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  • Really?

    Did not care for the young man Alexis brought home in Season 6. His character was overbearing and annoying. And to disrespect her father by not asking first if this person could stay in a guest room... Oh do, please, get him off!!!!
  • Disappointed!

    We waited all day long to see this season's first episode last night. It seemed ridiculous that Castle, a talented writer with one piece of evidence solved the mystery before the FBI, with the help of the NYPD. It felt very uncomfortable to us; Beckett's in the FBI now, in Washington. Took me out of my comfort zone with the show. Not happy. Neither is my husband. It's been a great series; we think the writers need to do better. We don't want to see this show get cancelled. They've got the most talented cast!

    Pam and Gordon Stater, Shawnee, OK
  • awesome

    Never watched any show, used to think about people why they go crazy about some shows and their characters, so then castle happened to me and I understand,

    Just 1 word for the team of castle AWESOME
  • Season 6 I Can't wait!!!!

    Love the cast & writers!!!

    Keeps getting better!!!
  • Great Chemistry!

    I can't write reviews but this is what I like about the show.

    I love these two together. I love Castle's quirkiness and one liners. The sexual tension between the two before season 5 is just too funny! Even after finally getting together they can still keep that wit about them. The cases are great and the writers who thought up tossing a 'writer' in to help solve crimes is clever in my book! LOVE Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Both are incredibly awesome actors! SO anxious for Season 6 and I'll be devastated when it all ends.
  • a great crime solving show

    The show is great no matter what some people might say it is always fun to watch the characters figure out the cases. it hard to believe some of the story but in the end you learn how it possible that someone could do things like that .The thing I like about the show is they don't write a story so far out there that it makes it seem cheesy. I hope they keep the show going like castle said in the episode the lives of others when he toasted and said here's to 100 more. keep the show going great show

    Stana is an AMAZING actress regardless of what anyone says. how could you even TRY to say anything bad about her? castle is my LIFE. all the seasons are amazing. and every episode is amazing too. stana is the reason im alive. if you hate castle...

    WATCH OUT. the castle fandom is coming for you.
  • September 2013

    I can't wait for September. Season 6, here we come

    I just started watching this Show like last month when I bought the DVDs and I have to say this show is great. I really Hope Beckett says yes. I cant wait for season 6 when ever it starts anyone know?
  • Castle

    love the show it is amazing i love all the seasons.
  • bad acting by katic

    I am really get bored of seeing Castle as Katic wanted to be castle by her improper,exaggerating,unnatural,BAD(for all who really know how to act),I'm doing this for doing this movements,acts and looks(unbelievable),higher voice than others to get attention and be remembered more by audiences in the speaking imitating the leading actor's since the she succeed to get it,scenario became her replica based on her castle is just at the can do like castle scenario,unbelievableThat player made herself got the leading role by her exaggerating character became her character's poppy .the other detective serials made the leading character name deserve that position not on castle because of the shows herself each dialog each voice,her face,her "I am trying to do this role" movements am not talking as a fun because I am not just someone who really knows to criticize TV productions because of my actress even badly effects the performance of the other good Beckett will be named as one of the "bad playing" evidents of the Stana Katic is not even an actress to be on a good show (not about her real personality only about her talent and pity for good actors and actresses on the show because it was good on theory but not on idea,good Nathan Fillion,Susan Sullivan,Molly Quinn,Seamus Dever,Ruben Hudson,Tamala Jones acting (these are all good on real acting),good team but a bad writing and a bad actress Stana is just liked by teens or soap opera funs or feminists writers got concepts from all things so they forgot the main idea and main originality of its became everything but really wouldn't want it to change but since the 2nd season it still is.
  • What happened to the writers???

    Let me start by saying I loved the show. Until the last season. The season finale just about did me in. If I'm harsh it's only because there is so little good TV, and this was one of the good ones. But what was with the finale?? Becket soliloquizing in the interview room like a hammy noir tough-guy detective from the '40s. Castle so vulnerable with his shirt unbuttoned (convenient for the dagger to reach his exposed heart???) as he unloads all his feelings that I could practically see the flowered apron on him, as they sit on a children's swing set and Becket sits granite-jawed and steely eyed. Oh come ON! This went from being a witty detective show with two likeable adult characters to a bad SNL riff on the detective show as soap opera. The scene in the interview room was just downright embarrassing. PLEEASE bring back the real "Castle" with all its likeable, adults of all ages.
  • castle

    i love the show it is amazing i love all the seasons.
  • castle

    Don't you ever beack up rick and kate you will hurt the show and the rating will drop.

    so please don't them up after all these years of heavy breathing .

    i'm the show bigist fan.
  • Seriously!

    Totally loved the episode. Obviously miss the whole murder mystery, and the bantering back and forth between Castle and Beckett, but great episode.

    Cant believe though that i have to wait 6 months for the answer to that cliff hanger!
  • Castle!

    I'm hoping that they'll give the green light to season six. The show is getting so good.
  • Still


    GREAT. GREAT. GREAT. I loved every minute of it. Loved seeing all those intense and funny scenes all rolled into one episode. And I love the music played during the kissing scenes.

    I love the program. The actors suit the character they play. They are all wonderful and the writers do a very fine job in making them all so great.
  • Love Castle

    I just started watching Castle a few months ago, Love it so much. Watch it on TNT every Monday and Tuesday and on ABC Monday nights, can't get enough of this show, It's the best thing on TV. This is one show that everyone fits in.
  • Dodging the Bullett!

    Disappointed in the most recent episode . This is normally a fun sophisticated crime/detective series with enjoyable banter and backing and forthing between the two principals. It has been a series where the viewers are respected, where writers have valued we fans enough to do riffs on past sleuths and great plotlines (Mr and Mrs North, The Maltese Falcon etc).

    I have really liked Rick and Beckett as a couple, with their obvious deep affection for one another, and their shared passion for crime solving. I have enjoyed seeing Rick morph from a fun-loving, incredibly brilliant dillattent, to an idealist with a total commitment to duty, Beckett-style.

    It has been equally pleasurable watching her soften and grow warmer. All the while, fascinating plots unfold, and subtle family subtexts (read Castle dad, daughter and mother) emerge in seamless parallel.

    Great stuff!!

    So why in Heaven's name have we reduced Rick to being a spoiled fourteen year old utterly insensitive to others feelings, a rather unpleasant brat, and Beckett to a brooding, judgemental sexpot 'Mummy' trying to decide if Rick is salvageable!

    Your writers seem to have turned their backs on all the previous careful character development.

    I enjoy watching the depiction of people I could like in real life. Rick is becoming hard to like or respect.

    I thought you had avoided the temptation to go for silly stuff, for cheap laughs.

    I guess not
  • a classic tv error

    the sexual tension is gone they slept together a classic no no.

    Now episodes r getting ridiculous so where will u go from here. ?

    It was a great show but now it is going downhill fast.

    I hope u can fix it
  • Awesome Show!!!

    this is one of my favorites shows... keep getting better and better!!!!
  • Amazing Show!

    To tell the truth, Castle isn't all about crime and investigations. In fact, it's more about how the unique characters intertwine with each other. A lot of these characters derive from other famous TV shows like Heroes and Bones.

    When I first started watching, I thought this was just like other TV shows like Chuck and Bones because in all these shows, we have a couple who eventually will be with each other but hold their emotions back because of their jobs/occupations.

    Guys, I've known about this show for about a year but it never caught my eyes. Eventually, when most of the TV shows I've watched ended, I transitioned to Castle to give it a try. Let me tell you, I totally do not regret this and I became instantly hooked.

  • Wow such great characters.

    This is one of the best shows on TV. Castle is truly a great character. Love his facial expressions and all the crazy things he does. Keep up the good work.
  • Answer to Andy

    I read your review and respect the way you looked at the episode. I wanted to point out a couple of things

    1) Alexis has always been casted as the "adult" is that family: she's been the one with the good judgement and the cool exterior - where Castle has been the wild child.

    2) Could it be that Alexis's reaction is delayed for a couple of episodes? Or that she had a break off camera?

    3) You ask - why do it? It put Castle in a position where the shoe was on the other foot, he was the helpless one with no answers and everything to lose. As for Alexis - it was time for her to grow as a character - this will change her. Maybe not right away - maybe it's a ticking time bomb that will go off when they least expect it.

    4) Kate in the episode was about what I expected. When Gates said to do whatever she had to to get Alexis back, that gave her permission to follow her heart and allow Castle time alone with the suspect. It allowed her to let loose her frustrations at the girlfriend to find out that Alexis was the real target. What did surprise me is that Gates the by the book captain allowed it to happen at all.

    Has Castle jumped the shark? my opinon, no. I didn't expect the story to end like it did - and would have liked it to be a three parter instead of two. Will they drop story - doubt it.

  • Has Castle Jumped the Shark?

    As much as I hate to say it, it might be time to call John Hein to pronounce that this great show has jumped the shark (although it might have jumped when they invented a criminal back story the original captain). I suppose I am ok with Alexis being kidnapped, and maybe even with the fact that Castle's father turned out to be Jason Bourne + 25, but the utter lack of any evidence of emotional trauma on the part of Alexis when she returned home is too much even for me. C'mon. I understand that this is TV and we have to suspend lots of disbelief - such as the premise itself that the police would permit a writer to tag along with the police and even interrogate witnesses, or the fiction that Kate Beckett is some sort of scary interrogater (I was a longtime Assistant DA and I can tell you from experience that Beckett isn't even a marginally good interrogater or the least bit intimidating in the box), but there is simply no way that this episode wouldn't scar Alexis for life. And why even do it? Alexis is a great character and sort of a Mayberry-esque perfect, idealized child, so why taint this character? As for the Caskett haters out there, take a deep breath. It had to happen. There are only just so many ways that the writers can drag out the inevitable. I had had enough of the dragging out two seasons ago. Now is the time for the writers to show that there is more to the show than the fake Hollywood tension.
  • Better than ever

    I was beginning to worry about Castle last season and the start of this season but the last few episodes have been so good that all my doubts have been put at ease. Not to mention the sneak peeks at the season finale look to good for words. Hopefully Castle/Beckett's relationship will liven up a bit too. It seems a bit stale lately. We don't really want to see a realistic boring relationship. We want some more drama and excitement. (Don't get me wrong, I don't want soap opera type

    One of the best shows on TV right now. People who are bored with the relationship between Castle and Beckett either need to go watch a soap opera so they can get relationship stuff for a full hour, or go watch HBO so they can get more nakedness.
  • Another Future Classic

    I first noticed Nathan Fillion on the soap opera, One Life To Live. He was Victoria Lords son. He had a few shows that bombed. Firefly was a really good show, but could not gain an audience; I watched Firefly over the weekend. Now we get to Castle. It is a great show along with Stana Katic; I watched her in the movie Stiletto. If you see Stiletto on TV, watch it; Stana kills pretty much every person in the movie, cops, gangsters, everybody. That brings us back to Castle. Castle has humor, drama, suspense, action, everything you would like; I even has romance. Now it seems like Rick Castle and Det. Kate Beckett are going to work themselves into a romance. I hope that the romance develops years from now. Usually when 2 characters hookup, they end up breaking up and the show is lost. This show needs to bring back more of the humor from Rick Castle and it needs more action. It is still a very good show.
  • I used to like the show.

    I used to like the show, but not any more. Please, do something different, because the "Caskett" relationship is so boring, flat and urealistic. We are not children. I am so disappointed!!!! In contrast, The Mentalist has been the best show on TV, because in addition to being a procedural drama, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) makes it a psychological drama of great depth, using the Red John character as the "food for thought" for adults. I love that, sorry Castle.


    After watching 4 seasons I still enjoy Castle as much as I did at the beginning and I love the relationship with Kate
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