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  • Oooops The mystery, of kate mother's death..

    Am thinking well it has to do with his father, back in the days. Yeah episode 23 painted a great inside of how the worry is going to increase between the two.

    Detective Ryan seems to have lost the only precinct friend that ever had his back, (any one could have seen that their relationship was coming to an end) Four years not even a clue who is behind her death........"Am frustrated" at least a visible lead would comfort some of the viewers.
  • some notes

    Everytime I try to make connection with this show , but there's no way .

    the misterious story is somehow good , but the dialogue are so poor and not needed .

  • It's a murder mystery show. And a pretty darn good one too.

    For me, I'm not really a big fan of crime investigation shows. They're suspenseful, but they never really interested me. However, on ABC lands possible one of my favorite shows there known as Castle. This follows the story of a best-selling author named Richard Castle when he teams up with crime investigator Kate to solve murders that resemble the ones in his novels. Later on, they team to solve many murders that have happened with other detectives. The plot itself is actually engaging, despite being rather bland, and the characters themselves are actually likable and dynamic, especially RIchard himself, and is one of the parts of the show that actually makes me like it more than other crime investigation shows. Another aspect that made me enjoy it more than other crime investigation shows was the personalities of the show. The show knows when the times are meant to be taken comically, and the times where things get serious fast, and the own light appeal appeals to me. And like other crime investigation shows, the crime sequences are clever and things turn interesting throughout each episode. The acting itself is also good and the actors themselves seem to know what they are doing most of the time although not all the time.

    The show itself is not without flaws, however. There are some moments where some scenes are taken rather TOO comically, even though it should be meant to show a darker mood. And some scenes, the actors will sometimes not always get their job done right.

    Despite this, Castle is a crime investigation that is worth looking forward too. The interesting episodes and characters and the great tone will make sure you come back for more. If you are a big fan of crime investigation shows, then this show is for you.

    Presentation: 9/10 Plots are interesting despite rehashed, and characters are great.

    Acting: 8/10 Great on most parts, although not awesome during the whole time.

    Entertainment: 9.5/10 The show does a great job of keeping the person interested, along with amazing tone change.

    Lasting Appeal: 9/10 One of the best crime investigation shows out there. That's all I can say.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10 Amazing
  • This one's Ok

    Alright, so this is not the greatest show on TV but it is good entertainment. I have a weakness for murder mysteries and I watch most of them. The reason I enjoy watching this show is because it is murder but not too morbid or gory. I enjoy the banter between Castle & Beckett but would like it if the sexual tension were resolved one way or another. It feels like the makers of the show underestimate their ability to come up with creative story lines and are using Castle-Beckett tension to keep people watching. This state of affairs is really sad and I wish they would focus their energy more on writing interesting cases and developing the other characters in the show like the new boss Gates.
  • The Best Show EVER!!!!!!

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! The best ever. Great cases, great actors, and great theme.. Everything about CASTLE is just Amazing!!!
  • Good show!

    I really like this show. It is fun and clever and has a great supporting cast.
  • I like it...actually...I like it a lot

    At first I thought "come on, that's 'The Mentalist' with a few changes here and there"...and it still kinda is: law enforcement (NYPD vs CBI), paired up with a more or less excentric outsider (I think the word "charlatan" has been mentioned more than once on both shows), a female lead (Det. Beckett vs Agent Lisbon) plus two or more sidekicks and a back story of a murdered loved one (mother vs wife and kid). But...this recipe works, and it works really well, since both shows are extremely entertaining, and that what it's all about.

    I have to admit, I'm not the biggest Nathan Fillion fan, but I really like this guy as Richard Castle. Stana Katic? Well, as a man you just gotta love to look at her, but she's the overall package, and Susan Sullivan was great as Greg's mom (and Alan Harper's bed partner for one night), but the whole cast is really good and each and every one of them brings something extra to the table, which makes this show so great in its entirety.

    I wouldn't say that the stories started out a little weak at first, that would be too negative and non deserving, but in my opinion they got better and a little darker as they show is growing and moving forwards.

    All in all I really hope 'Castle' gets the run it deserves.
  • Wrong turn

    I love this show but think they are making a mistake taking this turn with Kate and Castle. I realize Castle was hurt but this isn't the way it should go. Kate needs to loosen up a little and also I loved it when Kate and Castle went places to solve the "who done it" and Castle would buy Kate a wonderful dress to wear. They can still take it slow but definitely don't make this big turn - it is a turn off.
  • Good guests!

    I thought Vinny Guastaferro was outstanding in the little bit they gave him to do.
  • Good show, but as all detective serials, it is becoming predictive.

    It is a good show, but not a great show. I watch it regularly, but in the last 2 episodes, like "House" revelation is sought by conversing with another person who has no connection to the case. Come on people, isn't that a little too convenient?

    A case should be solved when looked at from all the angles, not just by one person or in this case a story writer. And what is with the supporting actors? Don't they have a brain? How come in all shows, there is only 1 person solving the case and the others around him/her are so dumb?

    A good show should promote team work, where not 1 person alone is much more clairvoyant than the rest. Yes it helps to be a little more than the average detective, but what makes a detective great is that he alone can put the complex puzzles together when his team mates cannot or he alone can rise to the top with the help of others.

    If this show takes a turn like Monk, I will stop watching.

    Monk, is in fact the worst show I have seen lately.
  • castle hit us crime seires

    castle is phenomenal, i love it so much , i would recommend watching it not just because i am a humungous and gigantic fan but because the show should have more people to know what it is and what its all about truthfully i don't think it has enough credit, castle is incredible it shouldn't be hidden away Just think about, do whats right lol :)xxxxxxxxxx

    will castle and beckett ever hook up?
  • castle

    i have really just started watching castle and i luv it ,so much so i have sat for days on the computer starting from season one and now at season 4 episode 16 !!! totally brill and luv rick castle !! long may it continue great way to unwind ....
  • Love That Rick Castle!

    Oh my goodness! What a fun, Fun, SUPER FUN, series! A week without Castle is like a week without sunshine. Bummer! The two lead characters are soooooo right together. When the series first started I thought they were anything BUT... Then I got to know them a little better and then I laughed at my first impression. I haven't seen a couple as opposite but oh-so-right together as these two since MOONLIGHTING with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard expect maybe Remmington Steel and whatever Stephanie Z's character's name was. Terrific chemistry and GREAT dialogue make this the romantic-suspence-comedy of the week to beat! I just hope the writers of this fun show keep on their toes and don't let it start becoming the same old-same old! (So far-so good!) Two Thumbs Up!

    Victoria Taylor Murray

  • great show

    i have to admit next 5.0, castle is one of the best cop shows around

    it has the right mixture of action/drama/comdey

    score 9.5
  • I love Castle & I love writing.


    Castle is a very interesting show for many reasons. It's funny, it's cute, and the leads are very good actors. I love both Bones/Castle and I can't believe that these two awesome shows exist. UST is annoying, but only a few know how to write it good!

  • come on

    we need the real castle back i mean that childish man back cos s4 hasn't been as interest as the seasons be4 please bring back castle
  • Best detective ever

    its the best detective show because it has alot of comedy and suspense.
  • Has Elvis really left the building?


    By moving Beckett slightly out of the foreground, the writers provide screen time for further character development of her cohorts, especially Ryan and Esposito. Although having Beckett so frequently off-stage limits opportunities for the usual Beckett-Castle banter persiflage, humor percolates throughout the episode, both in dialogue and in sight gags. As Ryan, Esposito, and Castle engage in some "male bonding" while on the case of a murdered New Jersey casino owner, the viewer learns more about the trio's team dynamics and their genuine caring for one another. Previous presentations of team dynamics [with or without Beckett] have generally involved dangerous and/or highly stressful situations; however, this less intense situation offers opportunities for different sorts of character development.

    Most episodes of Castle feature subplots for comparison/contrast with the primary plot. This time, Alexis' attempts to get on with her life after breaking up with Ashley provide the subplot. Her planned quiet night with "the girls" almost becomes a brawl, courtesy of Twitter. Similarly, the planned routine investigation [which "the boys" hope will leave them some time for an impromptu bachelor party for Ryan] becomes anything BUT routine. Ashley tries to disguise her grief; similarly, members of the trio try to disguise themselves in order to excavate the truth from a flurry of lies, excuses, and hidden motives.

    The theme of relationships permeates this episode: Alexis has severed her relationship with Ashley and may well take a huge step back from her relationship with the female friend responsible for the near-brawl; Castle's relationship with his daughter always brings to mind his relationship with Beckett; Esposito and Laney have broken up with each other; Ryan's relationship with his fiancée necessitates disappointing Castle and Esposito as he must choose one of her family members to be best man; two suspects in New Jersey turn out to be both innocent and in love with each other; the relationship between Beckett and Gates seems to be taking a turn for the better; and the relationship between the murdered man and his ex-wife is pivotal to the plot.

    With Ryan, Esposito, and Castle in New Jersey, Beckett has no buffer against Chief "call me sir" Gates – but this time, she does not need one. Perhaps because it is "girls' day out" at the office, Gates talks to, and listens to, Beckett without engaging in her usual snide comments, sarcasm, criticism, or high-handedness; her generally belligerent and confrontational attitude appears only briefly, as she orders Castle to accompany Ryan and Esposito to New Jersey. Responding to the apparent changes in Gates, Beckett lowers her guard a bit and actually teases Gates about her attitude toward Castle, the first bit of humor this season to involve Gates directly rather than as a target for the team's disgruntled comments to one another. Until this episode, Gates appeared both monolithic and Neolithic: one attitude only, with that attitude set in stone.

    Even without the usual tensions and without much Castle-Beckett interaction, this episode works well. It offers Beckett hope of a better relationship with Gates, which could become a springboard for Ryan, Esposito, and Castle to experience a similar change in their working relationships with Gates. Even if a bit short on plot, this episode is long on character.

  • Murder mystery novelist follows the day-to-day routines of a sassy female detective to gather meat for his novel based on her.

    Great cinematography and smart looking actors are paired with really bad acting, over dramatized sound effects and more than terrible dialogues. With contemporaries like Dexter, CSI and what not, you would think that investigation shows would do a better job with their basic storylines atleast. The more I watch it, the more I hate the fact that this show is trying to fool me into believing it. Whoever approved the pilot needs serious self review. Every episode seems forceful and the overacting simply pisses you off over and over again. The only reason I am watching this show is to prove that I sat through it and am therefore equipped to diss it.
  • A brilliant show with great characters and tremendous chemistry and charm, the interactions between the characters isphenomenal. From the entire Castle family too the whole 12th precinct, this is without a doubt one of the best u.r.s.t. shows out there


    When i first starting watching this show it was at the beginning of the second series, i hadn't really heard any thing about it but once irealized it was starring Nathan Fillion i thought '' I have to check this out'', i ended up watching the entire first season back to back and since then i have beencompletely hooked.

    For such a standard premise i was completely blown away by delivery and charm,allotof shows use u.r.s.t. but there is really believable chemistry between Fillion and Katic not to mention large helping of humor and action, the supporting cast is fantastic and really helps to add to each case. Even though they do seem to be underused on occasion, i lookforward to each episode with bated breath and i really can't imagine a time when i won't.

  • This series is the most refreshing, witty and brilliant detective series since Moonlighting. All the charactors are endearing and unique. I own season 1 % 2 and all the books. Love this show

    This series is the most refreshing, witty and photographicly colorful since Moonlighting and Auntie Mame. I own all the DVD's and books. All of the charactors are endearing and well written.
    This is a first class show in every sense. Even your marketing department. (The onion cutting glasses for the kitchen) What I would love to see is a music spoof (GLEE inspired) like a dream sequence. That musical bit just whetted the appetite. What a talented cast and so easy on the eyes also. That you made the daughter more believably mature than the dad
    gave you a broader audience.
  • I love Castle but...

    There are a few things I think they need to change. Castle is a crime show but it is also a comedy (at least to me)so I hate to see Castle hurting because Kate is with another guy. I love the flirting between the two characters but to make it the basis of the show. It might not last. The family dynamic of the Castle's always entertains. The actors on this show are clearly having fun working together and I hope that it lasts. Basically I love Castle and its characters but the writing needs to reflect that.With enough viewers,because its ABC,Castle could easily continue for many years.
  • How Castle isn't Bones.

    Castle and Bones have so many things in common, right? Male and female quasi-middle aged crime hunters dragging out impossible unresolved sexual tension (seriously, grown ups in their thirties and forties just have sex. Preteenagers make googly eyes to each other for extended periods of time. Get your demo right) while they solve mysteries, right?

    Well, almost right.

    The difference is that Bones is a procedural, that is to say, there is no actual crime solving involved. There's data gathering and forensics. That means that the plot means basically nothing. At any point, the writers can come up with a test, and the test can be positive or negative at the whim of the writers and the plot, so there is literally nothing to see, except for the morbid obsession for decaying bodies of modern, feel-good TV (note that the corpses are always gross, but the families are never too distraught. Veeery important in procedurals).

    Now, Castle is trying hard to not be a procedural. It's supposed to be an ode to the naive, clever, fun mystery novels you read as a kid. Those were about the colourful characters, and the witty dialogue, and the outrageous leaps in logic. Ultimately, they were also puzzles, enticing you to play the guessing game of figuring out who was less likely to be the killer, because unavoidably that *was* the killer.

    Castle, however, doesn't quite pull it off. It is dumbed down by the aforementioned URST (seriously. Sex. Now. They aren't even officially working together, for God's sake), but also by allowing itself to be a procedural from time to time. There is a conveniently placed coroner that sometimes whips up convenient, convoluted evidence and the sentence "run financials on him" is quickly becoming shorthand for "come up with a random link between two characters so we can wrap this up.

    But hey, it gets points for trying. And for the cast. Or maybe not, now that I think of it. That Nathan Fillion is stuck doing this is criminal, really. That Stana Katic didn't get any significant roles earlier is also pretty bad. Not a problem for Molly Quinn, though, who I fully expect to be the source of many conversations in the line of "Remember she was the kid in that old show, Castle" when she moves on to bigger and better things.

    But hey, while it lasts it's a guilty pleasure. If only the writers grew a pair and resolved the URST, my recommendation over Bones would be more than pilosophical.
  • I love watching it. Not all shows are perfect but this one I love to see.


    I love watching it. Not all shows are perfect but this one I love to see. Not like Monk, but it's great. there are a lot about this show I think keeps us entertain. The actors, drama are great.. …………………………………………….

  • They deserved better.

    I am told by my husband that "this is only a tv show". However, I have watched Castle so long I guess I've come to feel he and Kate are "part of the family". I was devastated tonight - is that a good thing? It feels pretty rotten about now so I can't say. It seems like I have waited forever to have Castle or Kate reach out. Talk about getting your hand chopped off when you do! "Montgomery" was one of the few decent bosses on tv, as these type of crime tv shows go. I enjoyed him as a player, enjoyed his interaction with "the staff". Broke my heart that the writers couldn't just let him retire and move on - retirement was hard enough, but to kill him off??? When the show was over I honestly felt like I had been punched in the gut...I am old enough to have lived through JR coming back to life on Dallas so I know that I hate that approach. Maybe the writers figure the audience is young enough now to "re-use" that sick ploy. There is so much that could have been done rather than try to leave Kate on the ground tonight - sad. You have a really great show with this group of actors - dearly love the relationship of Castle with his daughter and mother - that showed brilliance on the part of the writers. Sorry for the diatribe - but tonight's show left me feeling sad. Good luck with next years' scripts and shows.
  • The chemistry of the major characters in this outstanding show is excellent. I have been concerned after watching the season 3 final show as to whether there would be a season 4. This is 10 rated. It will be exciting to see how the next season goes.

    The characters in Castle are extremely well cast. They provide and interesting blend, including Castle's mother and daughter. The interplay between the police cast and Castle has grown in a very nice fashion. Obviously the handling of the attraction between the male and female lead has been drawn out and has progressed over the first 3 seasons. It will be interesting to see how the loss of the Captain plays out as he also was a strong albeit more minor character. The season finale was very surprising and I would not of guess the way that it played out. The suspense continues with the target being on Kate. I look forward to a continued exciting and well written show.
  • Although I LOVED the first season, I was very concerned to see if the plot of a writer shadowing a detective will last long enough for a multi-season series. Seasons 2 and 3 definitely quieted my concern. I'm SO looking forward to season 4!


    I absolutely love the writer's creativity to keep viewers on the edge of their seats almost every episode. Each week's crime story is unique and exciting and the actors do an outstanding job in making the characters and situations believable. The on screen relationship of Castle and Beckett reminds me a lot of Moulder and Scully in the X-files. If the writers are able to continue the exciting story-lines through season 4, I think this show can easily last for another few seasons.

  • Cop and a crime writer, who'd knew it would work out?

    I only started watching castle recently, i watched the pilot episode and i must admit i loved it, the pilot revealed so much about the characters backgrounds and from the pilot i knew it was going to be a good show.

    Castle manages to have a correct balance of comedy and good cases. I like how the whole police concept is a bit more real life and there has been a few episodes where this has been shown. The cases are very good, i like how the relationship between beckett and castle has developed. I liked the story in season 1 of castle next book being based around nikki heat (Kate Beckett). The comedy is suttle and funny. The episodes have a few well timed and well acted gags, this makes them funny as they do not use them in excess. Castle reminds me of Life (2009). Funny and great cop show. I like the writing styles and this show has a future. With many great episodes behind them i hope this show gets renewed for a third season. Castle just tell beckett how u feel :)

    Overall great show, great writing and funny 10/10
    Thanks for reading :)
  • I'm excited that "Castle" is up for an Emmy, this is not a heavy drama like others, so its easier to watch without all the blood and gore. I enjoy the story line and the actors have great chemistry.

    When I first saw the show, didn't like it, a few episodes in I changed my mind. The two characters have great chemistry, but details in this crime story at times are totally unbelievable, they don't happen in real life! But it is just a story, and very good entertainment I look forward to every week, as there's not much tv worth watching these days. More emphasis on the romance part would be welcomed instead of waiting till the final season or final show of the season. Also more emphasis on characters in Richard Castle's book would be very interesting.
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