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  • Loved It!!!

    Well just watched the first episode and will definately be watching the rest of the series, I loved it, the main characters were very good and I liked the chemistry between Castle and Becket, but I also liked the savvy ,too sensible daughter and the graydar man hunting Grandmother. The story was pretty good and I was killing myself laughing when Becket grabbed Castles nose to get him to tell her what he knew, I also liked the poker game with James Patterson ( one of my favorite authors ) and Stephen J Cannell, nicely done, is this a regular thing??
    If the rest of the shows are only half as good, will still be worth watching, so looking forward to next week.
  • So far, formula and unbalanced, but HEY, it's MALCOM!

    To date the franchises of Law & Order and CSI have owned TV's crime genre, so it's understandable they're the bar all shows are measured by. With two airings, it's not fair to give an authoritative review, but let it suffice that Nathan Fillion is always welcome to television, oozing his boyish charm effortlessly. Stana Katic (Det. Beckett) almost overwhelms with her intensity, but again, it's only round 2, let's see where she goes. Susan Sullivan seems overly dramatic, either the producers are a fan or there's something ahead for Castle's mom. Castle's daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) is a nice addition, more interesting and practical than all the detectives back at the precinct. It's also refreshing to see dads painted in a positive light on television, being "Mr. Mom" during her earlier years (CASTLE, upon being asked by Alexis why she never had a nanny: "Your mother and I decided a long time ago if anyone was going to screw up your head it should be me.") Entertainment doesn't have to be life changing, it can just be fun, and so CASTLE (like THE MENTALIST) is welcome contrast to the skull-boiling competition. B+
  • Fresh take on a good storyline, complete with great humor and twisty plots

    Just started watching Castle, and I'm already hooked! This show has an awesome sense of humor, livening up the police station with great characters and dialogue. Honestly, for anyone who loves criminal shows with a twinge of laugh-out-loud humor (think of NCIS' crazy hilarity and in-depth characters) this show is a must see... Great for a lonely mid-week night when you've got some extra time to kill.

    While I (personally) don't normally like the first few episodes of a show, this one caught my attention. Three cheers for Castle!! (and I can't wait to see the upcoming episodes: they might as well already be tivo'd- wootwoot!)
  • My favotite tv show at the moment!!

    Ihave to say tha i simply felt in love with Castle!
    The show is fun, funny, with good amount of suspense, great actors(Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic are a delite to watch), great interaction with the cast, and the teasing , nudge nudge - wink wink, that Castle and Becket carry on every week!

    I haven´t been so crazy about a tv show since The X-Files( my all time favorite). Of course there are other ones that are good and that i really like, but Castle just won me completely!
    I have soooo much fun watching it!! every week, the waite for a new episode drives me crazy, but it´s worth it every single time! I´ve seen the episodes many times, from the very first one! i´m adicted!!And i so deeply hope that it gets picked for a third season!! but i think it´s almost certain it will be! The raitings are good, and ABC is going all the way to broadcast the show. Overall simply amazing! I´m in love with Castle!
  • Castle initially seemed similar to other series of its genre but the writers are smart enough to armor it with a terrific cast& quirky humor. How i love it when Kate & Castle finish each others sentence. Im sure you do too...

    On a wimp, i read the background of Castle 2 months ago and bought Season 1 straight. Now every monday, I'm hooked..

    Castle in a rough way of putting it, is a bit of a mix of The Mentalist (Castle, not a cop but gets to participate in crime solving) and Bones (Richard Castle and Det. Kate Beckett also have great on-screen chemistry and just the right amount of sexual tension).

    I love every single member of the cast. Castle and Beckett just played off each other so well. We have Martha the immature mom, to Alexis the complete polar opposite of her granddma and her dad. At the station we have Ryan and Exposito whose funny lines have made me warmed up to them more and more. It's funny to see when they tease each other, sometimes Castle, sometimes even their boss Kate.

    I would have given a score of 9.9 if i could cause it's near perfect but i can still see rooms for improvement like adding more twist to the cases. All in all, Castle's a great way to start the week.
  • Mystery writer, Richard Castle, after killing off his popular character Derek Storm, finds new inspiration with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett when she questions him regarding murders that mirror his books.

    Richard Castle is a charming scoundrel. He's a funny, good looking, and successful mystery writer. Disillusioned with his character, Derrick Storm, Castle pens his final novel "Storm Fall" killing off Derrick and earning some criticism from his peers. But as he tells his daughter Alexis, there were no surprises left for him anymore. Tempting fate it seems works for Richard Castle. Enter, Detective Kate Beckett. The beautiful no nonsense, by the book NYPD detective and she has questions for Castle.

    Via his friendship with the the mayor, Castle is allowed to shadow Beckett on her cases as research for a new series of books with the character of Nikki Heat being based on Kate Beckett. Pairing these two up makes for a lively hour of television. Witty, smart and surprising. Castle is a refreshing break from the normal procedural crime dramas and stale comedy shows. Whether you are a fan of comedy, mystery or crime dramas, you find all that and more with Castle. Enjoy!
  • Castle is a famous murder mystery writer. Using his connections, he gets to "shadow" a homicide detective and, in doing so, discovers his "muse" and occasionally *helps* solve a few murders.

    I got tricked into watching the first episode by my mother and after about 15 minuntes into it, was hooked. The murders are often highly creative, (a vampire being staked in a cemetery, a recording artist's dead body being displayed the same way as her final video, for example) and the mysteries behind them are equally interesting.

    Add in a decent looking cast with plenty of sarcastic humor, and YAY this is worth watching. Castle and his female cop inspiration for his books have great chemistry. I personally do not see, or I guess do not want to see, a romantic relationship between these two. I do like the dashes of humor from the overly mature daughter, but I think one of my favorite characters is the immature mother.
  • I have become addicted to this show!

    I have become addicted to this show! Now, I don't watch my normal Monday night show. I have to watch Castle! Love the chemistry between Beckett and Castle! She is a beautiful woman and he is sexy! This show has suspense, comedy, and drama. It has it all! I think this show will be around for a while. Each character has something that he or she brings. It's a good mixture of personalities. The relationships between each person on the show are believable. The mother/son, father/daughter, and co-workers relationships are great. I absolutely love this show and all the characters!
  • Castle is one of the shows that I absolutely cannot miss! On Monday nights when I get home from work I make sure to plop right down in front of the TV and turn Castle on.

    Castle is one of the shows that I absolutely cannot miss! On Monday nights when I get home from work I make sure to plop right down in front of the TV and turn Castle on. I love the interaction and banter between Castle and Becket. It is a smart television show, for once, and is relatively clean, at least compared to some other shows. I can watch it with my parents and no one ever feels uncomfortable. haha. But it is also old enough to keep everyone's attention. I'm constantly laughing, and the show keeps me guessing and using my imagination, instead of dumbly staring at the TV screen. Castle is in my top favorite TV show line up. You have GOT to check out this show!
  • The Castle series is funny and sexy, with mystery and romance in a perfect mix its an amazing show no doubt finally ,always excited >> what's gonna happen next in the buckkets mom murder , the romance between them , everything this show rocks ;)

    The Castle series is funny and sexy, with mystery and romance in a perfect mix its an amazing show no doubt finally ,always excited >> what's gonna happen next in the buckets mom murder , the romance between them , everything this show rocks ;)she is so beautiful he is so handsome great chemistry , wonderful scripts castle is sooo funny and the 2 of them are really enjoyable to watch I wish and hope that they don't stop the show it will be a huge lose .. and i', waiting for the next episode . and I think it will be a great one as always ;)
  • The Castle series is funny and sexy, with mystery and romance in a perfect mix.

    We get to know Richard Castle, successful author, father and son, bored and divorced. He finds new inspiration in detective Kate Beckett. As he puts it: She's really smart, very savvy, has haunting good looks, and is really good at her job. Well, that's at least what he says about Nikki Heat, the character based on Beckett.

    Thanks to his connections with her bosses, he's allowed to follow her around while she's working - for his research. Classic comedy ensues as Castle and Beckett fight each other while solving crimes. The playful Castle irritates the serious Beckett to no end, but she was a fan of the author before they even met. And he proves to be helpful. Over the episodes we learn more about Beckett - so many layers to the Beckett onion, however will you peel them all - she proves to be more playful than we thought. Castle and Beckett grow closer but new conflicts arise. I think this is a great show, the characters are interesting and the dialog is fun. While we know a lot about Castle from the start, we slowly get to know Beckett and the other characters of the show.
    The writers know how to keep us entertained and eagerly awaiting the next episode.
  • A really fun show with two Canadians playing the leads

    I've enjoyed Castle from the beginning. I love a good crime solving story and the ones here are well written and very enjoyable to follow along with. They are never boring or predictable and I enjoy that because I can get into the show.

    The humor between Beckett and Castle is always good for a laugh and the way the team is at ease with each other and can tease each other both personally and on the job enhances the appeal of the show.

    I think the three generations of Castles living under the same roof (a very nice roof!) makes for great family interactions. I have always enjoyed shows with good father/daughter interactions (e.g. Matlock) and the one here between Richard and Alexis is both funny and touching. All in all, a terrific show.
  • Castle some mentalist some californication and some psych

    I started watchin'castle from the begining when it first came out. and i must say all through first season and into the second it has maintained it's light hardedness and quirky humor. I love the two main characters. Becket is just F'ing goregeous also it's entertaining to follow the path her relationship with castle evolves is from a fanship pared with cop-like anoyment to something somewhere between friendship and a flirt. Of course everybody watches castle because of castle :-) sometimes he is arrogant like the mentalist's Patrick Jane and his humor ranges from a sexual Hank Moody to a chilish Shawn Spencer. Of course there is some crime solving aswel but that's just the icing on the cake.
  • Just plain fun and a great escape.

    Castle is a fun hour that has interesting characters, primarily Rick Castle, played by Nathan Fillion. Rick Castle is the type of character the Nathan Fillion shines as, a confident, bantering scoundrel (in the nicest sense of the word). The supporting characters are enjoyable and their interaction with Castle increases your interest in them. The cast makes each character believable within the world of the series. The plots are light but retain your interest – no heavy thinking without being boring. The show is episodic enough that you can miss an episode and not feel lost but there is a continuing story to keep you coming back when you can. This show does not have to be appointment TV but you will want to watch the whole series.
  • Great show!

    This reminds me of a modern version of a show such as Moonlighting or Remington Steele, including the sexual tension between the lead characters, a great deal of humor and snappy dialogue, a talented supporting cast--from the cops to Castle's mother and daughter--along with clever mysteries tossed in for good measure. I hope it lasts many seasons to see how the characters develop. Recently I've grown weary of the high-tension/blood-and-guts shows such as Criminal Minds and all the CSIs, so this is a nice and welcome change of pace. Not too heavy, it's a successful merging of various genres to keep it fresh and interesting from week to week.
  • promising show

    I think this show is fantastic. It is a nice spin on the crime solving type of genre. Some of the shows get a little blurred together with all the way they protray all type of show. Say all the CSI's and Law and orders that have ruled the genre.

    This has quirk like some of my other favourite crime solving shows.

    This has the main character with completely different motives at the crime scene than the others and I find it refreshing.

    Besides Nathan Fillion is in it. Great memories of firefly from him.

    I look forward to more of this show.
  • I want Nathan Fillion's babies.

    Seriously, though. I've been looking really hard for a new show to watch, and I found nothing that caught my eye, until, buh buh buhhhhhhh, I saw that Fillion was BACK. It's hard to not enjoy a show where the acting is good, the women are pretty - excepting Castle's aged mother, ohgod - and every single line that comes out of Fillion's mouth - like usual- is a one-liner of varying awesomeness. I enjoyed the storylines - it felt like they were making fun of the other crime shows. They'd throw in the usual twist... and then another. Also? Three more twists. Every episode, you might be able to guess whodunnit, but you'd never guess why. Worth checking out, though they obviously need more episodes at this point. If this gets canceled, well..... I wouldn't piss off fans of a crime show. We know how to get away with sh- ..... dark stuff.
  • Quirky, funny AND they solve crimes!?

    Castle is a new favorite of mine and I'm beyond ecstatic that it got renewed for a second season. Castle is sarcastic, but it's hilarious. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett is astounding and brings a smile to my face every scene their together. Castle's daughter and mom bring a great new layer to the show that I enjoy seeing in each episode. They both are getting more developed and I love their crazy lines -- especially the mother. The father/daughter relationship is wonderful between Castle and Alexis. The rest of the team, like Esposito and Ryan, always bring something to the table each episode and I love them being there when the mystery unfolds. The witty banter used in each episode is more than enough to come back for more. I can't wait for Season 2!
  • A crime novelist decides to investigate a female detective to create a new protagonist for a new series of novels.

    When this show came to being there was only one reason for tuning in, Nathan Fillion. There are several publications that I have read that will agree to this particualr train of thought. But I have to admit that as the season continued there was more to the show than just a quality leading man.

    The show centres around Castle, a world famous crime novelist who has made his name as with a series books that he has decided to end by killing off his lead character. He is a real slime ball that is very up himself on the outside but on the inside he is a devoted family man who would do anything for his daughter and mother. He is brought into the NYPD Homicide dept. when a murderer starts killing people based on the way certain characters were killed off in his novels. Once this case is solved he sees the detective he worked with as a great basis for a new hero for his novels and is given to go-ahead by the dept to study her while she is on the job.

    The show is nothing new as far as the formula goes with a bits of a few shows popping their head in. The chemistry between the two leads has shades of Bones in it and the way in which the cases are solved and the demeanour of Fillion makes it alot like the Mentalist as well in many ways. And though this contradicts the final statement of the opening paragraph, the show is stands out because of Fillion. His charisma and wit make the show worth watching. This shouldn't be taken as a bad thing for the show though as there are hundreds of shows that run off the same procedure every week and this one has found a way for it stand out. Keep an eye on this show in the seasons to come, it is a gem now but like many other shows in this genre, it can get pretty stale pretty fast!
  • Really good show! =D Just too funny =D

    When I first saw previews for this show, I knew it was going to be great. It looked like it had great story lines, and it looked funny. Boy was I right! The story lines and plots are excellent, and the humor is off the charts! Detective Beckett and Richard have a strange relationship that adds to the show's zeal. At times, we're under the impression that they like each other, but then Kate goes off on Richard, and he, in turn, makes a funny or snippy remark that angers Kate. It's amusing, and adds to the show's overall greatness. The two detectives that work with Kate are funny too. They get along great with Castle, and even include snippy comments of their own. This show is great and hilarious, and I can't wait to see what the future seasons will bring.
  • This show really surprised me because I honestly thought it wasn't going to be that good. After the first season I really enjoyed watching it. The characters are really cool, the plot is very unique and interesting, and the crimes are awesome.

    When I first saw this show I honestly thought that it was going to fail miserably and it wasn't going to survive the season, but I was wrong. This show is one of the most unique shows because nobody has ever come up with an author and a detective paired up. Also, this show took a huge risk about its plot because it was something that had little chances of survival but it excelled and now it is one of ABC's most popular new shows. I can't wait to see what happens between Castle and Beckett. I also, can't wait to see the new crimes because one of the best things about this show is that the crimes are not simple. I can't wait to see what happens in the future with this show.
  • Gets better all the time.

    I have been watching this from the start and while I was not overly enthusiastic about it after the first couple of episodes I kept watching - with Nathan Fillion in it I thought it might be worth to stick with it for a while. Good decision! This show actually keeps getting better and better. In the last episode I've been intrigued by the murder of Beckett's mother turning into a storyline that will hopefuly span a lot more episodes. I will definitely keep watching this one and enjoying all the lighthearted and the more serious elements of this show.
  • Great show!

    This show could be described as fluff but some of that is great fluff, this show fits into the great category. If you want 40 minutes of good entertainment, vague mystery solving, great chemistry between the leads and some character back story all wrapped up in a pretty package then this is the show for you.

    Each episode is a different murder which is solved and dealt with each week. The character progression of Kate Beckett and Richard Castle (cop and writer) who are working the cases together is slowly unwrapped during the series. It doesn't hurt that Nathan Fillion is in it - one of the 27%ers.
  • Excellent show with an amazing cast.

    I like everything about this show, from the unusual cases to the amazing acting. The whole premise of the show is great and it seems that the show is getting only better from episode to episode. You have got to watch the show and give it a chance! For those of you who fear that this show is a spin-off or worse from a CSI wannabe, well...that could not be more incorrect (aside, of course, from the obvious that both shows are about murders). Castle features humor, which is something that CSI only attempts once in a blue moon.

    Overall, I would watch this show any day of the week and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in a good show with well thought out plots and excellent acting.
  • Absolutely one of my FAVORITES

    I was half expecting the typical cop show but was pleasantly surprise at the underlying comic relief within the script. The character of Richard Castle is so multi-faceted that it's wonderful to watch and it's wonderfully offset by Kate Beckett strict no nonsense approach to her job as a homicide detective. One of the wonderful angles that gets explored is Castle's home life that consists of Martha his stage loving mother, his seriously grounded and very responsible daughter Alexa. His relationship with both is unique and gives us a glimpse into the man versus the writer. As Castle who shares his knowledge, whether it's wanted or not, as a murder mystery writer with the homicide team they in turn periodically remind him that although he does get lucky in his hunches at times it's also about the victims and the families that are left behind.
  • This has become my favorite show on t.v! I try to stay up for it.The ratings might not be so great, but this is the best show ever! There's such chemistry between Beckket and Castle.It's so funny how beckket always gets on him. Do not cancel this show!!

    This has become my favorite show on t.v! It's on late, but I try to stay up. I record it just in case. I'm in high school so I have to get up early the next morning. The ratings might not be so great, but this si the best show ever! There's such chemistry between Beckket and Castle. It's so funny how beckket always gets on him. They should movie it up at like 9 and maybe ona dif. night and see how the ratings are then. Do not cancel this show!! I'm in love with it! keep supporting castlefans!
  • Richard Castle is a successful murder-mystery writer who has just killed off his main character. However, when a copycat murderer starts running around killing people as described in Castle's books.

    This show is very well done. It offers a new lighter tone for a police procedural that makes it appealing to viewers that are tired of the csi and law and order series' which have worn a bit thin. The cast plays off each other well, the episodes are very well written and the chemestry and banter between Nathan and Stana is great, not to mention how well the other actors together as well. For those of us that want to watch something other than reality shows,which are long past their prime, Castle is a show that is well worth your time.
  • Nathan Fillion is a strong draw!

    And its just as well, though I must say, the series has become better as it moves along. The premise does require the viewer to suspend disbelief, big-time, but then hey, I'm all about the imagination!
    Nathan Fillion is perfectly cast for this character. "Castle" oozes charm when he needs to and it seems to be one of the really endearing things about this main character ("main" in more ways than one). He manipulates the viewer much in the way he does his fellow characters, which leaves you wanting to smack him half the time and cuddle him the other half...shades of Captain Mal??!!
    Susan Sullivan is the other treat for me. I think "Mama Castle" has got the diva thing down well, but she's such a pleasant diva in this one!
    The rest I am willing to give time and a chance, because I think this one has the potential to be just different enough to be a breath of fresh air. And don't we just need some fresh TV air!
    How about it ABC? Gonna break out of the mold??
  • Great show!

    I'm a huge fan of Nathan Fillion. This show is a surprise and a delight. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett is believable and realistic. On the surface Castle appears to be a shallow, materialistic author who is only interested in his next bestseller. He is much deeper than that. His relationship with his daughter and his mother prove what a great guy he really is. Beckett is a tough, gritty cop from a well-to-do family, proving herself to the guys. They respect her for her instinct and talent as a cop. She's good and she's real. Castle's mother, played by the gifted Susan Sullivan, is funny, charming and trying to prove she's not past her prime (she's not!) Their relationship is fun to watch. In one episode, Castle threatens to lock up the booze if she has a party while he's out of town. It's the kind of conversation he should have with his daughter not his mother. Speaking of his daughter… FINALLY there's a young actress with talent, beauty, grace and not a hint of smart-mouthed teenager. She's not perfect, but has an understanding of the world most teens don't have. I highly recommend this show and hope that ABC will renew it for a few more seasons. It's the highlight of their lineup!
  • Richard Castle, an author suffering from writer's block, decides to shadow Detective Kate Beckett.

    I thought that this show looked interesting from the previews. I didn't expect it to be anything great, just another cop show. Yeah, like there aren't enough of those already.

    But I was wrong. Castle is an amazing show. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have great chemistry, and the show is just freaking hilarious. Plus there's always a twisted murder to solve.

    Castle's family life is something you don't often see on TV. The relationship he has with his daughter is sweet. I like it because his daughter mothers him and he mothers his mother. This is, overall, my new favorite show. The only reason I joined this site was so that I could review Castle. Please, ABC, I'm begging, don't cancel it. I think this has definite promise, so keep it around!
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