Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on ABC

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  • A Blast from the past

    A theme episode, one which Castle is famous for. Without giving too much away, the fun begins with a 200 year old bullet. When a genious mathematician is killed by a gun and a 200 year old bullet the duo end up at a very unique place which puzzles them even more. Unfortunately that is all I can say because it's more fun to watch it than wirte about it. Nevertheless, I like how Castle tackles different themes each season and how imaginative the writing is. Here, there is a duel, an unexpected killer and a blast from the past (Back to the Future anyone?!). Javier's accidents are as funny as hell and Ryan's reactions to them is even funnier. Have fun and enjoy it.
  • The Castle Rollercoater Continues!

    The season three premiere was awesome, then the second episode was at best "ehh", they third episode was amazing, and then this was down again, so does this mean that the next episode is going to be the loopdy loop.

    Now, This episode was ok, but it was overly ridiculous. I love Castle, and it was still a good episode in, but it was just not realistic at all. The 1800's, the deal, the out-ladish coustumes, the shout out to Firefly. It seemed more like an episode of Scooby Doo. Other wise I love Castle! Here's hoping you get better next week! :)
  • My first time watching this show.

    I decided to check out Castle tonight for two people guest starring, Eden Riegel from The Young and the Restless and Ken Baumann from The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Both were on screen for about a combined two minutes.

    But I actually liked the rest of the show. It is easy to draw comparisons between this show and The Mentalist, but I think Castle and Beckett's chemistry is just as strong as Jane and Lisbon's, if not stronger. The "time traveling killer" line had me in stitches, but then again I have always been a Nathan Fillion fan. So, I actually liked the show. It is fresh, it is different. I definitely may check it out again.
  • Still great but in need of a little pick-up!

    While Castle remains a fun and engaging show, the episode "Punked" was no where near the best. The episode, promoted as being about a steampunk society, featured very little of the actual steampunk characters. This felt like a bit of a waste--the characters in the costumed party could have been expanded on and used in more interesting ways. The team dynamics are still good and Castle and Beckett are full of their usual charm and wit, but something is beginning to lack. So far the season has been fairly dry. Every episode (except the premiere) has been strictly about the case. There hasn't been a lot of character exploration. I'd like to know more about the background characters, namely Espesito and Ryan. Also, I'd like more Castle/Beckett moments. I know the producers are playing a will-they-won't-they game, but they can't hang their audience completely out to dry. The audience needs little looks and moments to nibble at while they wait for the inevitable hook up. In a shorter summary, more action, more romance, more backstories!
  • Not my favourite episode...

    8.5 far as the case itself goes, but the background character details were fun, as always.

    The whole sub culture, play dress-up from another time thing was a stretch for me to care about. Except the kid-who-would-be-culprit did do a fantastic job of setting up the almost perfect crime. I did like that twist, though you would have thought that if he could plan that, he could at least go to the park NOT in his own costume; knowing of course that most criminals do leave some evidence behind.

    Another treat: Muse Watson (aka 'Mike Franks' on NCIS) as the Yosemite Sam wannabe! However, on the comic relief side, the Esposito injuries were a hoot in good, old style slapstick kind of way, and once again Alexis keeps her dad on his toes. Though Beckett also managed to just throw a wrench into Castle's life once again...maybe. Or maybe not. Or maybe...
  • Castle's imagination goes into overdrive, Beckett has to solve a rather complicated (but interesting) case and poor Esposito can't seem to catch a break.

    Although rather complicated and with many twists, the cast itself actually intrigued me enough to keep me constantly wondering who the murderer was without confusing me. A thoroughly enjoyable episode! I hope there's more lke this.
    Also, an entertaining sub-plot - Alexis is wondering whether she is in love which, it turns out, she evidently is. The scene where Castle charges through the door with the gun in his hand only to positively scare the daylights out of Alexis and Ashley was hilarious. And also the Alexis/Castle 'talk', which was really just Alexis talking and Castle TRYING to talk. "Beckett, how do you know when you're in love?" "All the songs make sense." Haha!
    Esposito hurt his neck and could hardly move. That moment when Ryan subdued and arrested that homeless man whilst all Esposito could do was to slowly take out his gun was priceless. Poor Esposito.
    The ending was rather sad - Beckett's new man took me by surprise! And I felt terrible sad for Castle when Alexis said that "being in love is exhausting" and he replied "Yeah, you got that right". It's partly your own fault Castle!
    Overall, a fantastic episode!
  • Nice.. as always..

    What can I say about this show? Awesome show, great episodes every week and good chemistry.

    The case was interesting. Unpredictable of course. With the well known exchanges between Becket and Castle.

    I know I may be overeacting but after Castle got back and Beckett was a little bit angry with him.. we saw no signs of their feelings for each other. Writers just dropped the plot and everything went back the way it was before the last season's finale...

    Kinda deja vú, remembering Bones and all.. I just hope they don't drag this for years and years tho.. we want to see more than just flirting and friendship stuff..