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  • Ruined and Tiresome

    What used to be funny and dramatic is no longer. First the writers make us suffer through two seasons of romance made for soap operas, now this breakup crap. Put the show to rest or get new writers. Boo Hoo...

  • Missing my old Castle, who wrote this garbage !!!

    ABC needs to DITCH these crappy writers !!! I used to look forward to Monday nights, now the tv goes off at 9. There used to be laughter, a little suspense, lots of back and forth fun with the rest of the cast. I can not believe this used to be my favorite show. These writers have succeeded in making Becket look cruel and hateful and making Castle look sad and pathetic. I tried again tonight and it is like they took 4th graders and said "Write this weeks script" IN FACT I think 4th graders might have done a better job. Now I just go to bed and read, much more entertaining.
  • whats happened to Castle?

    I didn't think I was alone with my thoughts about this story line. So sad because I really liked this show. Now I dont find it interesting and this story line is awful.
  • Unbelievable!? You bet! I thought I had gone mad.

    I'm relieved to see that others share my disappointment and disillusionment with the new season of Castle. I have gone from a real, die-hard fan to a sad and disappointed one. How can you put Castle in such a ridiculous situation - trying to win back his new wife. He has lost his self-respect. He is behaving like a lovesick teenager instead of the urbane intelligent partner and husband of a now self-centered, manic police captain. It's not-to-be-believed.

    I for one am sick to death of the "my mother's killer" story line. Why continue to kick a dead horse.

    As an earlier contributor said, if Bones could make the love and marriage story line a success, Castle could also. Moving on is this seminal change doesn't bode well. I only hope the writers don't drag it out for much longer. I can't keep watching. It's too stupid.
  • Not getting it......

    This current story line really sucks. Beckett tells Castle she never gave up on him when he was gone, so he should be okay with what she's doing now. They always worked together to get out of the toughest spots, now they don't? The writers really really blew it with this storyline. I've watched the first 7 seasons 3 times and all the re-runs on the tube... now I can't hardly bear to watch..... major disappointment
  • Did they lose their minds

    The writers have gone adrift once again. Instead of a new refreshing long running story line Beckett & Castle could both work on they chose this direction. I could name dozens of shows ruined by this tactic. You should have ended the show last year if this is what you had in mind. It makes it look like Beckett does not trust Castle or her crew. Sad.
  • It's time for the

    Bad writing, stupid characters (ALL of them), no more intrigue, or interest, or fun that has characterized the previous seasons. This silly, "mysterious" stuff that Beckett is doing makes for a worse plot than you'd find in a high school play. I'd rather watch a solid week, no, make that month of non-stop Castle reruns than another minute of this lame season.

    I've read what all the fans here are saying, and I agree with each of them. The show is slowly losing its magic for me. I fell in love with the show because of the love story between Beckett and Castle. I followed it from the very first episode to the last of Season 7. I was in Greece when Season 8 Ep1 was shown, but I did remember to record it in my DVR. I missed Ep2 as well, and I was so excited to watch the two episodes when I returned, only to be so disappointed after watching them. Why can't the two characters be happily married and still be good at solving crimes, just like Jonathan and Jennifer Hart in the late 70s? WHERE HAS THE ROMANCE GONE? Beckett is turning out to be obsessive and too self-righteous, bordering on megalomania, at the expense of her marriage. She professes to love Castle, and yet it's more important for her to go beyond solving her mother's murder. Why can't she stop after putting Bracken to prison, and eventually to his death? We know she is who she is (one who wants to know the truth) but as Captain, you would think she would even be better at solving crimes, with the love of her life. She could even use her intelligence and toughness at Capitol Hill. On the other hand, Castle is turning into a pathetic character who's doing everything he can to win his wife back but to no avail. Perhaps you could have him indulge in an affair, which would totally upset Beckett, and that would eventually ruin their love story, which will lead to the show's demise. Even Lanie's appearance in the show is getting very limited, just one or two scenes in each episode. I miss the corkiness of Martha; the scenes of a happy family discussing everything under the sun over coffee or dinner. PLEASE BRING IT ALL BACK. Have Beckett give up her search for whoever is behind the Bracken saga. Please just kill whoever it is, have Beckett go back home, start the episode with a hot, torrid bed scene with the married couple, and toy with the idea of them having a baby. If Bone succeeded following this line of story, I am definitely sure Castle fans will be happy with it too!

  • Upset

    I can't figure out why the new show runners think this storyline is strengthening Casketts relationship. This is exactly what Rick did in "Always" when Kate accused him of making a deal for her life-she went ballistic! He was doing was the same thing trying to protect her (and Montgomery/Smith made the deal).

    Season 7 was in the top 25 shows and (sometimes the top 10) nearly every week, I DVR'd each episode and rewatched them constantly. This year I can't delete them fast enough because I feel upset after each episode-it's time Kate figures out that Rick can take care of himself. Besides her dad would also be in peril and she can't leave him.
  • Another Good Show Ruined By Being "Refreshed"

    Writers: Eight seasons, already. We've got to refresh this show, put in new things because otherwise people will get bored with it.

    Viewers: We've watched this show for seven seasons because of the chemistry between the characters and the humor. We don't want to see a different show in Season Eight.

    Once again, producers/writers decide to keep a show "fresh" by eliminating reasons that people watch the show. Just as when writers/producers kill off main characters to "refresh the show". Viewers watch it because they LIKE the characters. Kill them off and people have less reason to watch it . (Person of interest et al)

    Rating is for Season 8
  • Once a great show, they should have known when to stop

    This show has evolved in a way that requires a multi-part review.

    Seasons 1 and 2: Rating 10

    These are as good as any television show I've seen. The stories are fresh and the relationship between Castle and Beckett moves at just the right pace.

    Seasons 3 through 5: Rating 8

    The stories are still very good, but they lose much of the originality and edginess of the first two seasons. The Castle/Beckett relationship is still very entertaining, but at times it feels like the writers are creating artificial obstacles. These are still very good and worth watching, but as a viewer, I should never be thinking about what the writers are doing for show longevity.

    Seasons 6 and 7: Rating 5 1/2

    At this point the show is entertaining, but clearly operating on momentum. I would only recommend these seasons for people that love the show. Some of the developments and plot twists struck me as clearly bad or lazy writing. The final episode of Season 7 was well done and would have been a perfect ending for the series. I was surprised when a Season 8 was announced.

    Season 8: Rating 1

    I was only able to watch 2 episodes. The writers - clearly not knowing what to do - blew up the show in the worst way. I can't see how any long-term fan of the show can stand to watch this anymore. What I did see reminds me of how horribly wrong something can go when you don't know when to say Done! For me, the end of Castle will always be the final episode of Season 7.

  • This is frustrating

    Dark back story is disappointing. After years of creating a rapport between Castle and Beckett the whole relationship gets screwed up in the new season. Now Beckett treats Castle like a stranger so she can play part-time spy. Whole thing is a turnoff. Writers forgot what makes this show its bread and butter: the relationship between C & B. Right now there is none. Most the guys and probably some girls watching wouldn't blame Castle for divorcing Beckett for lack of chemistry.
  • I can't watch the destruction of my once favorite show.

    The new shows are unwatchable, unless you enjoy seeing Beckett act like a completely spaced out unhappily married women. With Castle totally unable to handle anything, his daughter has turned into a private detective genius . Her 2 detective buddies are also perplexed on what's going on. Last thing, why the goofy camera angles when Beckett and Castle are alone? Is it just me or are those stand ins for each other because in the real world, they still hate being around each other? Do you writers know why NCIS has had so much success? Apparently not.
  • Tghe word has beeen clearly stated by Castle supporters

    and that word is either you are intentionally wrecking the show or your writers are playing Russian roulette with the story like. Your motivations and everything else is turning off the fans - read the fans are telling you something. Don't listen and look for another job next year.
  • You wrecked my favorite show

    This format really stinks. The fun of this show is Beckett and Castle. It's gone. I am having a hard time sitting through this. Please go back!
  • Protecting Castler How?

    This new plot line of Beckett staying out of the house to protect Castle is beyond weak boarding on ludicrous. She does not live at home, but they see each other every episode, and all the bad guys that count know they are married. Nothing about what she is doing makes sense. The world won't end if Beckett and Castle have a working, loving, FUNNY relationship guys. Thats what makes this show great. I know writers thrive on controversy, but to do it on such weak pretense is killing the shows watch-ability.
  • Castle

    You guys missed the boat. You did not inspire broke the know it is okay for people to be happily married and work on crime etc. It is a shame because it was a good show. It was a ten. Now it is a . Fillion and Ms. run very fuys are writing not so much. I will end your show at the end of last season. Look forward to your next work. Wish both of you the best.

    This has been my favorite show and I still watch the previous seasons daily. What is wrong with

    Castle and Beckett being happy in their marriage? The new season is so bad I actually cannot

    make it through the whole show without falling asleep. We don't want to see Castle and his daughter,

    we want to see Castle and Beckett solving murders and being funny and happy together. Forget

    this dark past of Kate's. The fans are ready to move on Castle and Beckett's future. If the writers are

    burnt out, get new ones!
  • Used to be such a great show....

    Sorry to say, the series was slowly decomposing season-by-season. In season 8 they reached the point I decided to stop watching (and spend the time saved to rant here), at least until they bring the storyline and haracters back in order. The change is particularly striking if you watch season 2 and 8 side by side,

    First seasons (those 'we felt in love with') were concentrated on crime solving by two characters that were completing each other both professionally and in private:

    Castle was an easygoing, playboish type, rich and quite famous, with powerful friends - and great storytelling skills he used to make the crime story tick

    Beckett was a driven, down-to-earth, rather shy of powerful detective - with great persistence and eye for evidence and connections.

    This was the relationship that made the series great; it would work just as well in Season 8 with Castle and Beckett working and living together.

    By season 8 those characters were completely refurbished:

    Castle is an infantile and naive middle aged guy, whose only redeeming character trait is devout loyalty to his daughter and Beckett. No fame, no glory.... and rarely resourceful

    Beckett is still driven and down-to-earth, but meanwhile become force to be reckoned with and a girl who could have any men she wanted. Not only she has powerful friends, but she has her own power base (possibility to run for Senate), While she declares her undying love for Castle, events clearly suggest he is her third priority, well behind her job and obsession (mother's death)

    As a consequence watcher is left with a feeling, that nowadays the only element that keeps Beckett with Castle is sheer routine and lack of better options at the time. While in early season the 'do you sleep together' Castle's 'not yet' sounded reasonable, for season 8 chars it would have been 'oh i so want it but i know i have no chance ever'

    Separation between Castle and Beckett was not bold - I would rather say dumb. Let's hope the show will go back to track

    I would give 4-5 stars for first seasons - only 2 stars now... and until Castle is improved, the show have two viewers less.

    I think Castle is on a fast track to close with season 8 (if ratings and viewers continue to drop). Pity


    1. If creators would like to have the spark back they should restore partnership between Castle and Beckett. THey should complete each other, they certainly do not anymore. Caslle should be bacck less infantile and naive, Beckett should be downscaled (or some other changes that would give any balance). Meanwhile Beckett should do some work on winning Castle; last few seasons it was increasingly Castle who went to great lengths to win her with her rather passive and not trusting Castle

    2. Bring Ccastle and Beckett back together and develop their relationship. On-and-off relationship could have worked for other show and characters; in Castle (and their 40ish chars) it only does not.

    3. Concentrate more on solving crimes, with nice twists like you used to. Convoluted multi-episode dark research that leaves one character behind doesn't work.
  • Getting Worse and Worse!

    No idea who dreamed up this new story line but it stinks! Get back to the original formula. Perhaps Beckett could realize that she does NOT want to be Captain and get back to what she does best. As well, the entire series is based on the interplay between Castle and Beckett. There is NONE at present. If this continues you've lost two watchers. Get back to the mysteries.
  • Not fun anymore

    Disappointing and not fun as it once was. Never much enjoyed Castles daughter and sure don't need more of her and less of Kate. Time to move on I guess.
  • Castle

    This season sucks. I'm not watching until it returns to it's original format. Demote Beckett and get her and Castle back together#
  • Enough already!

    What has happened to Castle? Enough with the dark back stories. Enough with another separation for Beckett and Castle. Where are the weekly mysteries?? Where is the humor?? I thought that Beckett and Castle would be the contemporary counterparts of Nick and Nora. No such luck.

    If things don't improve soon I will be a former Castle watcher.
  • Season Gone Bad

    Really writers? What are you thinking? You took all those years to get Kate and Rick together, then you have them separate? Please get back to a story line that makes sense and made your show popular. Should you stay on this path, you will loose a loyal viewer. So, far you are way off center.
  • So sad to see this show go to the dumps

    I used to love this show but you all have ruined it with foolish interpersonal drama and convoluted external threats. Either get back to the basics or cancel it already. I remember when this show used to be about solving crimes.
  • Good shown goes bad

    The premise for the new season makes no sense. Just cancel it now. Such a contrived mess. Castle and Becket separate, so Castle can win her back again? writers have lost their Mojo!
  • Ingredients of a new Castle's season:

    - Misterious bad guy beckett has to "fight" with.

    - New Castle's family member out of the blue.

    - Some trouble in castle-beckett relationship that will be solved later.

    - Done!

    Seriously, it should have ended a while ago.
  • Old and dumb

    The show has gotten so horrible. My husband and I were faithful viewers, but this season seems so dumb. Why does each episode have to be about one of the main characters being in danger?? We already know they'll be safe at the end. Have the writers just gone on "lame" leave? Bring back the mysteries! Make the show interesting again. For now, there will be 2 less viewers.
  • new season

    so why don't they do reviews for castle anymore
  • Just A Plain Thank You!

    Dear Executive Producers, Writers and Actors: The premier season reflects creative new spins, entwines new as well as old actors in amazing ways. Thank you for the creativity, maintaining the existing cast and outstanding stories coming. While I was in the hospital for 2 months battling my cancer, your show was something that brought "home" into my hospital room. I watched and rewatched your shows for this reason. Nathan, your interview of being grateful was vey touching. I remember having to leave home at 16, living alone and the financial hardships I endured. Those back to basic memories keep you strong and in tact. Thank you all at Castle for being there for me!
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