Season 5 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2013 on ABC



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    • Senator Bracken: You saved my life.
      Beckett: Yeah, well, you can't win 'em all, can you?
      Senator Bracken: I suppose this means I'm in your debt.
      Beckett: Nothing's changed between us, Senator.
      Senator Bracken: Even so, it's a dangerous world out there, detective. You never know when you might need a friend.

    • Beckett: I'm working on this case where I need to find a suspect, and I came across a piece of evidence. It's a letter that he wrote. And there's no address, there's no name, just a postmark from New Jersey. And I know in my gut that this is our big break. One way or another, it's gonna lead us straight to him.
      Burke: Yet, here you are talking to me.
      Beckett: If we find this suspect, then someone worse, much worse, is going to escape justice.
      Burke: I take it no one else knows about the letter.
      Beckett: No, not yet.
      Burke: Well, as a police officer, you must have faced similar dilemmas.
      Beckett: Yeah.
      Burke: Why is this time different?
      Beckett: Because this time, it feels like there's no right choice.
      Burke: Maybe the right choice is the one you can live with.

    • Castle: (while reading the threatening letters) Considering what he's capable of, you would think Bracken would have more formidable enemies.
      Beckett: Oh, obviously, you never saw the letter that I sent him.
      Castle: No, I did, actually. I liked the way you, uh, dotted the "i" on "kill" with a little heart. It was a nice touch.
      Beckett: Well, I was trying to give it a personal feel.
      Castle: Well done.

    • Esposito: I'll tell you something, if I'm her (referring to Beckett), I sit in there shuffling papers till whoever it is puts a bullet in Bracken's head.
      Ryan: No, you wouldn't, 'cause that would make you no better than he is.
      Esposito: The guy murdered Beckett's mother, Captain Montgomery, who knows who else. Bracken's got it coming to him, so I say, let it come.

    • Beckett: You know, Senator, I'm not the one that you should be worried about right now.
      Senator Bracken: It's just us here, detective. A shooter on the loose, me in the crosshairs must be a dream come true for you.
      Beckett: In my dreams, I'm the one that gets to pull the trigger. But you know what? If you're not comfortable with me leading this investigation, you're welcome to step outside and tell everyone why. Well, then I guess we're stuck with each other. So then let me make one thing clear. This man killed Melanie Rogers, and when someone commits murder, whoever he is, Senator, I will bring him to justice, no matter how long it takes.

    • Beckett: So what makes you so sure that Alexis isn't serious about this guy?
      Castle: Well, I haven't met him or approved of him yet so it can't be serious. All suitors must be met and intimidated by me personally before they can be considered for official boyfriend status.

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