Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2013 on ABC

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  • Gray Areas

    This was indeed uncomfortable to watch, but in a good way - suspenseful and challenging. I found Esposito especially disturbing. He has a streak of assassin in him. Interesting that Ryan has become something of a moral compass for this show.

    I thought the performances were nuanced and perfect... and while Castle himself didn't have enough screen time, what he did have was fascinating. Bracken's insinuation that Castle had enough money to take him out... whew. Rick's expression made me wonder wonder if Castle had considered just that. I'm really looking forward to the next few episodes. Nathan Fillion is incredibly talented and Rick's veneer sometimes wears on me. We get hints of depth, and then he hides it away again. So maybe he's a mystery Beckett will never solve. Wouldn't that turn the tables?

    Stana Katic has REALLY won me over - and I found Beckett's character pretty repellant when the series started up. I don't usually talk back to my TV, but I was alone and at one point found myself whispering "You've got this, Katie, don't blow With tears. Seriously.

    I love that Gates walked in on the interrogation - although it would have been recorded anyway, so there's likelihood she'd review it if things went much deeper. I think this means Kate is coming to trust her more, and I believe that trust will pay off. Gates is a strong character and I wish they'd run with her. I'm guessing that she's figured out C&B are together, and she doesn't care as long as it gets the job done. When it comes out publicly, Castle will have to earn a badge. And that is a good thing.

    Senator Bracken's comment about the murdered girl - a "sweet kid" - seemed quite genuine. But that's pretty typical for a psychopath... as long as someone's on their side, everything's fine. I like complex characters and Bracken qualifies. He's very good at not seeming evil. I think a lot of public figures work hard to hone that skill.

    As for the closing scene of this episode, they really should have been cuddling while they watched TV. That was a wasted snorgling opportunity and could still have held dramatic tension while showing emotional support and closeness.
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