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  • How to save Castle, make it must see again, and gain about 3 million viewers

    Sound like I'm not in touch with reality? Wrong!! ABC has right in front of them a way to correct a wrong that is still flying around the message boards. Use the Kevin Ryan character as the link pin to this solution. This solution can also grant Stana Katic her wish of not being on every episode without hurting Castle's ratings. Face it Castle fans unless something happens quickly, Castle is done for. But, there is an obvious answer that rights a wrong that was committed by TNT and flips Castle into a renewed show with renewed energy. Normally at this point, the network lets the show die. All research I have done says Castle comes back gaining 3.1 million viewers and gets renewed if they can catch this one trick that ABC already has under their control.

    What is it? I am a part time writer and I will reveal more if anyone from ABC/Castle gets in touch with me. This is not a joke or wishful thinking. There is a way to make Castle must see again and it will not cost any money to try because ABC already owns the rights to the solution.

    Fans of Castle want Castle and Becket together. The show could take a few episodes without Kate if the viewers believe Castle and Becket are together and what she got herself into has put her into semi hiding. There is an unresolved ABC show that left the characters dangling without a proper ending. The show should have been renewed. This cancelled show is the key to the

    Castle turn around. The cancelled show also was left in the same way that Castle is at now. By using the characters from this cancelled show, viewers of the other show will start watching Castle. There were more than 3.1 million viewers, but the best I could figure is that is the number that will jump to Castle if these characters merge into Castle.

    My rating used to be a 10.0. The show isn't slipping because Castle and Beckett got married. The show is slipping because the two main characters are being kept apart.

    Written 2 weeks later

    Since no one contacted me, I'll spill the beans. The TV Show I am talking about is Perception. There are still people posting about the unfair treatment of that show by TNT. In Castle you have Kevin Ryan and in Perception you have Donnie Ryan. Make them cousins and have all of the unresolved Perception cliff hangers work their way into Castle. Perception left us dangling so bad I don't want to get involved with another TNT show that could leave everyone hanging. ABC owns the rights to Perception. They could correct two wrongs by doing this properly. TV can be such a wasteland!
  • Mr & Mrs Castle

    I guess the writers and actors know it's not being renewed because the last 8 min were the quickie let's wrap this up approach. Awful writing and awful acting. Good plot development up til then, but then ooops let's get them together so we can end this the way the fans want. Becketts acting was so shallow, okay I'm sorry, Castle was okay I accept, let's have sex. It could have been down so much better. I am a hopeless romantic fan and want them together, but with a little realism please.
  • What is wrong with your writers

    Do they not have any imagination. This was one of my favorite shows, but I can barely stand to watch it now and find myself fast forwarding. Don't you think it's time to quit piggybacking onto that worn out old Senator plot. Something worth watching please.
  • re: How to save Castle--sorry, can't be done.

    joelcalderone, I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. My guess is, when you say you're a "part time writer," you mean you're a wannabe and/or hobbyist, or you would realize that no one will EVER "contact you" for "ideas" because you made some posts on an opinion board. I appreciate that you, like many of us, are unhappy about the direction the show has taken. If you knew what was going on behind the scenes you would understand why there is no workable solution. The actors do not want to be around each other, for personal reasons. Therefore the entire foundation of the show--the relationship between Castle and Beckett--can't be restored. The show should have ended last season, however, sometimes a network would rather artificially prolong the life of a cash cow than let the show die with dignity.
  • In all fairness, a lot of season 8's tension is due to Stana

    To see the difference in Stana and Nathan's relationship, watch the youtube video "Nathan fillion - let's go with chocolate" then think about the fact that they don't appear in public together anymore.

    It is no secret that Nathan and Stana don't get a long. When Stana finally signed to come back for Season 8, it was with a caviot that she not have to work every episode. Some speculated she would come back as an intermittent guest star, seeming to be always off chasing this group of bad guys who were part of killing her mommy. I can see that the only way to solve the problem was to give her what she wanted, more scenes away from Nathan. I wished the shows producers would have gotten Morena Baccurin to play Kate for this last season. Even though it wouldn't have been the same, at least we wouldn't have to be putting up with this childishness from Stana. Grow up and do your job. At least the rest of the cast seems to want to put in their all for the good of the show. I think the writers are doing what they can to work around Stana's requrements. I wish she hadn't come back and the show would have gotten a good replacement. I did like the Slaughter/Castle team up though. First show all season I would watch again, and hey Stana wasn't even in it. See we could do without her.
  • what happened

    Remember in the 1st season where Castle puts three shots in the 10 point ring at the police range in order to borrow some jewelry heist later years the writers have Castle hitting hands while aiming for a head and shooting knees when aiming for the chest. I mention this as an example of someone who loved the relationship between Beckett/Castle and drama involving Castles family. When Castle disappears on his way to his wedding and the writers the next year decide not to even address where he was for 2 months you could see the lack of new ideas or the further development of characters in the show. Season 8 has Castle acting like a 6 year old trying to convince viewers that he is a PI and not a writer. Beckett has become distant and her charm is gone. Ryan/Espo now are bumbling detectives played for laughs and Castle has decided his daughter is better off being a receptionist for a vacant PI office then finishing her degree at Columbia. As series go on they always lose the creativity and spark that made them successful. In this case it seems the writers have deserted fans of the 1st 6 years by trying to re-invent the main characters in a show by having them do things that they vowed not to do in past seasons w/o any explanations. A lack of explanation=bad story writing!
  • Stop the pain

    Please return the show to something I enjoy watching. How much more can Castle bumble and be emasculated?

    Or just take the next step, a cuckold episode with Castle bound and watching Vikram Singh taking Beckett as she loves it, throw in a cream-pie with a cleanup by Castle and that should do it.

    Are you guys writing that disappearing Catharine crap for Hawaii Five-0 too?

    Be original and stop pandering!!!
  • Marriage is not a seduction - still need to end the separation story

    I noticed many fans gave the latest episode, The Last Seduction, an improvement rating! But like many others, I am still disappointed with the current story line. The separation fof Castle and Beckett makes no sense as evident from this latest episode. The ratings improved because fans saw glimpses of the romance, comedy and drama that made the Castle-Beckett relationship special. But Kate showing up at Castle's place for a romantic rendezvous and then ending the amazing chemistry by saying, "I have to go," spoiled the reconnection. When Castle returns from Paris in The Hunt episode rescuing Alexis, Kate embraces Castle saying, "promise me you won't ever go off on your own. We can solve any problem TOGETHER! Castle says, I PROMISE!"

    Castle has kept this promise, and pledges his love always again in The Last Seduction. Beckett has not kept that promise, and the separation SHOULD END. So I hope the writers get the message, GET CASTLE & BECKETT BACK TOGETHER SOLVING WHATEVER PROBLEMS COME THEIR WAY! Hoping to see long term commitment and reconciliation, beyond the secret rendezvous, in the Fall finale.

    I actually have been doing research to find out what the heck is going on with this show. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's become so painful to watch, I get a show or taking the sizzle out of the show has made this one of the most boring shows. The dragging out and apparently the issues with contracts ... wow - that much money and they can't 'just figure this It's making the characters look stupid and just completely out of character for what we have grown to love. And what wife just decides to take with everything that they had been through. This will be my last show I can't even stomach spent time logging in as this is a FIRST for me to review a show. Extremely disappointed.
  • Is this an episode of the walking dead?

    I watch what used to be a fairly reasonable show shuffle towards cancellation. The character Castle lurches from spoiled mummy's boy to total wuss as each scene flops out on the floor. I just see Fallon making an idiot of himself on a week by week basis and think, 'this was the badass who used to captain the Firefly?' Everytime I see it I want to track down the mindless drone of a TV exec who made the decision to cancel that show and drive his car into his pool. What an idiot.
  • Good Show Gone Bad

    If tonight's episode isn't any better than the ones I've been seeing in Season 8, then it will probably be my last. What is Becket doing and why? The story doesn't make sense. And Castle is acting more juvenile than usual. And why isn't Alexis in school? Bring back the fun. I heard that this is the last season (and that last season was supposed to be). Has "Kate" already found a new job and that's why she's absent? You've got one last chance as far as I'm I'm worried because from the trailer it looks like Kate's going to divorce
  • Depressing

    Watching the show now is so depressing. I find myself just listening to it in the background while doing other things. I'm not sure why I even turn it on to watch anymore and in looking at the previews for next week, I don't think I'll bother again. Everything I loved about the show seems to be gone now. It's no fun and I'm beginning to really hate the character of Beckett. I think it's time to end it and put it out of it's misery. This will be one of those shows that if I got back and watch, I'll stop at season 7 and pretend the others didn't exist. So sad to see it seem to go out like this after being such a loyal fan all these years. It's obvious the writers and their egos won't listen to fans because they think they know best. Too bad they've killed what was a good show!
  • The castle has become a shanty

    My favorite show since the pilot, but the writing and story line has been in the dump this season. What happened?
  • Stop on & off Beckett and castle

    I have watched since season 1. First: Alexis is great in her new role. Enjoy the competency and creditability that Alexis, Slaughter, and the latest lady pi brings to the "Castle" pi services. Rick Castle as a pi is simply not creditable in fiction or realty. Please excuse crudeness by my saying that he is to immature to be taken seriously.

    Finally, and most importantly, if the show is focusing on Castle, then drop Kate Beckett from the show or place her in a mental hospital. The on and off relationship and the endless obsession about the mother's death is aggregating and detracting from the true crime investigation writing.
  • Need to dump the writers if it's not already too late

    Like all the other reviews, I used to love Castle but it is going down Are the writers so uninspired that they have no idea what to do with the story line? It almost seems like they are planning to start the show all over again. Have them split up, then work together again for, how many seasons will it take this time??? Then get back together and have yet another wedding?? It really is ridiculous, if you cannot come up with anymore decent stories, then let it die gracefully, don't beat it over the head with a hammer until it finally dies a gruesome, bloody death.
  • Jumping the Shark on a Crumbling Castle!!

    I have been a fan of Castle since the beginning. I have seen all the episodes multiple times, but have become disenchanted with the path of this season. The mortar and stones, Castle and Beckett, which make up the foundation of Castle, have begun to crumble, thanks to the chosen path of the writers. The beginning of the season starts with Beckett becoming the new captain of her precinct. Her first duties and responsibilities are to abandon her precinct and charges to go rogue to find the killers of the agents she worked with in Washington. Not only did she abandon her police brethren, but also her husband. She shows little concern or remorse for the fact that everyone that loves her is left on the outside, while she goes into a downward spiral to avenge the deaths of her new friends. I feel that the writers are lacking ingenuity and ambition by choosing to revert Beckett's character to the morose self-centered uncaring person that propelled her initially, with the death of her mother: The problem is that she had a strong vested interest in having those feelings, as opposed to the current plot where she throws everything away to become a vigilante for people she knew for a short period of time and fired her. The other problem is she doesn't seem to have any boss. What police force would allow their captain to engage in this behavior without repercussions? I know this is a story, but it would help to have some sense of realism. The path of Beckett doesn't seem to have evolved beyond what she was as a detective. She interjects herself into Ryan and Esposito's cases, as if they were rookies, while doing no captain duties and disappearing into the night, when it comes to any personal interaction with Castle. The Castle character has become a shell of what he was. He was a fun loving devoted character that would risk his life, many times, to make sure that his love interest, Beckett, was safe. He would inject himself into any case, including the investigation of Beckett's mother, whether asked or not. Now his character has been portrayed as being a weak willed sniveling shell of a man that has been reduced to waiting for Beckett to make a decision about her abandonment, crawling around to try to get any kind of affection from Beckett, and having an affair with a pyramid voice box.

    I would have rather seen the writers follow the Senatorial Path for Castle. They could have turned the show into a political thriller. They could have used Castle's private investigation office as the primary back drop, instead of the police station. Castle could have used his political connections and Beckett's tenacity to infiltrate the underbelly of the government to investigate the plot behind Senator Bracken's death and his cohorts, regarding her mother's death: This gives Beckett a more plausible reason to become self absorbed, while still being able to positively and romantically evolve the relationship between her and Castle. If Stana decided not to continue the show, the writers could have used her work schedule and distance to limit her appearances, while trying to introduce new and interesting characters, such as in the nose episode: They already starting doing a long distance relationship when they introduced the Washington agents. They could have brought Espisito and Ryan over either a consultants for Castle or Secret Service Agents working for Senator Beckett. The writers could have still integrated Alexis, Martha, and Lanie into the episodes: Lanie could have become an expert forensic pathologist for special cases. The government scenario could also have brought more plausible interactions between Richard and his father. I can envision a lot of different directions and plot scenarios that could have been explored with Beckett being Senator, than an absentee captain.

    I could see using the Washington agent's death as a plot vehicle, but not the main premise for the show. This season's plot path makes no sense, as when Fonzie JUMPED THE SHARK in Happy Days. As with that episode in Happy Days, does this current Castle direction spell the end of Castle?

    As for me, I am losing interest with every episode that is produced and investing any more time. If the writers want to save the show, they better hurry up before they are writing episodes at the unemployment office.

  • Hate to see a good show go bad

    Castle was one of the few shows I always watched. This season I even forget its on because it has gotten so uninteresting. I still love the Castle, Ryan, and Esto characters but Becket should be written out of the show and the writers should find a new direction that regains the chemistry and smart dialogue of earlier seasons. Now I don't even watch the re-runs which I once thought I would never get tired of.
  • Season 8 fail

    Like a lot of others here I've been a big Castle fan since (almost) day one. I don't watch much TV and this was the one show I'd watch. At the end of 802 I felt like I'd been kicked in the guts. I stuck it out through 803 and gave up half way through 804. The characters have lost their direction and there's no way they can write their way out of the betrayal that was 802. What happened to "Always"? Someone once said ""You want to believe that there's one relationship in life that's beyond betrayal. A relationship that's beyond that kind of hurt. And there isn't" . Sadly true. I've given up on Castle, I can't even watch the earlier episodes. :(
  • season 8

    Like others have said I am a big fan of the show, have all seasons on dvd, but this season is really pathetic. Castle and beckett not living, or working together. The writers need to either have them get back together and continue the good Ole episodes or file for divorce and more on. This show is going to loose so many fans now unless they can adhere to what the fans want.
  • Ditto Many of the Comments

    The current storyline/writing is awful. Castle is up against NCIS LA ... are they insane? If the creators/writers are out of ideas, take it back to the happy ending we all wanted and end the show. My rating is based solely on this Season; prior to, it would have been 10.
  • why are you destroying the show

    I don't know why the writers insist on the drama, we watch the show becasue of the crimes and the funny scenes, why the writers want always to creat drama, if we want to watch drama we will not watch crime comedy show, just go back to the old style, keep becket and castle together and let them solve crime and keeb the comedy that is all don't ruin it, it is hard to find good show to watch so please don't screw the show till the fan go away and you get it cancel.
  • What Happened?

    I've been a fan of this show from the beginning. What on earth has happened to the writing? Beckett is a complete tool to Castle. Castle has become a sniveling pathetic stalker who should kick her butt to the curb if he has any self-respect. The story lines are no longer fun or enjoyable. The attraction of the show was their chemistry; now there is none. The whole dilemma that is keeping them apart is ridiculous and contrived, not to mention a virtual repeat of last year's opening shows in reverse. I am so disappointed! Nathan, Stana: don't let them ruin your show!
  • Very Disappointed

    Like many other fans, my husband and I waited for the premier of Season 8. Even though the first two episodes were terrible, we figured it had to get better. Every series has an episode or two you don't care for. Well, so far this season is getting worse. The characters no longer have any chemistry, the story line isn't entertaining, and I hate Beckett's self centered attitude. Since hopefully the show will end soon, Rick should grow a pair and divorce her. At least then the fans would see her get what she deserves.
  • Disappointed

    I have purchased all 7 seasons on dvd. Definitely disappointed the writers separated Castle and Beckett instead of creating a great team solving a great crime.
  • Terrible

    This show was fun and had such charisma. This so much. The characters are flat with no charisma and are disconnected from each other. I can't even enjoy episodes like " The Nose" which could have been funny if not for the unfortunate circumstances the writers took Castle and Beckett to. Honestly, fans such as myself loved the show with the 2 of them together. Now they are further apart than when the show started because they don't live together, work together or are together period. stupid!

    I am very close to giving this show up. It would have been better to have had it end on a high note last thumbs down for this season so far.
  • Are the writers tying to get the show canceled.

    The story line is stupid!!! Becket and Castle have been here and done that. I'm almost over the show, except for the last episode was really funny.
  • Castle Season 8

    This show, its good popcorn and fun to watch. Suspense.. nah.. always a good ending for the main characters, so this season is about Beckett's obsession with a case and her relationship with Castle. It will get resolved, that much is for sure. There won't be divorce. Sure there will be some twist and turns. Now, ironically, this season with the 'The Nose", an interesting character, wonder if she will be seen in future episodes. She was weird, but funny.
  • Why bother anymore

    Once brilliant and entertaining, now sad and pathetic. Watching this new season has bexome painful. Never thought i could dislike castle and beckett. Sad and pathetic storyline.

    I decided based on promos to give it one more shot. Passion gone, beckett only thinking about beckett. Bad writing, all chemistry is now gone. DVR removed from my line up.
  • Redudant dumstuff

    Woman gets captured after Castle and Beckett seperate( again) stupid stuff, tells that if she talks she'll die, then commits suicide by cop, you had a great opertunity to make the series go in a good new direction, Role reversale with Castle being the rich spouse and Beckett as the accomplished dective ah la the Thin Man, instead you decided to rewritw old ideas, you are close to losing me, just watched the latest anf last episode of Caqstle, I just figured it out, Katic was reluctant to signe a new contract, now she is listed as a producer, so when the show is deliberatly tanked, she won't be out a dime on a cancilation, if she thinks that she is the only reason that people watch the show, think again, this is the only thing she's done and I just watched an older episode, un like the other actors, I see very little to recomend her except that she' s drop dead beautiful, she hasen't improved as an actress at all, this show needs to go, it , no longer, is fun or interesting, took the series off my dvr, won't be watching it again, and won't be watching it when it comes back in November, as for Stana Katic, I think she's got the impression that she's the whole show, think again. They, the producers, obviously want the show cancled, that way they won't have to honer all of the contract money, because there is probably a contract clause that covers limated payments if the show is cancled or not renewed.
  • Good-bye!

    As a longtime Castle fan I choose to replace Castle with Blindspot on my DVR while I watch NCIS-LA. The problem - unbelievable story lines to pull the romantic leads apart only to have them awkwardly renew their relationship. First it was the CIA crashed Castle's car on his wedding day to haul him off to Thailand to talk down an old prep school acquaintance, who could trust only Castle, and no one else, so as to resolve a "save the world from the terrorists" threat. Really?

    This year it is Beckett leaving Castle to take down a druglord who caused the deaths of an AG team of which she was barely a part. Are we to believe that there is no federal agency capable of doing the job, that only our NYC police captain can save the day? Really? Beckett could have passed on whatever info she had about Vulcan's operation and concentrated on her actual job as captain of the 12th but no, that would have required some original thought in scriptwriting allowing our characters' relationship to mature and flourish. Instead we get another season of soap opera pap.

    Let me posit a storyline. Ratings are in the tank. The show lags well behind its competition in the time slot. Unbeknownst to us loyal fans Stana's drawn out negotiations got her a contract in which she committed to minimal participation in this season's episodes so as to make the fans comfortable with a new Castle to begin after Beckett's untimely death in this season's final episode. The new writers are here to usher in the new format and to take the heat from those of us who are affronted by lazy, ill-conceived story lines that take our romantic leads so far out of character as to be laughable. What happened to Kate's wedding vow to be Rick's "partner in crime and in life?" What happened to the Rick who manned-up and told Kate that they were done when she chose to go off the reservation after a hired assassin and to the Kate that chose her relationship with Rick over her obsession? Now we are asked to accept a newly obsessed Kate and a spineless Rick who won't even demand to know what is driving his wife to distraction. I am done.

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