would finally believe that 3XK is dead, so he can go back to killin' folk. Yep, that's right, this whole hour has been the story of 3XK's triumph, with Castle and Beckett as supporting characters in the 3XK show.

    I wanted to shoot my TV.

    This is the kind of episode that makes think, why would I ever give my brain and my precious time to writers that are trying to force feed me such a turd of a story? Most of the time, I give the show a hearty "screw you too" and stop watching.

    On account of how this show had the nerve to "go there" with Castle and Becket's relationship, I will give it ONE free pass. But anymore fecal matter like this and it's going right in the toilet, where it belongs.

    I do know this: the next time 3XK shows up, he better *&$^& die in the episode or I will wish the same for the writers and showrunners.

    No need for any who read this post to reply to it, not following this thread any further.
  • Best. Episode. Ever.

    Right from the beginning, breath was held, pulse hastened. This episode is by far the best yet, even outdoing last seasons finale. It's brought us back to the edge-of-the-seat-storyline that we once frequented from the beginning of the series. There have been "did Castle do it?" episodes before, but this one had you second guessing the whole way through. Of course, we know that Castle couldn't have done it, seeing as it's the beginning of the season and it's his show, but the evidence begins to stack up on him and is more than just the circumstantial evidence they usually have in these sorts of episodes.

    As much as I love the Caskett relationship, it's good to see it isn't overpowering the actual show and taking centre stage.

    All in all, major claps to the writers. You did good!

  • AWSM!!!

    It was pretty good... Though I was pretty sure it wasnt him .... but the whole thing was awsm... missed the humour though...
  • Went in like a lamb, and out like a lion

    I'm sorry to disagree but I didn't like the episode that much. The first half was just tiresome to see Castle obviously being framed for a crime that the audience definitely had to know he did not commit. Come on, he is the entire show. Just check the name. It only got interesting in the second half where we knew WHO framed Castle. After that the episode was pretty amazing.

    Also, there wasn't nearly enough banter and humor that I normally look forward to in an episode of Castle.

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