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  • UFO abduction would have been more believable

    Just caught the rerun where Rick goes missing on the way to his wedding in the Hampton's. The following season going thru excruciating does/doesn't he really know what's going on, did/didn't he leave Kate at the altar bumbling around to find out the CIA "recruited" him for a mission then scrubbed his memory?!?!?! That's when I knew the show was heading downhill

    Why not just have aliens abduct & probe him? It would be more believable than the whole CIA BS. And alas once these stupid things start creeping into shows it's best to end them. The mentalist should have ended after season 6 with Red John's death/murder. And this should have ended with them getting married & living happily ever after or at least until divorce.
  • Smurf

    I loved Castle, hate that it had to end, but can't go on forever. The only reality show I watch occasionally is Survivor. My husband however, never misses an episode. A lot of reality shows are stupid.....
  • What a bad bad show this one ended up being!!

    It started as an interesting fun kind... But but the last of the season/series finale... I felt like throwing something at the makers of this show.... There aren't any words to describe how bad it ended up being! Frankly.... The Mentalist was a 100,000+ better than Castle.
  • An 8years long bumpy road...

    It had its ups and downs - at times it completely lost its spirit - but in a bottom line it remained an entertaining family show. Its circle was completed and it was time to end!

    Overall, it was interesting, humorous, with some cool action and good performances! A generally good show with a descent production!
  • A once good show!

    Castle was once a fantastic show, looked forward to ser beckett and castle every week. But the last couple of seasons it has been declining a bit in quality. Especially this last season, it just went shit. They ruined a good show. Hope they'll do castle and beckett a good farewell in the series finale tonight. I think its for the best that they cancelled the show.
  • Great show cancelled

    From List from ABC, Castle is cancelled.
  • There is no Castle without Beckett

    In the past this has been an excellent show. I don't believe the producers/writers understand what makes this show. You continue to try and separate Castle and Beckett. You send her to the FBI, you lose him for several shows. You need to write your story lines with the two of them together. That is what makes the show. The more you separate them the worse the show gets. Without either of the two main characters, the show is dead.
  • What has happened to this great show

    Season 8 has been one long disappointment. The whole joy of this programme has been the Castle/beckett story, the chemistry, humour and great storylines. I've just seen S.8 Ep.18 which revolved around Hayley. Beckett hardly featured, even Castles role was irrelevant. If they intend replacing Beckett with Hayley I'm out. I'm sick of Stana being sidelined at the expense of this new character. The Detective agency is ludicrous. It would appear Alexis has left college after only a few weeks since she is never there, works cases with no qualifications or experience and teaches English in her spare time. What a girl. She also looks in her mid twenties now with her new haircut, probably to make this new "best buddies" relationship with Hayley believable, which it is so not. The bottom line is keep Beckett, get rid of Hayley, more Ryan and Expository and send Alexis back to college and please improve the scripts. Rant over :@
  • keep entire cast

    The writers, directors entire crew should sit down with the three piece suits from the corp office to work out a buget together so everyone can stay.
  • Castle ended in season 7, season 8 is filler for ABC since ABC has writers block for any new shows

    The first seven season were a funny, quirky mystery show, more about the love story between Castle and Beckett with a either a classic or bizarre mystery with a twist. There were plenty of sly jokes which nods to classic shows and mysteries which made it even more enjoyable. It was only meant to be taking seriously on a rare occasion. Season eight has totally destroyed the format and become unwatchable. The leads are never in the same room and the mysteries not interesting enough to make up for the change in format. If I want to become depressed about how things are going for a couple I like, I will find someone I know on Facebook in real life. Castle was great because you know Castle and Beckett would always end up working it out and the struggle would somehow add charm and wit to solving the mystery. As far as I am concerned Castle ended in with season 7 with Beckett taking the encouragement to run for the Senate and fighting crime and corruption there, while Castle begins writing serious literature. Season eight was just a sad and lazy mistake by ABC and has nothing to do with the real show.

    BTW - ABC there are plenty of classic books/shows/movies which could be used to fill an hour slot in your schedule. Remake Perry Mason from the books. Albert Campion is another character who could be fun to watch for a hour, Molly Quinn would make a great Amanda. Casablanca should have provided two characters with enough of a backstory and untold future story to give a decent television writer something to do for a series for a few years. I wasn't alive when it was on, but Remington Steele seems to be an earlier version of Castle, remake it with new actors. Surely you people can find something creative to do with the hour slot without continuing to ruin what should have become a classic detective show and couple.
  • Campaign to Save Caskett

    Please all Castle fans follow this link and help us let ABC know we want to Save Caskett 143277386519/savecaskett-campaign
  • Castle

    If Stana Katic really does leave, I wont be watching the show and I don't think most fans will either.
  • Frustrated and disappointed

    This season just doesn't meet the standards of previous seasons. I'm afraid Castle may loose a lot of fans. This season is childish, immature, and frustrating. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett isn't there, and even Ryan and Esposito just seem off. And Alexis and Martha have all but disappeared from the series. If they changed writers, then it might be wise to get the old ones back. If this is the original writers, I'm wondering what in the world is going on. Something needs to change.
  • Lost Writers

    Talk about an idiotic move. The show wasn't about Castle, it was the chemistry between Castle and Beckett. There was so much comedy between the two characters. I am watching the reruns over and over, love them. When this season ends, I will not be watching anymore of Castle.

    You should listen to he Creator of the show. The producers and writers are idiots!!!!
  • WeStandWithStana

  • Season 8 took it a little downhill for me

    First 8 episodes were badly written, it got a little better after that but still far away from first 7 seasons.
  • Castle

    Castle used to be one of my favorite shows but it has gone down hill. It has silly story lines and I can't stand all the weird childish behavior between Castle and his supposed wife Beckett. Did the writers just graduate from high school or what?? I stopped watching the show and I watched it every week ever since it was put on television until this season. The writers ruined the program. I can understand wanting to keep it fresh but the plots aren't fresh they are down right stupid. Change it back...
  • What have they done to this great show?

    Since the middle of last season, this show has lost it's way. It was one of the best on TV but the cast are acting like strangers. This thing where Beckett and Castle act like teenagers after all these years wanting to be together just stinks. Please get back to the old formula before it's too late.

    Fire the show runners and the crazy writers. This is so sop***ric it needs to get back the old feeling.

    My review is for what's on now. Not what it can/should be.
  • must be the last season

    What used to be a good show until the end of season 5 now in season 8 has turned into a box ticking excercise.
  • Castle the Best!!!!

    Castle is a great mystery shows that comes on every Monday at 9:00 on basic premise of the show is that Castle, a mystery novel writer, follows the cops around to gather ideas for his books, and helps solve the murder. He ends up marrying Beckett a cop at the 12th precinct, later on. The show has many spectacular episodes, but it also has some episodes that are not as thrilling as others. The show is very intriguing and exciting to watch.

    Those are just some of the main people who are in almost every episode, but there's a bunch more of main characters who come into play later in the series. The show has up to 8 seasons and is still bringing forth new episodes for people to watch. Some of the cops at the precinct are Esposito, Kevin, and Beckett, and Castle (sort of). Tory is their tech expert, she finds locations for the cops and hacks into computer if they need to and she can also pull up security cameras. Montgomery and Gate ( a girl) are both captains at one time.

    Some of the all-time GREAT episodes they produced are when Castle gets abducted for 8 weeks, Castle and Beckett get engaged, Beckett's apartment gets blown up, and Alexis and her friend get abducted. There are plenty more interesting ones to watch that are really tremendously great! But, there are also some pretty humorous ones to watch. Some of those great ones is where Castle freaks out over a robot machine Beckett is controlling to fake spy on Castle. She did it to him because he did it to her. Another one is where Castle and Beckett fight over who gets a dog that helped solve a murder and needs a new owner.

    Some of the actors are as interesting as the episodes. Some characters that are interesting are, like Castle, played by Nathan Fillion who was the main character in Firefly. Beckett is supposedly pregnant in real life ( I don't know if it is true or not though). In the show, Kevin and Jenny ( his wife ) had 2 kids in the show and plan on having a 3rd. Esposito also got shot in his bottom in one of the earlier seasons. So that's all about the characters and what is going on with them in the show.

    I liked the episodes so much that I bought the seasons so I could rewatch them over and over. Especially my most favorite episodes ever. I am surely without doubt buying 7 and 8 and every season I enjoyed. I would probably recommend the show to anyone from 11 and up.
  • "Humpty Dumpty Had a great Fall"!

    Enjoyable show killed by sorry story lines and poor writing. Its as though the "Show Runners" wanted this Season to totally fail! Like Humpty Dumpty I don't think this show can be put back together again. Beckett's character has been totally discredited and difficult to watch. Castle has been turned into a real "Wuss", and is also very difficult to watch. The legacy of this show has taken a huge hit, and Stana and Nat's reputations as credible actors will need some serious rehab after this fiasco. The show runners should never be allowed to destroy another show! I cannot even watch reruns now. Hopefully that will change when the bad taste is no longer in my mouth.
  • I know what the issue is...

    Really, there's two things. 1) Everyone treats Castle like he's a complete moron. The women in his life are completely emasculating towards him even though he's the multi-millionaire novelist that solves every case. You are pandering to women and men (like me) are 1 crappy episode away from not watching anymore. Now, 2) you, like most other tv shows out there, are getting away from what people liked about the show in the first place... the case. 42 minutes and they solve a case. A good story from start to finish. Are your writers that bad that there always has to be a sub plot to fill in and fall back on? Finish the sub plot and do the show like it was done in the beginning and you'll have a show that'll go another 5+ years. Keep doing what you're doing, I give this 2 seasons or less.
  • They should wrap this show

    i'm on season 8 ep.12, and i'm really disappointed where is the show is directing now, there is rumors about cast asking for more money and center of their roles, one this is certain this is about the Castle and Beckett they belongs toghter, don't break them, breaking them which loose the taste of the characters, we waited 4 seasons to see them together, and where is the romance, even they appeared together only for sex, where is the fun of that.

    So best thing to do Castle should end on Season 8 by justifying the characters, they should complete the season final with jump the timeline few years forward by showing Castle and Beckette living happly every after on their Hampton home with their 3 kids as time traveller predict. Which make all of us Happy. Dragging more seasons will the kill the sprit of this show, those cast needs a break.
  • Castle the best show

    listen to the fans who want to Castle Show Castle s9 and more with the Stana (kate) and Nathan (rick) Couple and Caskettbaby tis are verry good show
  • Castel hit the iceberg

    I watched the episode where the 20 yr old singer is killed tonight. Or at least tried too. I never ever thought I would say this about Castle. From what I watched tonight, sorry to say it, but we are now witnessing another Titanic going down. Seems the writers are doing nothing more than rearranging the chairs on the deck. I wish I was wrong. Seems there is just no more chemistry there between the entire cast, like there use to be. Oh how I wish I was wrong,
  • Out to sea in a sieve

    The writing has deteriorated to the point that I fully expect knock-knock jokes between characters. But Martha doing lead vocals with a group of 20ish singers in a competition after Castle "solves" the death of the original lead? This show is descending at Olympic pace into a slurry of effluent drivel. They can quit the convoluted crap, send Stana into the sunset, and let Castle and family solve some more interesting cases. Until then I would find a test pattern more compelling.
  • From great to gag

    Two years ago i would have given this show a 10 but it's quickly gone to a 1. I wish i could say it's barely watchable but that would be an improvement now a days. UNWATCHABLE...
  • Castle Season 8/9

    I found the episode very interesting... together, but not together! A real genus most have thought this one up! I do love that the romance is back. However, could we please let them be married! There is enough drama right there, in addition to their personal lives for three more seasons. This relationship is an essential part of who these character are - a corner stone so to speak, along with the crime. By-the-way who ever heard of "gal pals", not hanging out and/ or talking over the craziness of relationships and/ or marriage! I enjoyed seeing Martha and Kate's "Gal Pal," which there should be more interaction, friends have conflicts lets see some. Over-all I enjoyed 8/9; the Ryan and Espo's "You get the kids" to Kate was a cutie. There is a great deal of life left in this show for sure, if someone would just keep the writers out of the twilight zone. Castle is classified as a "crime drama" let it be a crime drama, the very nature of fighting crimes is complex and filled with emotional complexities with human interaction. Love, humor, and danger add to that chemistry; along with transitions, family challenges of members in and out of the station is more than enough drama. I would like to see more complex crimes solved in story lines, and more emotional complexities from all the characters - after all you have gathered some of the best talent out there, let's see their craft shine - stop hiding it, please. . Castle is by nature cast as a romantic guy, why not develop that aspect in a more mature way, now that he is married to Kate... "Let's have sex," sound so sophomorest what are they in high school, college kids to better than that - come one!
  • Love it

    I am into crime solving tv shows but I don't like all the drama. I love watching Castle, it's is hilarious. Plus Nathan Fillion is genius! I really hope that more people would watch and like it, so that there would be more seasons.
  • From a former devout fan.

    Awful would be an improvement. Stupid would be an achievment. Pathetic would be a compliment. From bad to worse would be optimistic. Acting and writing are nowhere to be found.

    The one positive is that the end is mercifully near.

    This used to be my favorite show. Now I'd rather bite into aluminum foil than watch another episode. Time to sleep with the fish.

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