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  • The Show

    I don't even have to say much. This show is amazing. It's not for everyone but it's definitely suited for me. :) I love everything about it. The characters and all. Perfect! !
  • Castle season 7

    Does castle really get shot and die in season 7 I've seen in youtube that he does

    If it gets canceled i dont even know what i am going to do. I will probaly like die. Or cry in my closet for eva. But BEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE FOR SURE! LOOOOVVVVEEEE IIIITTT!
  • Castle's acting

    I've loved the show for 5 years and thought the characterizations and acting were very good. No longer. I don't know if the directors are the reason, the story lines weak or the actors themselves, but something is off, especially Fillion's portrayal of Castle. His acting has become affected and exaggerated and Castle is coming off as a syrupy buffoon. The old magic is gone.

    Castle is supposed to be a lovable brat, not a silly caricature! Stop it!!!

    It's been several weeks since season 6 ended. Good riddance. This was the first season I haven't gone back to watch a single episode a second time. I don't even consider it part of the family. I loved Castle. Be patient? You make a silly request like that of your viewers in your 6'th season? That's pathetic. I'm revising my rating down.

    I don't even care if they get married or not anymore!

    Update time 8/4/14:

    I don't care how much of a die hard fan of the show one is, anyone who gave season 6 better than a fifty, fifty is nuts. A 9.5? Seriously? So you're telling me that all the crew has to do is improve upon last season by only .5 and they're a 10? What planet are you from?

    Now if you want to rah, rah, rah, sis, boom, bah a rather banal season, that's your prerogative. But then . Barnum had guys like you pegged.

    By rights I should drop my rating to a .5 just to keep things real.

  • castle and beyond

    Castle can make mistakes and i will still watch because the show is brilliant the whole dynamic is brilliant between castle Beckett and the rest of the castle family. I watch Bones and find it hard to justify the things they do but Castle doesn't make me do that. I knw the end of S6 was not the greatest but if the other seasons are anything to go by we should be patient and wait and see what brilliant things they come up with x i knw i cant wait for S7 x Caskett forever x

  • Castle

    It is tired and formulaic and worst of all TNT plays it incessently. Every fucking night. Multiple episodes in row. It's their entire prime time line up. HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. I will not watch TNT whenever it is on. They have other programs I enjoy but they marathon this one without any sense of mercy or balance. STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!!!!!!!!!
  • What happened to 'Caskett'?

    Well, the first three seasons were 'will they, or won't they', and at the end of season 4 (Always) they finally gave into their feelings for one another. All through season 5 the show was exploring their ups and downs with becoming a couple, especially in episode 4 'Murder He Wrote', when they went away for the weekend alone, and you got to see them really enjoy their time together, but so far this season (6), the 'chemistry' is definitely lacking, especially for a couple that's supposed to be in love and getting married.

    The show's creator (Andrew Marlowe) has asked for fans to be patient this season, but episode 8 just aired two days ago (which, if this season runs 23 or 24 episodes like the others, is a third of the way through), and so far the only thing we know about the 'Caskett' wedding is in the beginning of episode 4 Becket says to Lanie, "we haven't set a date, and we just want to enjoy our engagement", and in the beginning of episode 7 Castle tells Becket he would like to get married in space. A third of the way through the season, and that's all we know about the wedding?

    I'm not saying they have to get married this year, but the episodes this season have been up and down showing how much they're in love. For example, in episode 1, Beckett happily accepts his proposal with kisses, and later in that episode is pleasantly surprised when he shows up at her apartment in DC. In episode 2 when Beckett learns Castle only has a day to live, she doesn't shed a tear, or have a moment by herself where she gets emotional? In episode 3 when Castle suggests getting an apartment together in DC, Beckett actually seems happy to kiss him. In episode 4, Castle gets shot in the chest, and all Beckett does when he comes around and she realizes he isn't dead is smile and give him a hug? At the end of that same episode Beckett returns to duty at the NYPD, and the kiss they share at the end seems forced, like they had to do it to show they're still a couple. The story-arc in episodes 5, 6 & 7 were the Castle / Alexis relationship, which needed exploring, yet we have Alexis, who's only been dating her boyfriend a few months, and now living together in their own place, but Castle and Beckett, who've known each other for years and are now engaged, still living separately? How is that believable? At the end of episode 8 Castle replaces his lion picture with shells he & Beckett picked up on the beach at the Hamptons, and again, all Beckett does is smile and give Castle a hug? Doesn't feel like a couple madly in love and ready to get married, does it?

    It was noted that when Stana and Nathan were seated at the Paley Fest this year (2013), they didn't sit next to each other, which they've done previously. Could it be that they aren't getting along? That would explain why they don't seem to be 'into' each other this season, like they have before.

    I can understand expanding other character story-lines, (Ryan's pending baby, Alexis moving out), but the show needs to return its focus on the 'Caskett' relationship, or viewers are going to run out of patience, and start tuning out.

    [UPDATE 01-14-14]

    Well 4 more episodes have passed since I wrote this original review, and I must say that the show has definitely picked back up, so I guess Marlowe was right, we had to be patient !

    We had the return of Jerry Tyson (3XK), which was an excellent episode for the 5 main characters, and very creepy at the end ! We're sure to see Tyson again in the future.

    Then the baby episode showed Kate warming up to the idea of having kids, and how she and Castle would do as parents, a very nice episode.

    Next we have Ryan & Esposito trapped in a fire, with Jenny in labor, another great episode.

    Finally last night we get to see Castle's father once again, and a date for the wedding (September) !

    So, I will admit that the beginning of the season was a bit rough, but now at the halfway point, the show is as good as it has been in quite a while.

    [Last UPDATE: 06-17-14]

    So, the finale aired about a month ago, and I, like most fans, found it disappointing, to be kind. The season as a whole wasn't bad, but it wasn't as good as last year (Season 5) or the year before (Season 4). The premise of the finale was a bit far fetched, believing that Beckett didn't know she was previously married, especially after recently applying to the Attorney General's office for a job, and being a former law student at Stanford? I'll admit the running around trying to get the divorce papers signed was fun, and in general it was a light episode, but then do a quick cliffhanger with a car crash? Why? The fans are going to tune in when the season starts again, they didn't need a cliffhanger to force the issue. Marlowe should've ended the season with "Veritas", as that brought closure to the Johanna Beckett murder and Senator Bracken story, then started next season with the wedding. From a lot of the blogs I've seen, many fans have claimed they won't return to watch the show, but I think they're just mad they didn't get a wedding at the end of the season, and will reluctantly tune in when season 7 starts, because they still want to see a wedding. I would've been fine with the car crash if this was the first episode of next season (7), and it would be a "tune in next week" to see what happens, instead of dragging it out over the summer. Now that Marlowe has stepped down as show runner, maybe David Amann will get the Castle ship back on course, but we'll have to wait until September to find out.
  • Cancel this boring show and put on your browncoat..

    It just hurts to see captain Malcolm having to act out these horrible scripts.. Bring back Firefly and it's amazing characters and writing. That is all.
  • like the daily surprise menu in your favourite restuarant

    Every week for the past 6 years I weekly dined (with exception of the summer months) in my favourite restaurant around the corner . Because I am always in for a surprise, I order always the surprise menu. After the first ten times, I knew am satisfied with this choice. After 100 meals: never a dull moment, always a surprise. !!!Sometimes the diner is copious and brillant, sometimes the meal as a whole is just eatable but fills the stomage. But every meal has always a bright spot, a moment of flavour, of well done (even) potatoes or lettuce. I often have thought to abandon the diner, or look for another place, but the surprise diner stays my favourite. It satisfies me, I am filled after the hour, I have remeniscense of yoyfull moments and have forgotten some minor moments. That is also the result of the whole gang in the diner, the cooks, the catering, the management, the serving persons, the maitre d'o, the personal attention every week. Of course I know the surprise will gradually slip into the background, and it is the diner that attracts me, that fascinates me and is a kind of addiction. Change all words about the diner in Castle!!!.
  • when is the next season will be released ????

    i want to know what happen to castle ??????
  • Not what you might expect

    When you read the description that a writer helps a NYPD Detective in her cases you might imagine that yes it's not very common but it will be a bit boring. But it so isn't. And that is thanks to the character of Castle, especially in the first couple of seasons he was the reason the series was not boring at all. The other characters, especially the Detectives are not something different from what every cop-series shows. Throughout the season we see the characters to evolve, especially the main ones. Castle becomes more mature, though not boring. I will not give a perfect Ten because there are quite a lot of mistakes. Some cases have huge gaps (like S05E05). But the series is more about the affair between Caskett so we should not judge it very strictly for the police plot. If you want to know every detail about the case, prefer shows like NCIS or CSI. Castle is not anywhere near that.
  • Better than average...

    sometimes I find that the character of Castle is a big too much of a weenie. He does write crime novels not jingles for cereal do like the fact he takes the time to talk to his daughter & his Mom & I think the two support characters (the two cops who work with the real detective) are well done characters. Fun to watch-most of the time as long as Castle isn't being a weenie.
  • utter disappointment

    As a previous die hard Castle fan, it has been very disappointing to see such a witty, simple show take a turn for the worst. In my opinion, the first 3 seasons were brilliant: cunning, light-hearted, and just a great show to keep up with. Like many other television shows, the playful banter and chemistry is taken away once the 2 leads (male and female) finally cut to the chase and begin the relationship that everyone patiently desired. It has been sad to see such a great show (including the fabulous cast) become an extremely predictable, mediocre television show. I was hoping this season finale would have concluded with a happy ending, seeing some closure for the relationship we all have loved from the start: instead, the writers threw yet another unnecessary, anticlimatic curveball to throw off the much needed happy ending. I hate to say it, but I hope that the show does come to an end soon before it looses all of its viewers.
  • Castle

    Season finale was absolutely the worst ever. As a faithful viewer I expected better. I watched both new and reruns. I don't know at this point if I will ever watch another.
  • We hate the writers

    Very poor ending for final on 5/12/14. We don't want another cliff hanger. This episode shows very poor judgment and writing skills. You just couldn't leave well enough alone and disappointed most viewers!
  • Very disappointing Final

    We have enjoyed the light touch in Castle for years and have looked froward all season to seeing Beckett walk down the aisle in a nice wedding gown; even, maybe, seeing her in an evening gown at a post wedding party. What do we get? A TV formula ending with neither imagination nor class. What a wasted opportunity to showcase Stana and Natha.
  • Cliff hangers getting old.

    Couldn't have had a happy ending for a change? These cliff hangers are getting old especially when you know the 2 main characters are going to survive. Losing interest in this show fast. Cliff hangers like this show no imagination and should be reserved for the 1st episode of the season not the last. At this point it would have been more interesting if Castle was actually killed off then you could focus on Beckett, the cop, who has been pretty much the entire topic for a few seasons.
  • Follow the clues...

    Great episode, no doubt with two endings. ABC picked up the option of season 7 so we got the cliff hanger. If they hadn't we would have got the "surprise!" ending now held over to next season. If memory serves, the last three lines of "The Lives of Others" provides a clue to the writers thinking. Can't wait to see if I'm right.
  • Where is the Castle in "Castle"? Did the show name changed to "Beckett"?

    Have been a loyal fan since the beginning, but like Ikos said, they really have turned the strong, brilliant, caring, and super-star author Richard Castle into a real dope - especially this past year. They've actually managed to morph Castle into a "just another female cop" show.

    --Don't get me wrong; we love Kate, but the shows name IS Castle. We hope they get back into the groove next season and give Richard his brains and strength back. He's why we watched the show.
  • CASTLE FINALE STINKS!! BAD ending, horrible! Will not watch anymore!!

    WHAT THE HECK?!!!! What a TERRIBLE finale of CASTLE! It stunk to high heaven! What a horrible ending!!!?? WHAT was the author thinking! We are discussed with this kind of a finale and I think this is just going to hurt the fan base you need to keep this show you are going to do this crap to something that was supposed to be good and your show is not worth watching am so disappointed

  • must be the last season

    the 6th and presumably last season has been all over the place from the episodes with becket in washington that painted the writers into a corner story wise to alexis doing detective last shown episode Veritas in any other season would have been a two parter as in the previous seasons, with the big finale their wedding. overall series has run its course the writers have run out of ideas or have given up.
  • Love this show

    Love this show
  • Castle: A Mystery Show about... a Wedding?

    A good ensemble show utilizes characters in a way that is relevant to the plot. Espo & Ryan's fun banter. Alexis' teenage life drama. Someone in Castle's past. In all instances the commonality is that they are relevant to the case at hand. Well that's not what this show is anymore. This show is now entirely about the wedding. Every tedious tiniest detail of planning a wedding has now become the center of the show. The Venue, The DJ, The Invitations, The Best Man. The Dress. Every detail of wedding planning has been covered so much that the over-arching season long "big bad" isn't some psychotic criminal mastermind, it's... The Florist?!?!

    Even if its your best friend then you want to go to the wedding but you don't want to hear every minute detail of their wedding plans, yet here we are on a fictional show and that's what we're getting. A TV show that has now put "The Wedding" as priority one and the very talented ensemble and even the Cases as background noise.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad all the shippers got what they want and turned yet another Genre show into some sort of "Fake World TV Relationship Fulfillment. But for those of us who tuned in because it was a fun show about wacky cases starring Nathan Fillion... well this show isn't made for us anymore.
  • Great Show lots of laughs

    We love the show and have just found out ABC is cancelling the show. For whatever reason is beyond us but yet again we the viewers don't have a voice as to which shows get carried and which don't. We just lose another great show :'(
  • Good, great show for nxt gen

    It's one of the best Shows ever. It has severely stimulated me to become an investigator!!!
  • Thoughts

    Castle is my favorite show, I find it so interesting, I had only started watching recently and I am all up to speed and waiting for the next episode.

    I am just IN LOVE with this show and I am glad I found this website to occupy my time while I wait for this new episode. :)
  • Even with the Hype, not a bad episode

    The hype leading up to this episode was tremendous. It kind of made the expectations that this episode would be in the top 3. While not quite that high, it brought out a lot to think about and made room for further episodes to come and can keep the show fresh for a 7th season.

    Stana Katic was great. This episode just confirmed why she won the People's choice award. The range of emotion (joy to sorrow to determination) was large and she pulled it off without a hitch.

    Interesting thought, can Beckett and Castle use Elena Markov as the "knife" to put an end to Bracken. She seems to be the most direct link to him.
  • Castle

    boring copy cat procedural
  • not too bad

    Mediocre show, obviously the first several seasons are the better ones, but that's normal. I just got a few questions...

    Are all doors in the states really made out of cheap wood, or is it just for filming reasons? I'd like to see them bastards taking down any door at where I'm from with a kick, lol. All doors here are made out of steel, and the frames have steel pillars buried deep into the surrounding walls. NYPD open up, my ass

    Same goes for credit cards and checks. Does everybody really pay like that? Nobody uses cash? No wonder they have such a high crime solving rate:))
  • I love it when shows do that

    OK, I started watching the show for the first time three months back on DVD. The first two seasons were great and then in season 3 a drop began. I powered through season 4, almost ready to give it up and then season 5 happened and the show exploded again.

    I love shows that know when they reached a low point and managed to reinvent themselves. I love how season five is as quirky, light-hearted and funny as season 1 without losing the seriousness of the main story. Go on Castle.