Season 5 Episode 14

Reality Star Struck

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2013 on ABC

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  • Reality Star Struck

    I loathe reality shows, and this episode did a great job parodying that horrible genre, while still creating an intriguing case for the NYPD and Writer to discover. A bit of a twist ending, but still a fun story from start to finish here, and a good overall ep.
  • Blue blazer vs Tan blazer

    this is not a blooper - at about the 40 min mark of the show Beckett is shown leaving wearing the blue blazer and carrying the tan blazer so it must be an overcoat.
  • Much Improved!

    I was glad to see that this episode brought back some of the earlier season sparkle, with the "biting at the heels" back and forth between Castle and Beckett, over who's Valentines day present would trump the others.

    Also the old Castle charm was back - as he tried to sweep Beckett off her feet with his lavish Valentines present, only to put him under an embarrassment cloud with Capt. Gates (old school Castle - something I have missed for a while now) -- the ending was also quite sweet. Overall a really solid episode!

    Hopefully, they will continue down this path and bring back more "Castle - the writer" inspired episodes where, his knack for plotting colorful yet plausible scenarios and high maintenance lifestyle entertained us. The recent "Castle - coffee bearer" episodes seemed like a waste of talent to me.

  • Now that was a good episode!

    This is the reason I started to watch Castle. This was a well written episode. It was Perfect!
  • wow - perfect!

    This was a real good Castle episode with everything in it: Sweet Caskett moments (a big moment at the end, and the drawer thing was super sweet), Martha and Alexis had lines, funny scenes (Castle and Gates), nice-to-watch Lanie and Espo back together, and a cool case. Yeah, keep going like that. This is how Castle has to be and how we like it.
  • Blue Blazer

    I thought it was funny that they had the blue blazer be such a big part of the episode when in the very next shot she is in a tan blazer and then a tan coat and then the blue blazer again. Obviously a blooper that no one caught.
  • Not my favorite but ok

    Well - I didn't get the "Real so thats probably why. But don't know. Last episode was better. More time to get to know and form an opinion about the suspects. Here it was so fragmented. I understand all the Firefly-fans liked Gina Torres but to me she just got a little too much space without her caracter having enough to add.

    I asked for more Alexis and Martha but this was soo little. The Caskett scenes were cute, but not like the early episodes of the season. I love the show - it's my absolute favorite at the moment, but this wasn't my favorite episode.