Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2013 on ABC

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  • Where is the love?

    It seems that for some unfathomable reason the writers have been listening to that nit-picking pseudo-critic Alex Navarro. Ever since "Significant Others" there has been hardly any displays of affection between Castle and Beckett. We might as well be back in Season 2 as far as their relationship is concerned. I don't want every episode to be nothing but moon-eyes and sighs between the two but it would be nice if they could show the two of themcould show they had something more than a nodding acquaintance. "Recoil" was a great episode that could have been better (in my opinion a 10) if there had been some romantic empathy shown by Castle and reciprocated by Beckett. The best episode of the season so far, emphasizing all that is good about the series in addtion to romantic by-play between the two leads, was "Murder, He Wrote". Let's hope the writers can get back to that real soon.
  • Recoil

    While not as good as it could have been, from an intensity standpoint, or simply writing, it was still a strong edition of the show, as is usually the case when they delve into Beckett's past.

    Not a lot can be said, and it really didn't advance much, but still a little bit of a break from the normal formula this show follows and because of that it succeeded in keeping me entertained.
  • Gray Areas

    This was indeed uncomfortable to watch, but in a good way - suspenseful and challenging. I found Esposito especially disturbing. He has a streak of assassin in him. Interesting that Ryan has become something of a moral compass for this show.

    I thought the performances were nuanced and perfect... and while Castle himself didn't have enough screen time, what he did have was fascinating. Bracken's insinuation that Castle had enough money to take him out... whew. Rick's expression made me wonder wonder if Castle had considered just that. I'm really looking forward to the next few episodes. Nathan Fillion is incredibly talented and Rick's veneer sometimes wears on me. We get hints of depth, and then he hides it away again. So maybe he's a mystery Beckett will never solve. Wouldn't that turn the tables?

    Stana Katic has REALLY won me over - and I found Beckett's character pretty repellant when the series started up. I don't usually talk back to my TV, but I was alone and at one point found myself whispering "You've got this, Katie, don't blow With tears. Seriously.

    I love that Gates walked in on the interrogation - although it would have been recorded anyway, so there's likelihood she'd review it if things went much deeper. I think this means Kate is coming to trust her more, and I believe that trust will pay off. Gates is a strong character and I wish they'd run with her. I'm guessing that she's figured out C&B are together, and she doesn't care as long as it gets the job done. When it comes out publicly, Castle will have to earn a badge. And that is a good thing.

    Senator Bracken's comment about the murdered girl - a "sweet kid" - seemed quite genuine. But that's pretty typical for a psychopath... as long as someone's on their side, everything's fine. I like complex characters and Bracken qualifies. He's very good at not seeming evil. I think a lot of public figures work hard to hone that skill.

    As for the closing scene of this episode, they really should have been cuddling while they watched TV. That was a wasted snorgling opportunity and could still have held dramatic tension while showing emotional support and closeness.
  • Narrow Margin

    This is another episode that takes an unfun turn, when Kate's demon named Senator Braden rears his ugly head once more; and this is a sittuation where either way it goes the good guys lose.

    You just have an uncomfortable and sick feeling inside from begining to end. Kate's not alone, Castle and her friends hate this guys guts just as much, I could tell from their looks their blood was boiling just as ours was. Esposito struggles not to put a bullet in his brain, and there was even one moment when both Castle and Braden were talking and Braden tries to compare himself to Caste. But then Castle replies back saying their not the same and he's right because Castle has humanity in his heart, Braden has no heart. And there was a dark but great quote Castle says in that scene which wiped the smirk off Braden's face for a moment. From things like this I really don't blame them for their discomfort and anger, the mission to protect Braden is like asking them to protect a member of the Third Reich. The suspense is good, were in their shoes constantly in conflict as to whether they should suceed or not, but also what the right thing to do really is.

    This episode in a way reminds me a little of a Dennis Lehane novel, where most of his stories always touched upon protagonists facing a gray area with both the law and their concious. And that's basically the theme in this epsiode. Kate makes a good point in one scene when she says, even if we find the assasin someone much worse will be free. It really is a sick thought when you think about it, what if their making a mistake protecting this scumsucker, what if he's Adolf Hitler about to rise to power and this is the only chance to off him. In the end we do see Kate come through but not to save Braiden but the law.

    I don't give this more credit because I have a few quibs. One, Castle didn't have enough to do, let alone wasn't in the episode that long. Two, the pacing was a bit slow and not a lot happened to move things.

    Overall this I feel is a very good if uneasy episode to watch, if Senator Braden does return I feel it should be for the last time, either in a body bag or an iso cube (prison) makes no differnce to me or Kate. Sometimes the line between right and wrong is a narrow margin.
  • Good episode!

    Great episode! Really good storyline with Brackett and Beckett. Would have wished to see Alexis or Martha, or a little Caskett time, but this was still one of the best episodes.

    (by the way - a part of me wishes that she would have held back for just a minute and let Bracken become toast. That would have made for a happy ending, but alas - it would have made for an ending, and we don't want that ;) )
  • Getting back on track again

    This is the kind of episode I've been waiting for. We finally see Bracken show up his face in order to enrage Beckett and spice up the season. Fantastic plot. WTG writers! Keep it up.