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  • Well Played

    The first time I saw this show, I didn't think much of it, but when I came back to it about a year later I found I couldn't stop watching it. I loved the progression of the two main characters from season one to season four. The writers didn't rush them into anything nor did they take too long (though I'm fairly certain some would disagree). I've seen some shows where they take seven to eight seasons for the two protagonists to finally make the magic happen, probably due to the fear of another "Moonlighting" incident. I find most shows (at least the ones I watch) wait two to four seasons before they allow for any romantics to occur, and they would have to otherwise many fans would explode from the tension.

    So, and if any of you were wondering I squealed and jumped on my bed like a little girl when they did the deed, after the end of season four I was obviously happy. I found the time until the season premiere to go by extremely fast, that is until two days ago, when all of a sudden it became so slow it was like watching paint dry. I mean the next week is going to be torture.

    It is so going to be worth it.
  • Best Show Ever!

    Castle is the best TV combination of crime and drama. I absolutely love the partnerships, the characters, and how they play off of each other. I am ecstatic about next season and hope the actors are as amazing as they usually are. I will not miss an episode.
  • Finally...

    Finally the Castle Beckett hook up occurs even if it was on the last episode....leaving us with the wondering of what will happen sin Beckett has quit her and the team seems to on the fritz...can't wait to see what goes down but this show is super hilarious and very captivating
  • Remarkable crime show

    Love the show. Kate and Rick are superb partners.
  • semper fidelis

    This show is awesome,dont know why Kate and Rick wasted all those time to express their feelings.but i do like how the expressed it in the later end of season 4
  • It's the leads that make this such a good show!

    Yes, generally speaking, the show follows the exact same pattern week after week. Murdered victim is discovered, investigation reveals a few red herrings followed by Castle figuring out the real killer, usually through an unrelated discussion with his daughter or mother.

    That being said, Nathan and Stana are fantastic together and they have managed to find a chemistry which elevates this show above what is could be. I liken it to "Moonlighting" in the 80's except they are working with written material that is not quite on par with that show, but they are every bit as engaging as Bruce and Cybill were - perhaps even more so.

    I gave the show a chance to begin with because Nathan Fillion was attached to it - and I've watched faithfully for the past four seasons because Castle & Beckett are the best duo on TV today!
  • Lovin it!!

    Cant wait for the next season!!!
  • Absolutely loved it!

    I enjoy the chemistry and attraction between Castle and Beckett. It was these two who have made this serial such fun to watch. I also like all the supporting actors, but Detective Esposito really need to tone down the macho act with the one liners a bit. To quote 'Natalia Rhodes,' "Less is good.!"

    What I would love to see in the coming new season is an insight into Castle's mysterious father. Who is he really? It was, sort of, hinted in Episode 15 & 16 of Season 4 by a CIA spy, who was Castle's old flame and who turned out to be a traitor, that he could be in the CIA. Castle has never known his father and even his mother denied knowing or being able to identify him. Really?! Was that intentionally made so that way so that that angle could be explored at a later time, say, in Season 5? What do you think?

  • This show is an enormous failure

    "Castle" is an enormous failure, and has been since the beginning. I cannot understand how it's still alive. It has nothing to do with Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic's work, they're both great actors; it's the show, it's ridiculously bad. It's so forced and artificial. I am glad Stana and Nathan have got a work, unfortunately it's on this show.
  • He's funny. She's sexy. :P

    To cut a long story short....nothing beats this show.... there's a good plot.... brilliant chemistry between the protagonists.... funny side characters and each case is full of suspense.... too good!
  • The Best n Must-Watch Season of all times!!

    the lead actors, Richard Castle & Kate Beckett, share a chemistry that will just keep yeh off the edge. If yeh should watch this season for any reason than it has to be the love chemistry between them..!! Love them together.
  • My dead grandpa loved this show :'(

    I can't think of anything to say about this show.. great series though :D
  • Oooops The mystery, of kate mother's death..

    Am thinking well it has to do with his father, back in the days. Yeah episode 23 painted a great inside of how the worry is going to increase between the two.

    Detective Ryan seems to have lost the only precinct friend that ever had his back, (any one could have seen that their relationship was coming to an end) Four years not even a clue who is behind her death........"Am frustrated" at least a visible lead would comfort some of the viewers.
  • some notes

    Everytime I try to make connection with this show , but there's no way .

    the misterious story is somehow good , but the dialogue are so poor and not needed .

  • It's a murder mystery show. And a pretty darn good one too.

    For me, I'm not really a big fan of crime investigation shows. They're suspenseful, but they never really interested me. However, on ABC lands possible one of my favorite shows there known as Castle. This follows the story of a best-selling author named Richard Castle when he teams up with crime investigator Kate to solve murders that resemble the ones in his novels. Later on, they team to solve many murders that have happened with other detectives. The plot itself is actually engaging, despite being rather bland, and the characters themselves are actually likable and dynamic, especially RIchard himself, and is one of the parts of the show that actually makes me like it more than other crime investigation shows. Another aspect that made me enjoy it more than other crime investigation shows was the personalities of the show. The show knows when the times are meant to be taken comically, and the times where things get serious fast, and the own light appeal appeals to me. And like other crime investigation shows, the crime sequences are clever and things turn interesting throughout each episode. The acting itself is also good and the actors themselves seem to know what they are doing most of the time although not all the time.

    The show itself is not without flaws, however. There are some moments where some scenes are taken rather TOO comically, even though it should be meant to show a darker mood. And some scenes, the actors will sometimes not always get their job done right.

    Despite this, Castle is a crime investigation that is worth looking forward too. The interesting episodes and characters and the great tone will make sure you come back for more. If you are a big fan of crime investigation shows, then this show is for you.

    Presentation: 9/10 Plots are interesting despite rehashed, and characters are great.

    Acting: 8/10 Great on most parts, although not awesome during the whole time.

    Entertainment: 9.5/10 The show does a great job of keeping the person interested, along with amazing tone change.

    Lasting Appeal: 9/10 One of the best crime investigation shows out there. That's all I can say.

    FINAL SCORE: 9/10 Amazing
  • This one's Ok

    Alright, so this is not the greatest show on TV but it is good entertainment. I have a weakness for murder mysteries and I watch most of them. The reason I enjoy watching this show is because it is murder but not too morbid or gory. I enjoy the banter between Castle & Beckett but would like it if the sexual tension were resolved one way or another. It feels like the makers of the show underestimate their ability to come up with creative story lines and are using Castle-Beckett tension to keep people watching. This state of affairs is really sad and I wish they would focus their energy more on writing interesting cases and developing the other characters in the show like the new boss Gates.
  • The Best Show EVER!!!!!!

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! The best ever. Great cases, great actors, and great theme.. Everything about CASTLE is just Amazing!!!
  • Good show!

    I really like this show. It is fun and clever and has a great supporting cast.
  • I like it...actually...I like it a lot

    At first I thought "come on, that's 'The Mentalist' with a few changes here and there"...and it still kinda is: law enforcement (NYPD vs CBI), paired up with a more or less excentric outsider (I think the word "charlatan" has been mentioned more than once on both shows), a female lead (Det. Beckett vs Agent Lisbon) plus two or more sidekicks and a back story of a murdered loved one (mother vs wife and kid). But...this recipe works, and it works really well, since both shows are extremely entertaining, and that what it's all about.

    I have to admit, I'm not the biggest Nathan Fillion fan, but I really like this guy as Richard Castle. Stana Katic? Well, as a man you just gotta love to look at her, but she's the overall package, and Susan Sullivan was great as Greg's mom (and Alan Harper's bed partner for one night), but the whole cast is really good and each and every one of them brings something extra to the table, which makes this show so great in its entirety.

    I wouldn't say that the stories started out a little weak at first, that would be too negative and non deserving, but in my opinion they got better and a little darker as they show is growing and moving forwards.

    All in all I really hope 'Castle' gets the run it deserves.
  • Wrong turn

    I love this show but think they are making a mistake taking this turn with Kate and Castle. I realize Castle was hurt but this isn't the way it should go. Kate needs to loosen up a little and also I loved it when Kate and Castle went places to solve the "who done it" and Castle would buy Kate a wonderful dress to wear. They can still take it slow but definitely don't make this big turn - it is a turn off.
  • Good guests!

    I thought Vinny Guastaferro was outstanding in the little bit they gave him to do.
  • Good show, but as all detective serials, it is becoming predictive.

    It is a good show, but not a great show. I watch it regularly, but in the last 2 episodes, like "House" revelation is sought by conversing with another person who has no connection to the case. Come on people, isn't that a little too convenient?

    A case should be solved when looked at from all the angles, not just by one person or in this case a story writer. And what is with the supporting actors? Don't they have a brain? How come in all shows, there is only 1 person solving the case and the others around him/her are so dumb?

    A good show should promote team work, where not 1 person alone is much more clairvoyant than the rest. Yes it helps to be a little more than the average detective, but what makes a detective great is that he alone can put the complex puzzles together when his team mates cannot or he alone can rise to the top with the help of others.

    If this show takes a turn like Monk, I will stop watching.

    Monk, is in fact the worst show I have seen lately.
  • castle hit us crime seires

    castle is phenomenal, i love it so much , i would recommend watching it not just because i am a humungous and gigantic fan but because the show should have more people to know what it is and what its all about truthfully i don't think it has enough credit, castle is incredible it shouldn't be hidden away Just think about, do whats right lol :)xxxxxxxxxx

    will castle and beckett ever hook up?
  • castle

    i have really just started watching castle and i luv it ,so much so i have sat for days on the computer starting from season one and now at season 4 episode 16 !!! totally brill and luv rick castle !! long may it continue great way to unwind ....
  • Love That Rick Castle!

    Oh my goodness! What a fun, Fun, SUPER FUN, series! A week without Castle is like a week without sunshine. Bummer! The two lead characters are soooooo right together. When the series first started I thought they were anything BUT... Then I got to know them a little better and then I laughed at my first impression. I haven't seen a couple as opposite but oh-so-right together as these two since MOONLIGHTING with Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepard expect maybe Remmington Steel and whatever Stephanie Z's character's name was. Terrific chemistry and GREAT dialogue make this the romantic-suspence-comedy of the week to beat! I just hope the writers of this fun show keep on their toes and don't let it start becoming the same old-same old! (So far-so good!) Two Thumbs Up!

    Victoria Taylor Murray

  • great show

    i have to admit next 5.0, castle is one of the best cop shows around

    it has the right mixture of action/drama/comdey

    score 9.5
  • I love Castle & I love writing.


    Castle is a very interesting show for many reasons. It's funny, it's cute, and the leads are very good actors. I love both Bones/Castle and I can't believe that these two awesome shows exist. UST is annoying, but only a few know how to write it good!

  • come on

    we need the real castle back i mean that childish man back cos s4 hasn't been as interest as the seasons be4 please bring back castle
  • Best detective ever

    its the best detective show because it has alot of comedy and suspense.
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