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  • Richard Castle is a famous author who has become bored with his main character enough to kill him off. A set of murders based on his books set him up to work with Detective Kate Beckett and her detectives. Characterizations produce great chemistry.

    Nathon Fillion and Stana Katic are wonderful as Castle and Beckett. There is obvious attraction here and an interesting underlying chemistry definitely exists. Initially the shows plot lines were predictable but the last three weeks have created some new and different twists to the original pace of the show.

    I would usually wait a little longer to review a show, but as there are only nine episodes ordered of this show and we have seen six so far so I thought I would jump the gun a little.

    The complete cast of regulars Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever playing Beckett's team, Molly Quinn as Castle's very mature daughter, Susan Sullivan as Castle's mother, and Ruben Santiago-Hudson who plays the precinct Captain are wonderful as a ensemble of players that are enjoyable to watch each week.

    With the numbers of this show dropping fast you have to wonder if ABC will pull the plug or at least bring it back to see if they can salvage it. It is strange as initially the show was pulling over 9 million viewers, but the 18-49 index has been low right from the start. You have to wonder if and when the ratings people begin to figure out that the baby boomers have all hit 50 and the main target audience for shows should be sku'd to say 30-69 or 25-64 maybe as that is the major marketing group one needs to hit today. Anyways still with 7 million viewers it puts the show in the top six shows on ABC from an overall viewership standpoint, but it will probably be canceled as it doesn't register well with the 18-49 group viewership. Here's hoping for a break.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Imagine my surprise when ABC put out a show that I actually enjoy watching.

    I had not even heard of this show when the first episode aired but a friend of mine told me about it so since I trust her judgment I decided to watch it. I was very pleasantly surprised with it. I love crime dramas and adding in some humor and a couple of really charismatic actors just added to my enjoyment.

    I very much like the interactions between Castle, his daughter, and his mother. It's the highlight of the show for me. The weekly mystery is unusual enough that it seems fresh.

    I hope ABC gives the show a chance and doesn't axe it after only a few episodes.
  • A new fresh murder mystery series with good acting and fun jokes. This review will concentrate on the quality of the product, not the content...

    It started shaky, I'll admit that the first episode was a tad dissapointing. I think the reason for this was that the chemistry didn't work, the relation between the two main characters Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion that I *heart*) and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) felt awkward and at times I felt this was to blame Stana Katic. But I'm sure it takes time for all of the cast to warm up...

    Fear not however! I have seen alot of series, and my ground rule is to allways give a new series at least 5 episodes to "mature" and "grow into its clothes" as many of "my" greates series in the past have began weak and then bloomed into something awesome.

    It was to be a two episode warmup and by the third episode it all started to fall into place. By the fifth episode it has reached an all acting in top notch tv quality mode.

    This brings me to my quality sampling which I only do at this point... The show has a very visual and estethically pleasing glow, and the main characters are charming and fresh. As an example of the fresh in this series, we have a family father with a successfully raised daughter living with his mom (and having a social life), where he is the actual active parent. Brings a fresh breath to old stereotypes for me atleast.

    The relation and drama between the maincharacters is starting to sparkle alot, and it keeps one glued to the screen wanting more. The clothes, especially on Richard, is very neat and the show portraits a very rich side of life with alot of money on his side, but at the same time the contrasts of not being rich in Kate - I mean you got to love the "coffee machine madness!" =D

    The murder solving is also typical and a-ok, but I fear that this could be a repetition trap for the show. Lets hope they keep this part alive, interesting and avoid creating another bones.
  • a show with a thrill writer and a cop who doesn't like that much company

    Love it. When a writer meets a cop and they have to go on a case together there has to be a problem. when a writer has a writers block its not good. Put a writer on a real murder case maby his block will pass. Who thought a murder writer is better then a detective? I didnt. In this mystery comedy you laugh your pants off while trying to solve the mystery.Rik castle is indeed a writer but even castle gets stuck.
    I give this show 7/10. L o v e- c a s l e.
    - A fan ;0
  • Three episodes of Castle have aired and its time to check in on the latest procedural to enter the TV landscape. Let's see if it's worth your precious time! If you need me I'll be playing poker with James Patterson…

    Castle is the latest procedural to enter our TV world, but this time not on CBS, but rather on ABC. Sure you might be up to your ears in charismatic, charming procedural leads that help solve crimes with their reluctant female partners in tow. But one thing Castle has going for it that the other procedurals don't is the fabulous Nathan Fillion.

    Here's a guy that's been floating around in the television ether for years from the unfortunately named Two Girls, A Guy and a Pizza Place, to his latest guest stint on Desperate Housewives. Being a Joss Whedon fan girl of course I adored his roles on both BTVS and Firefly. However, I've been rooting for Fillion to get his own show again ever since the untimely death of Whedon's Firefly. Is Castle the best vehicle to showcase talents? Probably not, but he sure does make this procedural fun to watch. He elevates the mostly forgettable cast, and he just steals every scene that he's in.

    Stana Katic

    Stana Katic plays Det. Kate Beckett, Castle's romantic interest and convenient plot device. She's not as bad as I first thought she would be, she still falls a bit flat, but she's not a bad actress, just not a great one. Fillion seems to bring out the best in her.

    A Growing Trend…

    A few TV pilots lately seem to be playing the single dad angle with their leads (see Better Off Ted). Here it works pretty well – the role of Alexis Castle (played by Molly C. Quinn) has been well cast, and their interactions are endearing. Even Castle's loopy mother is entertaining in small doses.

    I don't see the other cast members really making an impression on me, and yes there are some similarities to The Mentalist but I can draw parallels between almost any crime based procedural. I don't think this is 'must see' TV by any means, but it is an entertaining hour of television, and worth your time for Nathan Fillion alone.
  • A tuff cop with a charming novel writer...

    I was a little doubtful about this show when I first saw it´s previews. But when I gave it a try by watching the first episode it became one of my favorite shows now on TV. It´s a really good show, it has everything in it from humor to suspense to drama. It takes every single element a show needs to kick-off. I love the chemistry between Beckett and Castle, can´t wait for them to get into something real, because the tension between them is overwhelming.
    As for right now I think this show came in to take down-hill all the rest of the new shows that have aired. From top to bottom this show has all it takes to continue on the air and keep attracting all kind off audiences from different ages and tastes.
    To anyone who hasn't seen it yet, watch it you'll get hooked-up in one episode.
  • I was surprised!

    I really didn't anticipate liking this show. I used to be a big Nathan Fillion fan but he started seeming like a d-bag. But I gave it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. I really love the show! Every single cast member is funny and everyone has great lines, even the supporting cast! Nathan Fillion plays just the right character and I really like the relationship between father (Fillion) and daughter (Quinn). The female detective (Stana Katic) does a great job and she has excellent chemistry with Fillion. I hope this lasts because it a VERY enjoyable show. If you haven't seen it, give it a try! You won't be disappointed!!
  • I am a big fan of Nathan Fillion, and now this show!

    From the moment I saw the comercial advertising Nathan's new show, I couldn't wait to see it. I am very happy to report that I was not at all disapointed. I first saw the trailer in the begining of february, and the moment I saw that Nathan was the star, I really couldn't wait to see it. The last program I saw Nathan in was Drive. I really enjoyed Drive, and I was really disapointed when it was cancelled all to soon. It really seems that the networks just aren't willing to give a new T.V. series it's chance to find it's footing, and real fanbase, before pulling it off the air. That most recently happened to me and the many fans of Moonlight. I am truely hoping that that will not be the case with Castle! This is a wonderful show with so much potential, if only the networks will give it a real chance
  • Very reminiscent of Moonlighting, just less campy.

    Don't get me wrong; growing up in the 80's Moonlighting was great for it's day. I only recently saw Firefly and was impressed with Nathan's acting. I like the character he portrays in Castle and the chemistry is very enjoyable between his and Stana Katic's character. Doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous either!!

    The show seems to definitely play on that chemistry and involves the characters around them. I'm hoping that the other characters get a little more involved though as the whole extra-characters-as-fillers routine is definitely played out in a lot of the shows lately. Even Moonlighting got the other characters involved in many of the episodes, like Ms. DiPesto.
  • Writer meets detective and embark on different exciting adventures and investigations together

    Richard "Rick" Castle (Nathan Fillion), a successful mystery/thriller novelist is thrown into solving cases alongside Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) after the first episode showcases a murderer who based his victims from Castle's books. He then decides to base his new leading character on Detective Beckett, entitling him to follow her on her investigations. The plots can be expected to thicken, as this unlikely pair, sticks together through thick and thin for the first season (which is scheduled to be 10 episodes) I first caught a glimpse of leading man Nathan Fillion, who plays the lead character which the show is titled upon, when he played Dr. Adam Mayfair in Season 4 of"Desperate Housewives. The first episode of "Castle" got me to sign up with so I could partake in reviewing my favorite shows, after the second, I decided to tune in religiously every Monday at 10pm and this third one, where Castle's daughter and mother are now endearing to me, made me a follower for as long as it will last.

    I've seen many cop shows in the past, from the original "Law & Order" to the original "CSI", through hours of watching all the subsequent spin-offs---"Law & Order: Criminal Intent"; "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"; "CSI: Miami"; "CSI: New York" and so on and so forth, but the intrigues in CASTLE mixed in with charismatic humor and stage presence Nathan Fillion provides make me curious to see how this newborn series will do amongst all the other blockbuster shows out there.
  • remember "murder she wrote"? this time the main character is a male mystery book writer.

    so far, an enjoyable crime drama. definately inspired by murder she wrote, mystery/crime drama from the 80's and early 90's. this time "mrs fletcher" is richard castle, a successful mystery writer who just killed off his most popular main character. he is inspired to create a new character when he consults w/nypd detective kate beckett. the nypd allows castle to accompany det beckett as research for his new character. castle is a single father raising a teenage daughter and also has his mother, an actress, living w/them. he and kate have a love/hate relationship. castle does offer his own perspective to law enforcement and often gets on kate's nerves. there are some very funny lines written into the show which is nice and lightens up the mood. hopefully castle will stick around for a while, i'm looking forward to future eps. it's kept me interested so far.
  • A pleasant surprise for sure, Castle is a humoristic whodunnit with a modern background, and just the suitable characters to pull everything off.

    Nathan Fillion is great in the part of the maturely handsome, successful author who is overly self-confident and sticks his nose in everything. He has a crazy, wild mother who used to be an actress/singer and clearly still knows her way around a party, a quiet, studious and loving daughter whom he adores and an evil beautiful ex-wife who also happens to be his publisher. After getting involved in a case with a series of copycat murders from some of his books, Castle decides to haunt the police station and to enforce himself as a "consultant". The lovely, feisty police detective in charge of the team having of course nothing to do with it (cough cough). Be that as it may, he makes his presence very valuable by practically solving each case, at the same time flirting with the pretty detective and getting on her nerves.

    Castle is in the traditional vein of old 80s and 90s police shows, a typical whodunnit where the viewer can participate trying to guess who the killer is, and at the same time have some laughs. The characters are genuinely funny and interesting, and the actors click well together. My only objection is that sometimes the dialogues sound a little bit too pretentious, but I suppose that will improve in time (in the second epi it's already better than the first).
  • Being a huge fan of Nathan Fillion, I'm guardedly optimistic that "Castle" will provide him with a show to show off his quirky, underappreciated skills.

    Nathan Fillion is one of those actors that has to have the right role to shine. his turn as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in "Firefly" was one of the best things on TV at the time. Sadly, it ended well before it's time. But even his smaller roles in "Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place" and his guest spot on "Buffy" have given us all glimpses of potential stardom.

    In "Castle" he finally gets another chance to carry a show. And, surprisingly, the role of a novelist is actually quite suited to his off-beat characteristics. As Frank Castle, you get to see his method, the nuances he brings to the screen, and his impeccable comic timing. Yet he makes the character believable, even if the premise is a bit far-fetched. But the part of Frank Castle that I've come to appreciate most is the father-daughter relationship that is starting to become a focused side-story. This show isn't all about the murder-mystery, about the formulaic cop show routine of solving murders way too easily. Rather, "Castle" is opening up opportunities for us to see Frank Castle as a man, a father, a son. Plus, the poker game int he first episode with Steven J. Cannell and James Patterson was self-depricatingly funny!

    The fact that this is a mid-season replacement doesn't bode well for the show, and it doesn't seem to be getting the media showcase from ABC to warrant a full-season order in the fall, but I hope that in the time we have left, viewers will quickly find Nathan Fillion's Frank Castle a character worth investing in.
  • absolutely hilarious.

    this show is totally hysterical. i love the relationship between castle and beckett. this is a different show than whats on tv right now. im glad i started watching it. ive been a fan of nathan fillion for a long time and this show fits him perfectly. the dynamic of the show and the way that it goes from being funny to serious in a minute is amazing. the way that castle handles each of the cases in his own way is classic. im hoping that beckett/castle explore a relationship because it will make it that much more funny. love it.
  • My new favourite

    So rarely does a pilot grab me, but there is something about Fillion that is very watchable. He's like a younger Harrison Ford(back in the 80's) with his charm and wit. HIs female counterpart is tough yet theor chemistry wins through

    The story is engrossing, the characters instanty loveable and the show moves at a pace. A show about a serial killer without violence or gore should appeal to the mainstream. Has a similar feel to Monk. I can't wait to see the next one, hopefully this series will get to air fully unlike so many others that weren't given a chance.
  • This is a show for all those of you who appreciates perfection. Nathan Fillion's role absolutely fits and the Detective and even his mother and daughter. This show is solid and deserves to stay.

    I totally respect this show and the actors especially Nathan.

    This is a show for all those of you who appreciates perfection.
    Nathan Fillion's role absolutely fits and the Detective and even his mother and daughter. This show is solid and deserves to stay.
    The story starts with a speech for Castle (who is the main character that is played by Nathan) and his ex-wife introduces him and the relation between them too is strictly business. His mother lives with him and his daughter. Then the police shows a mysterious murder that is based on Castle's novels so they try to track the killer and uses Castle's help.
    It is so funny and well written. Deserves a solid 10
  • It's Nathan Fillion in a show that's perfect for Nation Fillion.

    There's some other good stuff there but Fillion steals the show. It's a bit like Pirates of the Caribbean 1, where the plot was actually so-so but it became a blockbuster on the skill of Johnny Depp. Other characters likable, but Fillion does all the heavy lifting.

    The chemistry between the two main characters is really good. The daughter and mother are quite agreeable and add a fun elements. Most of the other characters are pretty moot and looking at the above main cast they all seemed pretty minor from the pilot. I hope the rating improve so that the show will get to stay on the air, though, I can't see it losing much of the viewership from the pilot.
  • My wife and I LOVED the season premier of Castle! There is great chemistry between the characters and the plot was great. Nathan Fillion is nothing shy of fantastic--that character has the potential to be the best new character on tv this year! Watch!!

    Castle is a great new show and you just have to chck it out. It strikes a great balance between a crime drama and a comedic show. It's like an evolution from Bones, which was itself an evolution from Monk (we love all 3 of those shows). The "cop" aspect is entertaining enough in itself to keep you interested, but where this show stands out is in the characters and the fun interactions--by the end of the fist episode we felt like we really knew these people. The comedic feel of the show is just as strong as in Chuck. The show is not dry and flat like so many of the crime drama and CSI type shows these days.
  • Pure gold! A new must watch show!

    Well, first of all, I was already going to watch this new show, 'cause of Nathan Fillion. But, I had no idea it would be this fun and entertaining. I absolutely loved the pilot, it had everything going for it. The amazing chemistry between Nathan and Stana was astounding, they just seemed so natural on screen. The bantering between them really makes this show for me. The pacing is nice and smooth, and the overall atmosphere/ambience of this show is fantastic.

    I know this show has some similarities with other shows, but trust me, this series really has its own charm, with two likable and charismatic leads. I urge you to give this fun new show a try, you won't be disappointed
  • Fun! Reminds me of Moonlighting or Remington Steele.

    I like Nathan Fillion and he seems to be paired well with Stana Katic. They've already got me wondering what will happen between them...especially after that last line from her! Interesting story, though not particularly original. Nice to see a smart (but not smarty) kid in the mix. His mom? Okay, I'm not too enthusiastic about her.

    The silly driving show that Fillion was in, last year, was better gone. This show? A lot of potential and I've already added it to my must watch list.

    Damn, it's hard to come up with 100 words on a new show...just 3 more to go. Done!
  • A tough and scruffy female police detective and a ego-centric, highly connected, murder mystery writer team up to solve murder cases. Come on you know that makes for great t.v., so tune in and check this one out!

    The season premier of Castle was effective at making that connection with it's audience. The characters are well developed and casting appears to have a been thoughtfully comprised. This show should find a nitch in your veiwing schedule. Hopes for the show to gain viewer support should be a concern if the show is to go up against Dancing With_ _. Although the show has the entertaining value to stand on it's own it need the viewer recognition it deserves. The mysteries are new and the show is fresh. The chemistry between the two main characters is worth the watch. Give it a watch and let's see where this one goes.
  • A highly enjoyable show.

    At the time of writing this there has only been one episode so far and it can be difficult to judge a whole show merely on the pilot episode. Having said that, the pilot was hugely enjoyable and was an extremely good start to what promises to be a great show. The leading characters of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are really well played and have great chemistry together. These two are very ably supported by the rest of the cast, particularly Susan Sullivan as Martha, Castle's mother and Molly Quin as his daughter Alexis. The supporting cops are also really good. Overall, a good show in the making here.
  • One of the best new shows for a long time... lets hope it survives.

    The show follows Richard Castle a hugely successful mystery writer with a wild and childish streak who is partnered with a no-nonsense cop Kate Beckett as research for his latest set of novels. As such the duo solve crimes in NYC while Beckett tries to keep Castle under control.

    This show is great. It has some great characters which have real chemistry between them (think early Bones or X-files type chemistry). The pltlines are clever and although it is essentially a police procedural there is a really interesting psychodynamic slant to how they are solved.

    I only hope that this quality is kept up throughout the series and that the show stays on our screens. If you like NCIS, Bones etc then this is right up your street.
  • My new addiction i hope it survives

    Even though i can't stand ABC channel i have to admit (Castle) has rocked the house. The Firefly's star actor (Nathan Fillion) and (Stana Katic) roles were funny and there is between each other. The storyline is great and i liked how they took care of the details. I also liked that they added a family and a number of detectives i think that this will give a chance for more than just a police work material. I usually like shows that have a combination of police work and little comedy as in (Life) and (The Mentalist), but the similarity to (The Mentalist) ....... well i didn't like it. I'm deeply concerned for the show to be cancelled because it seems that ABC is running a cancellation campaign and after they reduced their order of episodes from 13 to 10 ........ now the chances are up to the roof. Lets just hope for now !
  • seriously i love this show!!

    omg i adore this show..i have been watching cop shows lately and this show is perfect. the cast is awesome and the 2 main characters have amazing chemistry..this kinda reminds me of life and since reese is gone for now so that show isnt gona be that good so this is my new fav..i like the whole plot of the story a writer and cop. for a writer he sure knows a lot of cop stuff. he is smart enough to work for them. plus the cop lady can totally help him write more books since hes having problems with that
  • Good chemistry

    Nathan Fillion did not dissapoint with this series. The usual sarcastic tone and wry sense of humor comes across great in his scenes with Stana Katic. Stana Katic provides a good balance with a cop's attitude and a need to do the job. The chemistry is good between the two especially with the friction of Beckett not wanting Castle there. Andrew Marlowe writes a well thought script that is direct and to the point. The cast looks good and the scenes between Beckett's partners and Castle's family seems to work in the show. I hope to see good stories out of Castle.
  • Very Slick.

    Ok. Let's get the obvious bit out of the way: I am constantly complaining about the amount of remakes/non--original shows on Tv (Knight Rider/90210/etc) & all though this is a cross between Murder She Wrote & Moonlighting (Look 'em up); It works - Very well.

    Yes most of the charm in the show oozes from Fillion (who is great as always), but I think, after only one episode, that he has found his new Mal' (Yes, I said it). The show has a great cast who all bounce off of each other & work well together, the fact some are a bit eclectic & his 12yr old daughter is the "adult" of the family only adds to it.

    I will be watching this with great hope that it continues & grows as it does.
  • The primier episode shows a murder mystery author who's books are being copied by a serial killer. The main detective is a fan of the books but not of the author. Sparks fly and a reluctant partnership is formed.

    A refreshing and fun show. The two main characters mesh really well and the secondary characters are all engaging. It will be interesting to see where this show goes and if it will make it for more than one season. The primier episode sparks the interest and introduces all the characters well. Castle is arrogant and puts up the appearance of being very sure of himself. Beckett is a strong woman and cop. The tension between the two, mostly on Beckett's side, is fun to watch. I hope that Castle's daughter and mother stay in the show, as well as the ex-wife, who definitely needs more screen time. I know that it's going to be put on my DVR every week.
  • Castle is a great new show that packs an original cast of characters with a unique blend of personalities.

    The addition of more in-depth detective work would make this show great. The detective work on the first show was rather elementary and that is the one key if the show is to be successful. The personalities of the characters are what kept the show going however that will fade fast if the professionalism of their "jobs" don't match. Beckett and Castle offer a great 1-2 punch especially the scene where Castle "read her mail." The show must keep "revealing" the background of the characters and it would be a great step to have the daughter go behind their backs and "solve" a murder in an upcoming episode.
  • Fantastic, Refreshing. The next big hit. The banter between the detective and the writer are the 'right' mix of chemistry between the two main actors - perfect match.

    Fantastic, Refreshing. The next big hit.
    The banter between the detective and the writer are the 'right' mix of chemistry between the two main actors - perfect match.
    The story line, in the first airing was a delightful blend of intrige, mystery, and fast passed movement of the story.
    I thought the characters fit in well. It was a bit slow with the daughter and mother. The daughter should develop further and provide more insite for her father, less so for his mom.
    Nice touch for Patterson and Cannell to jump in. They should continue to participate as the series developes. The story lines should have some rollover to the following week but NOT carry the story forward.
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